10 Best Chess Equipment you Should Buy in 2022

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Feeling jaded and in search of new & best chess equipment to uplift your mood. In a search for something which could make your brain busy? Here you will find the much-needed solution.

You are among millions of those, who have already tried a plethora of options by remaining glued to your television sets (idiot box) for countless hours or playing the best in the business digital games which are the apple of the eye of millennial’s. 

But all this, after a while turns out to be overly monotonous, prompting you to look for something new which must sound dynamic. Furthermore, these activities are at the expense of your health and fitness, your eyesight weakens and you end up becoming a couch-potato.

chess figures

To break the shackles and in a bid, to find something new to boost your emotional state, you gulp a boatload of information on the internet, but unable to find a viable solution.

Consequently, you develop this inherent belief that no such product or service is available. If such is the state of affairs in your case, then this article is tailor-made for you.

 The article will take you to have an outlook of the wonderful world of this board game called “Chess” which pivots around not only entertainment but also decisions, which if turn out to be prudent do wonder for you.

However, if otherwise, you have to bear the brunt which could make your stay in the game a challenging one.

In the pursuit of playing chess, we activate the most vital part of your body that is the brain, which needs enough workouts to remain in good shape.

On top of it, continuous engagement in chess fosters the functioning of our brain resulting in a sizeable reduction in anxiety and depression.

Another noteworthy impact of a Chess game on our brain is that it stimulates the broadening of dendrites in our brain.

Be it formative years or young age, significant development of dendrites is imperative for optimum utilization of our brain power. This is the game that leads to a quantum leap in the IQ of kids that is why sharp-witted people play chess. 

Hence, the movement of pieces is not at all a simple task; it develops your grey matter. So, if you want your kids to excel with raised IQ scores, Chess is the springboard which in all probability will lead to a decent jump in their career graph.

Moreover, this is the game that strengthens the ties inside the family. Be it an eight years old kid or a septuagenarian, both could play it with tremendous ease with a bit of practice.

Therefore, regular engagement in chess by the family members is a harbinger of harmony inside the family. 

Last but not the least; it makes you good at reading the minds of others. You come to know about the mental makeup of your opponent and his/her thinking procedure.

 Keeping all these benefits in mind, engaging in the purchase of chess equipment is a worthwhile proposition.

1. Yugoslavia Staunton Chess Set - 3.25" King

Yugo chess set

For all those who believe in “Old is Gold”, this one is the best.

The Yugoslavia Staunton chess is alternatively known as Zagreb has remained a centrepiece in the chess equipment product range for many years.

It caught the attention of chess lovers in the 1950’s when it made its debut in the World Championship Candidates match. This chess equipment is a bit small in size, the king is 3.25” tall and its base diameter is 1.375”. To empower the pieces with extraordinary firmness on the chessboard the heavily weighted version of golden rosewood and boxwood are used.

Apart from this, the base is equipped with broad green baize pads which make a soft cushion to make the slide to all parts of the chessboard a smooth process. The distinctively moulded knight is blessed with not only an arched neck but also a turned down head which makes this set look far ahead of the conventional ones.

Besides, two spare queens for the promotion of pawn are also added along with a document confirming the genuineness, so that you will find no trouble in finding the details regarding the chess equipment like the type of wood, where and when it was made.

2. Repro 1950's Circa Bohemia Chess Pieces - 3.89" King


This specially crafted chess set for championship/committed players exhibits the Staunton pattern and it is well known as “The 1950’s Bohemia Staunton Series”.

The key highlight of this chess equipment is a 3.89” King whose base diameter is of 1.45 inches. The best in the business craftsmen are engaged to provide their expert services while deciding the noteworthy ratio of weight from king to pawn.

The whole set is made by the best in business craftsmen who have expertise in deciding the appropriate ratio of weight to offer extraordinary hand-feel coupled with the extremely pleasant stamp on the wooden chessboard.

To ensure comfortable contact and activity on the chessboard the King, Queens, Bishops, and Pawns are provided with distinct collar rings along with deep green felts.

Such workmanship presents this set as an ultimate option for breath-taking encounters in chess championships/clubs, usual play in school, and a family match in the comfort of your home.

With its marvelous looks, it manifests a flawless replication of splendidly sturdy rightly termed as “dragon” Knights.

3. Indian Rosewood and Bird's Eye Maple Folding Chess Board


 Your penchant for finding petite looks would drag you towards this one.

Designed in Spain, this state of the art chess board spotlights Rosewood (dark) and Bird’s Eye Maple (light) squares accompanied by a Rosewood frame.

Blessed with veneered wood to ensure stability, this Chessboard has 0.5” thickness.

The pundits of the chess game lay excessive focus on the finish of the chessboard.

The apparent reason for such attention is the glow generated on the board while playing chess, which when set in the right manner can do wonders for a player.

On the contrary, the overdose of glow could irk the player by compromising his vision.

The most remarkable feature of this chessboard is its satin finish which bestows a soft glow on the board, to provide sufficient luster to it.

To complement the looks with stability and durability this set is bolstered with heavy-duty metal hinges which make the activity of storage and transportation a smooth sail by providing a seamless horizontal fold.

4. The Chess Store Silicone Rollup Chess Board Black - 2.25" Squares

Screen Shot 2020 05 20 at 3.26.04 PM

If you long for flexibility and ease this chess equipment is waiting for you.

In case you are fascinated towards extremely flexible chess equipment which you could roll up in a jiffy when there is a dearth of time at your disposal then your search ends at the Silicon Roll-up Chess Board which is best in the business in this category.

The predominant reason for buying this one is its zero memory silicone material which even after remaining in a rolled upright position for a sizable period will still provide you with an immaculate layout. 

Moreover, its washable feature coupled with durability makes it last long, thus preventing you from following the trajectory of engaging in the purchase of a new one.

Apart from this, it provides tremendous grip to check the unwanted slides, because of its silicone texture.

Hence, this masterpiece has already made inroads into the life of those who have this uncanny knack of carrying their chess equipment in the rolled-up position.

5. Silicone Pieces and Board Chess Set Combo (with Drawstring Bag)

wholesale chess combo

Perfect for those who believe in the power of organizing.

This newly introduced combo consists of Silicone Pieces, Board Set and Drawstring Bag to carry the pieces and board with ease. This set requires minimal space and sounds perfect for travel.

Silicone Pieces

The high durability of the Silicone Pieces in this set is ideal for kids and clubs because the provided pieces won’t break even if by chance you drop or throw them. Moreover, it is quite comfortable to play with the provided pieces and they can easily be washed in running water to eliminate the dirt.

Silicone Board

In case you are looking for something different? This board is ideal for you.

Empowered with smooth silicone, making it a rubber-like board with amazing flexibility, this is the most uncommon chessboard. It has 2¼” inch squares. Its predominant feature is the character of silicone inside it which helps it to have a gentle wave/bend which despite its presence never influences the on-going game on the board. 

Drawstring Bag

Quite easy to open and close, this Drawstring Cloth Bag is perfect in holding and protecting an entire set of the pieces of chess up to 3¾” in height. It’s added feature of remaining shut when closed is quintessential when you take your game on a drive.

6. DGT North American Chess Clock

DGT NorthAmerica

For the firm believers of “Time it right”

To please the overly demanding chess contestants the DGT North American clock is the right deal which has already grabbed too many eyeballs. Furnished with 10 inbuilt algorithms to offer a wide gamut of timing options along with a sophisticated outline, enabling you to shine in the game. 

Also, the tedious process of multi-period delay settings has been made uncomplicated. Another notable feature is instant set up which is initiated with the support of Quick-set options.

Moreover, manual programming options are quite speedy and instinctive entitling this clock to work like a charm. The designers of this clock have left no stone unturned to design it in such a way that players from all the age groups can operate it with tremendous ease.

No doubt this latest digital timer is an exquisite chess clock, with the potential of timing even two-person board games such as Santorini, Bananagrams and Monopoly Deal.

7. Leatherette Storage Box Coffer for 4.2"- 4.8" Pieces

StorageBox chessbazaar

For all those who take perfect storage as their bounden duty.

Sometimes storage of chess pieces takes a boatload of time and looks like a daunting task. By providing you unabated support for storage, Leatherette storage box fits the bill.

It is well-equipped with a double tray with dedicated spaces for placing each piece at its respective slot. 

Although it is useful for all the pieces, it sounds too good for the king because of the king’s height of 4.2”-4.8”.

Also, for simplifying the carriage process a suitcase-style handle is installed coupled with a lock for enhanced security.

To keep both sides of the set, the box is blessed with two trays. The tiny leatherette handles on both sides ease the process of pulling the upper tray, whereas in the inner part of the box lower tray is installed.

Since most of the high-quality sets come with spare queens, 17 pieces each can be placed in both the trays for perfect stacking. 

Apart from this, to prevent the pieces from scratches beige velvet lining is provided in the box.

8. Elm Burl Chess Case by Italfama

Screen Shot 2020 05 20 at 3.53.02 PM

Loaded with nothing but the best.

The services of the best craftsmen of Italfama are utilized to produce this prettily crafted chess case.

The amazing display showcases solid wood sides harmonized with a sophisticatedly shaped profile circling a chessboard on the upper part made with a combination of elmwood burl and maple veneer.

A solo drawer is provided with two chambers for stocking the pieces of chess when not in use and sizeable circular legs at the bottom to lift the case amplifying its loaded outline and color.

All chess experts express solidarity with the view that the elmwood burl used in this chess case is miles ahead of other fine woods because of its unparalleled character and display of a wide range of colors including distinct ones like golden-orange-brown and burnt umber.

This chess case presented in full regalia will add to the beauty of your home with its marvelous display.

9. Signature Premium Fitted Coffer Chess Box - Vavona Burl & Maple

chess coffer HoS

If you love your chessmen, book this one.

With time, while playing chess, we develop a strong bonding with our chessmen. Taking care of them becomes an emotionally enriching experience.

In the pursuit of offering the greatest degree of security to your chessmen, The House of Staunton Fitted Coffer in magnificent Vavona is specially made skilfully by hand in Italy under close supervision, to provide the best.

In contrast, to the conventional chess boxes, in which the chess pieces are piled on the heads of each other when idle, this extremely large Coffer offers dedicated storage space to all the chess pieces.

It displays quadrant hinges made up of brass to ensure stability and durability while opening and closing two trays which can be detached complemented with a lock and key.

A lot of thought has been given to the inner part of the box, which is graced with premium quality Red Velour felt cloth.

10. Premier Tournament Chess Set Bag

Chess Bag

Specially crafted for the connoisseurs of chess.

Keeping the interests of astute participants in mind –the latest product offering is Premier Tournament Bag. Gone are the days of carrying your chess equipment haphazardly. Be it carrying your premium chess sets to another place or storing them at your home, the colossal size and flawless design always come to your rescue.

This offering is way ahead of the usual Carryall Tournament bag because of its enhanced features and size. The inside part is loaded with cushioned pockets of a bigger size which have the capacity of bearing the bulky 4 1/8” king pieces, alongside a cushioned clock pocket which is twice the size of a usual pocket, to make the process of carrying big sized clocks like Chronos-in the box only an easy one. 

Apart from this, the peculiar feature of this box is that it can smoothly sustain a rolled vinyl board of 22 inches.

Conclusion: It is quite a difficult task to choose the best 10 chess equipment. We are sure that we have helped you in choosing the right and best chess set as per your liking. Surely, we might have missed many brilliant chess sets out there.

Now lets get started playing chess and get addicted to it.

We would love to hear your reviews & views in the comment below.

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