10 Best Puzzle Games You Should Play Beyond Chess

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The world is on its knees (unbelievably) due to the global pandemic- COVID-19 or novel CoronaVirus.

The authorities across the world have issued lockdown or restricted moments. So, you might be social distancing and staying at home to stay safe. Kudos to you!

However, chances are you might be feeling stir absurd for being cooped indoors and are waiting (not so patiently!) for life to get back to normal.

Under these circumstances, it is obvious to go around the bend, and wish to shake the things up a bit. Well, to keep your mind sane, you don’t need to be in a cloud cuckoo land but take a hiatus from the monotonous routine.


Are you thinking on your feet what you can do better than the usual?

What can be more exciting than playing some indoor puzzle games other than chess?

It will be your light-bulb moment to enjoy a wonderful time with your family and loved ones amid these challenging times.

The current situation has forced you to hang up your boots but you can ride it out while playing the puzzle games. Many reasons will motivate you to play puzzle games.

Don’t let this quarantine take the wind out of your sails. Play puzzle games and let the fun begin.

  • Keep your mind active during this self-quarantine period.
  • Bring the family together by engaging with your loved ones.
  • Boost positive energy and fill you with optimism.
  • Reduce stress, anxiety, and regulate mood.
  • Improve concentration, orientation, and precision that enhance productivity.
  • Help in improving memory, promote creativity, and increase IQ.
  • Kill the time with fun and play.

Now when you know how the puzzle games are going to help you through this pandemic, let’s discuss the best 1o puzzle games beyond chess that you would love to play.

10 Best Puzzle Games You Should Play Beyond Chess

1. Rubik's Cube Puzzles

Rubik Cube

One of the greatest and famous puzzle games, every one of us has tried solving the Rubik’s cube and speed cubing at some point in our lives.

It is a fantastic game that encourages you to achieve a seemingly difficult job. The most fun part is that it includes only one player at a time.

There are two puzzles in this set- Rubik’s Cube 3x3x3, Rubik’s Professor Cube (5x5x5).

The cube is made up of tough tiles that prevent cheating, peeling, and fading. Try this challenging and addictive puzzle game.

You can set a time limit (say 2 to 3 minutes) and try to solve the puzzle. Gradually, you will master the skill of solving cubes.

Tip- It takes patience and dedication to become a cuber. Don’t quit until you succeed.

2. Jigsaw Puzzle 29

Jig Saw

Well, another wonderful mind-storming puzzle game that you and your family will love is Jigsaw Puzzle 29.

It includes 29 jigsaw pieces that you need to fit in the frame provided. It seems easy, right?

However, it involves a perfect balance of difficulty, analyzability, and solvability. 

Designed by the famous brand Yuu Asaka, this puzzle is tough to be solved.

As they say, “Many hands make light work.” So, team up with your family members, focus together, and start solving the fun puzzle. Occupy the table or utilize the mat in the living room and start working on the shared goal.

Tip- Work on small portions to solve the entire game. After all, it’s all about shapes.

3. Cast News

Screen Shot 2020 06 02 at 3.39.03 PM

Hanayama, a Japanese toy company, presents this wonderful metal puzzle game where you need to disassemble and reassemble the mystery.

It includes two metal pieces that fit together, with letters N-E-W-S inscribed on it.

These letters can be assumed as NEWS. On the other hand, if you assume it like a compass, the letters stand for North, East, West, and South, the four directions. 

Now, how to solve the puzzle?

You just need to take both the pieces apart and then fix them back again.

But it is not that easy as it seems.

You need to be tricky enough to disassemble and reassemble these metal pieces. It will be an enjoyable moment to see your family working as a team to solve the puzzle.

Tip- Utilize your imagination and spatial sense.

4. Karakuri Double Box

Karakuri Double Box

Designed by Karakuri Creation Group, this is a beautiful wooden puzzle that is superbly crafted from cherry and walnut.

It is an artistic trick box with an unexpected mechanism, an elegant exterior, and a decent-sized inner chamber.

This double box by Karakuri is not less than an artistic creation.

Resembling the pentagon puzzle, Karakuri’s double box is a wonderful puzzle. The main object of the game is to open the box.

Opening a box isn’t challenging, right?

But to your surprise, when you take the box in your hands, it becomes truly puzzling. You and your loved ones will surely enjoy opening this two-layered box.

Tip- It has an easy solution but involves a few steps.

5. Bamboo Wood Puzzles

Bamboo Puzzle

Made up of bamboo wood, the puzzle has 6 sets of different shapes and sizes.

These puzzles are a great variation of Melchior that you will love to resolve.

The puzzles are definitely baffling bamboo brain teasers that will test your skills. The appealing designs add to the beauty of these puzzle sets.

Can you separate the pieces from each other and then reassemble them again?

Utilize your dexterity, and the one most capable in the family will be able to solve it. So, let the fun begin competitively and create happy memories together.

Tip- Watch the patterns carefully and use reasoning.

6. Celtic Dragons - Secret Box

Screen Shot 2020 06 02 at 3.53.25 PM

This wooden box endeavors on a snake mode, Celtic Dragon tangled into a typical Irish knot expressing force and glory.

The red interior floor adds to the absolute beauty of the puzzle. Hence, this handmade puzzle game is another masterpiece that you will enjoy playing.

The job is to open the box. Now you might be wondering

“What’s a big deal opening this box?”

But the question is ” can you do it?”

Certainly, you will only know if you try to do so.

Good Luck!

Besides, it is an elegant artistic box to keep something special safely.

Tip- Keep your mind converged and break the code.

7. Thomas Kinkade Deluxe Playing Cards

Thomas Kinkade Deluxe Playing Cards

What can be a more exciting fun activity than playing with a beautiful deck of cards?

Playing Cards is a fantastic game that brings the family together for competitive matches and it involves all fun and tons of laughter.

What a great way of bridging differences in a game.

Moreover, you can play different games with a single deck of cards. And if the cards are customized with a popular image from the famous Thomas Kinkade (world-class painter), it makes the deck more special.

To make it more recreational, play cards while enjoying your favorite healthy snacks.

Tip- Play the most competitive games and relish the entertainment.

8. Cities of the World - 4 x 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzles

Screen Shot 2020 06 02 at 4.01.23 PM

Want to engage your whole family into the game?

Then you should unquestionably choose this 4×500 piece jigsaw puzzle. This huge puzzle needs teamwork and the more number of players, the more interesting it becomes.

Not only this, but it is also a creative jigsaw that needs you to portray an array of unique views from the globe.

This self-quarantine period has restricted you to travel, this game will help you become a travel agent while sorting the jigsaw 500 pieces with your loved ones.

Tip- You may need a map or something. So, be ready with an internet connection to Google the places!

9. Beet Puzzle

Beet Puzzle

Puzzle games are entertaining. Ain’t they?

But challenging puzzle games not only break your boredom but also increases your brain ability. One of such tough puzzles is the beet puzzle.

As it is said, “Why should things be easy to understand?”, the beet puzzle makes all sense out of it.

The puzzle has only 12 pieces that must be placed on the frame in such a way that they foam a beet shape.

Yes, it may seem easy but, in reality, is one of the toughest puzzles you may have ever come across. Surely, solving this puzzle is exactly like solving a mystery.

Tip- Solve by right mind direction with logic, reasoning, and insight.

10. Autumn Canal

Autumn Canal

If you want to play a mind blowing puzzle game that will keep you and your loved ones busy for hours, choose this 1000 pieces jigsaw Autumn Canal.

This beautiful art by David Maclean is a puzzle paragon that will help you grow problem-solving abilities and raise logical reasoning.

Autumn Canal jigsaw is a unique challenge that will leave a delightful puzzle-solving experience.

Also, it keeps your mind busy and improves patience to work hard to reach your goal. So, grab your delicious food and be ready to hear gales of laughter and fun with your family or friends.

Tip- Find all the edge pieces and sort the pieces by color. This will help you to solve the jigsaw avoiding the mess.


Though there are many other puzzle games to choose from, however, playing puzzle game is not only good for regenerating brain cells, also it improves your cognitive skills and improving short term memory.

So get start with any of the above best puzzle games and enjoy. Remember it’s different to play in person and through apps in your mobiles.

We recommend you to play naturally as it has many benefits.

What do you think about puzzles? Do let us know in comments.

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