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4 Best Electronic Chess Boards Available Online

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Do you know electronic Chess Boards can make your game strong? Well, not sure how? Come figure out with us. 

Smartest, Cheapest, and trendy- all these defining factors of these chess sets. Connect with PC software and get the power of magnificent chess playing in your hands. Not to forget, this is how chess champions rock n roll. After all, it feels great to defeat those built-in powers against you in the game!

What are you getting?

  • Recreation of the tournament experience.
  • No need to stare on the computer screen.
  • A hefty list of compatible software programs.
  • Easy to broadcast chess games on the Internet.
  • Automatic storing of the game (both moves & position) and retrieving is quite feasible. 
  • Sensible technology recognition. 
  • Internal memory.

Intrigued? Need suggestions for buying? 

Let’s get started.

1. The DGT Projects Electronic Chess Board (E-Board) - USB Connection

DGT Projects

Who can be your most compatible chess opponent? Probably, whosoever is against you in the tournament? So, have a one on one competition with chess software that has enough capability to test your skills well (you might lose at first). 

Today, we are introducing you to modern chess playing experience with ‘The DGT Projects Electronic Chess Board with USB’. Available at House of Staunton, this chess set is a brilliant way to start practicing. Or, you can keep honing your skill set. 

Made in Spain and Holland- It is an advanced level of chess playing. You can get your game analyzed every time. Play with a human opponent or otherwise. An accurate, fast, reliable, and aesthetically appealing chess set that pleases everyone. 

The chessboard comes with a normal thickness of 1.8 cm and has official FIDE tournament squares. There is an internal memory up to 500 moves and Driver CD within the set. 

Popular programs are all versions of Arena, Pocket Grandmaster 2.0, ChessBase products, Internet Chess Club, ChessPad, and others. Pick up your favorite one today by placing an order for this chess set. 

PS- You can make payments over the time with the Layaway program only on the House of Staunton.

2. The DGT Projects Electronic Chess Board (E-Board) - Bluetooth Connection

DGT Chess Set

Are you a tech-savvy and passionate chess lover? You must be enjoying playing with computer with an electronic chessboard? If it’s a no, then you are not supposed to skimp on such a technology. You ought to grab one here.

Respond to ‘The DGT Projects Electronic Chess Board with Bluetooth’ waving at you. This is one of the best and consistent chess sets on the House of Staunton’s website. Spreading elegance all the way from Spain and Holland.

Wish to maximize your chess experience or to avoid staring screens while going digital? This is unbeatable. A fast input device for your computer that gives you a super accurate chessboard experience. 

Broadcast your game on the Internet or present these during tournaments- It won’t let you down in either case. Use it to win against the strong chess programs and it will stand out tall in your support. 

Along with sturdily built and appealing quality, this chess set works great for different types of users. All thanks to the versatility and outstanding upgrading system of it. 

Rybka, Hiarcs, Nimzo, Arena, Chess Assistant, Internet Chess Club, and many more programs’ compatibility is present. If you seek affordability, the House of Staunton has taken care of it with the Layaway program for payment in installments. 

Add DGT 3000 Digital Chess Clock to your purchase to bring it more on the tournament front. So, you ready for this modern chess playing in addition to your collection?

3. The DGT Smart Board Electronic Chess Board

dgt smart 01 2

So, are you looking for an upgrade to your existing electronic chess board? Here is our contributing suggestion for you. This will not only be an innovative design for lasting impressions. But, there will be better functionality as well. 

Let us present to you- ‘The DGT Smart Board Electronic Chess Board’. As the name suggests, this is a smart and ergonomic design. This will be the ideal interlink between you and smartboard interactions- letting you compete with some strongest chess players in the system. 

Play online anywhere around the world virtually. To get the best display of an opponent’s move connect with DGT3000 Chess Clock (sold separately). At the same time, there is a feature to set up tournaments and to do live broadcasting on the internet. 

Its playing surface is 20.5” x 20.5” and FIDE tournament squares of 2.165” inches. This is how it is a perfect piece for the high-end tournaments. There is a standard USB connection and can be planned for multiple connections on demand. 

PS- That wood print finish will win your heart for sure.

4. DGT Centaur Chess Computer

Screen Shot 2020 08 10 at 10.24.37 PM

Nothing thrills more than playing on real board electronically to a Chess player. Do you agree? Not sure, what we are talking about? You are missing something significant. 

‘DGT Centaur Chess Computer’ is one of the amazing electronic chess boards available at Whole Sale Chess. You are about to forget your manual way of playing chess after befriending this set. 

Making move was never so feasible before- Just turn it on and you have the best challenge of your game. A game of adaptive intelligent chess is all ready to make your chess skills sharper. The measurements are- the board is of 17.5″ x 15.8″, 1.9″ x 1.9″ is the size of the square, and 1.2″ x 2.6″ is the screen size. 

E-paper display and rechargeable internal battery make it endless and worthy of $399. The flexibility it provides is simply exceptional. Keeping your game strong is possible with it- No matter whether you are fresher or a pro. 

There is a sensor board that adapts to your strength of playing and register your moves. Imagine those LED lights highlighting each move you make and weighted pieces giving you the real feel of a tournament. What can you ask more?

So, have fun, learn, and win! What more can be the motive of a fantastic chess set? 

PS- USB cable is included in the box. 

Electronic Chess Boards Could Be Your First Choice After Reading This

All these handpicked chess sets are meant for champions and top-notch players. You can be one too and begin today by picking up your selective electronic chess set.

Note – You don’t need a human partner when you have an electronic chessboard. Wish to make the most of the technology. Prove that you are an avid chess player by buying this competitive masterpiece. What’s your take on this? 

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