25" Plastic Giant Chess Set

5 Best Giant Chess Board for those Backyard Parties

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Be delighted and have fun while enjoying your favorite game with wholesome chess pieces. What’s your take on a giant chess board? 

It is quite common to see larger than life chess sets in the backyards and public parks. No doubt, you must be keen to own one! Well, we knew your aspirations chess champion. 

These sets are just going to be different from your regular chess equipment. However, the game remains the same but with the better surrounding. Trust us; you can practice way better than ever in your outdoors. 

Here we present you top affordable, elegant, and huge (of course) suggestions for a giant chessboard. When all chess players are giving others awe moments, why can’t you? 

Special note- These are giant chess boards are available at very few stores. We have thoroughly reviewed MegaChess chess shop. Check our MegaChess Review for 2020 now.

1. MegaChess Commercial Grade Roll Up Giant Chess Board

Roll-up chess board

How about playing chess with your friends on your own outdoors? Sounds usual, right? What if there is an extra-large chess set (perhaps of your size). This is going to be some extraordinary fun. 

Megachess Commercial Grade Roll up Giant Chess has the suitable elegance, durability, and portability to be outdoor amigo for a long span. Available in custom colors to let you choose the most aspiring one from Green, Grey, Burgundy, Pool Blue, Teal, and many others. 

Call them indestructible and it is justified as they are made from rubberized vinyl. These 8′ x 8′ x .5″ dimension set has an anti-skid surface and can withstand any abuse. These heavy-duty chess sets are meant for the sturdy players who wish to enjoy the flexibly and eventually want to store everything quickly.

This giant chess board has 12” squares and comprise of black & white vinyl tiles. One of the prominent features to use it publicly is the easy moving and feasible storage due to the room for pivoting. 

Mega Chess highly recommend buying the optional safety edge ramp for eliminating the fall incident while this giant chess set is installed on the ground. Seek the professional assistance for the installation of this additional product, if required. 

2. MegaChess Quick Fold Nylon Giant Chess Mat With 13 Inch Squares

Nylon Giant Chess Board

Mega Chess is a prominent store that offers top-notch giant chess boards. Have you checked out their assemblage yet? If no, here is one of their amazing creations.

We are talking about Megachess Quick Fold Nylon Giant Chess Mat that has 13 Inch Squares and is 9’ x 9’ x .2” in dimension. It comes folded in a small storage bag attached to a drawstring as a wholesome package. 

This amazing chess mat is made of nylon fabric and has metal grommets on the corners for dirt protection. It is ideally placed at smooth surfaces and is easy to slide off the bag whenever players are ready to rock n roll. 

This ‘5 lbs. weighted giant chess board’ fold into a bundle square of 15 inches with one-inch thickness. That is why it is highly feasible to carry around. It looks fabulous in those Instagram or other social media pictures when installed in the backyard.  

The experts at Mega Chess recommend buying 24” and 25” inches chess pieces for this Megachess Quick-Fold board. Also, you should prefer buying a black and white or dark brown and light brown combination of chess pieces to make this game even more appealing. 

Are you ready for your order? Check out this product thoroughly on the official website of Mega Chess. 

3. MegaChess Hard Plastic Giant Chess Board with 15 Inch Squares 9' 10" x 9' 10"

Hard Plastic Chess Board

If you wish to get giant chess but want plastic material- This Mega chess Hard Plastic Giant Chess Board is for you. An attractive feature is you can assemble or disassemble as many times as you want without much hassle. 

Available at Mega Chess, this board has 14.75″ x 14.75″ individual squares. However, its overall size is 9′ 10″ x 9′ 10″ in 45 lbs. of weight. There are interlocked black and white squares of 14” inches.

No requirement for any special tools for the assembly makes it even more convincing giant chess board to buy. Keep in mind to get 25” chess pieces to match the squares of this board. This is a permanent type of solid chessboard with 64 squares in the best quality of hard plastic.

Anything else left to find in the chess boards for leisure? Just place your order. 

4. MegaChess Commercial Grade Synthetic Wood Giant Chess Board with 12 Inch Squares 8’ x 8’

Wood Giant Chess Board

A wooden board installed in the garden looks so exceptional. Do you wish to get such an appeal for your home’s façade? 

MegaChess offers a plethora of options to choose from and one of them is Mega Chess Commercial Grade Synthetic Wood Giant Chess Board. This 12” inches squared board is made of wood teak and walnut. 

Let us tell you the best part first- This board is an evergreen option that can last without any maintenance. Another one is- it is super easy to assemble it. So, now no worries about the maintenance and installation, which is often a major concern for giant chess board buyers. Place it in the dry or wet ground without a second thought as it is sturdy enough to withstand both. 

This is not real wood but is better than that. Being a non-wooden one, it can give years of felicity and uninterrupted chess sessions with no extra investment. It appears so photogenic due to a perfect contrast of light and dark shades. You cannot resist clicking pictures all the time. 

A total of 64 squares includes- 32 squares of light teak color in 3 lbs. and another 32 of dark-colored teak within another 3 lbs. of weight. All wrapped in a dimension of 1 – 28″ x 28″ x 13″ with the 65 lbs. of weight. It is 96″ x 96″ x .5″ in dimension when assembled.

PS- MegaChess suggests buying a game of teak chess set with 24” inches King to compliment this elegant wooden board. We personally find this product super long-lasting and elegant. 

5. Mega Chess Slotted Teak Giant Chess Board with 18-inch Squares 12’ x 12’

Giant Teak Chess Set

Want a larger than life giant chess board? But, you are not sure where to buy and get the reliability? Fret not; MegaChess Store has your back with a huge collection. Let us take you there. 

Mega Chess Slotted Teak Giant Chess Board with 18-inch Squares is one of the top offerings on the site. The best part is this handmade by the top-notch artisans who created this so well to win heart at first glance. 

It is made from the prized teak exclusively from Indonesia- The highly regarded wood worldwide. Not just this, this is cured for almost 2 years before craftsmanship is done over it by the expert carftsman. This 144″ x 144″ x .5″ dimension board can turn a simple garden into a piece of exquisite luxury that can impress just anyone. 

You would face no problem while installing this classic giant chessboard. It is ideal for outdoor as well as indoor installations without any professional help. Even in the rains, it dries out quickly due to the design resistant to the moisture. This is how constant water contact does not cause any harm to this sturdy chessboard. 

PS- You need to get the Teak chess set that has 36” or 48” inches King play over this beautiful chessboard. You can purchase this outstanding board only from the Mega Chess Store. 

Ultimate fun awaits you with a giant chess set

You do not have to remain inside for enjoying chess. Yes, all thanks to these big chess sets that are installed outside the house. How about an evening chess game with family and friends with the fresh breeze? Sounds like a plan to you? Just make a purchase first. Let us know in comments which one you liked the most!

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