American Chess Equipment Review 2022

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Store Name: American Chess Equipment
Store Description: American Chess Equipment is an online chess store that caters especially to schools, clubs, and other organizations.  They have a complete line of standard tournament chess products, which can be purchased at the optimum value in bulk.
Price Range: Economy Range
Customer Care Email:
Support Phone No.: 310-329-9143

American chess Equipment

American Chess Equipment taps into a specific market, namely organizations like schools and chess clubs. They cater to the needs of these organizations by providing basic chess pieces, boards and clocks, which they sell in bulk at generous discounts.

They are known for their quality products, and for accommodating customer service that includes emblazoning their customers’ logos on their products. They facilitate online purchases with their very navigable website.

Screenshot 4
Custom Chess
Gift Card
Gift Card
Bobby Fisher exclusive
Bobby Fisher Chess
Overall Rating: 4.7 stars out of a possible 5
Store caters especially to organizations like schools and clubsNot so very extensive product range and selection, as they primarily intend to provide standard tournament equipment only.
Low product prices for some itemsCaters primarily only to select markets such as groups and organizations
Generous perks and discounts for organizations purchasing in bulkNo worldwide shipping
Durable products
Excellent customer service and strong commitment to customer satisfaction
Offers personalization of products purchased


A. Product Range and Variety

American Chess Equipment (ACE) caters primarily to schools, chess clubs, and associations. Their product selection isn’t especially wide, but they are very complete when it comes to the standard equipment that these groups and organizations need.

There is nothing fancy on ACE’S shelf, no luxury chess pieces and boards, no high end or state of the art products. What they have in plenty and in good choices is standard equipment — chess pieces (plastic and wooden), boards, clocks, bags, demonstration boards, score books and score sheets. For some non-standard products, they have small wooden sets, travel sets, magnetic sets, and themed sets.

As if to stress its aim of providing tournament equipment, ACE’s plastic pieces do not go beyond the FIDE-sanctioned 3.75 – 4 inch King height, nor do it’s boards go larger than the standard 2.25 inch squares.

ACE is a one-stop-shop for basics, and schools and clubs may find it their ideal store especially that it offers generous discounts on bulk purchases.

They may not be able to cater to everyone, and chess set collectors and other specialty shoppers may well have look elsewhere. When it comes to serving their chosen market, however, and providing supplies for school and clubs, it is one of the most reliable stores online.

For Product Range and Variety we give ACE 4.5 stars

B. Product Quality and Price

While variety and product selection may not be ACE’S chief strength, they more than makeup for this with durable standard tournament products. The store strives to make purchases a one-time investment for its customers, especially if they purchase in bulk for their schools and clubs.

ACE has its Standard Plastic Pieces in different designs and weight (unweighted, weighted, and triple weighted), but offers more durable choices in its Triple Weighted Staunton Chessmen and Ultimate Tournament Staunton Chessmen. These two sets cost a bit more but maybe more ideal for clubs, which generally look for sets that last. As for boards, it has them all in the popular varieties of vinyl, mousepad, and silicone.

Let’s now refer to the table below and try to see whether ACE sells their items at prices lower than that of other prominent online sellers and whether buying in bulk from them translates to good savings.

 American Chess EquipmentChessUSAWholesale ChessThe HOSThe Chess Store Chess House
Plastic Pieces
Bulk – As low as $5.09 for 40 sets
Superior pieces - $4.88
Bulk - $4.15 for 40 sets
Bulk - $4.99
Bulk - $5.35
Bulk - $5.39
Viny board (2.25 in.)$5.20
Bulk – As low $4.42 for 50 pieces
Bulk - $3.49
Bulk- $4.45
Bulk - $4.59
Bulk - $4.20
Chess Clock
(DGT North American )
Bulk – As low as $46.71 for 40 units
$39.95$49.99$49.45Out of Stock
Chess bag
(24 in x 9in.)
As low as $16.96 for 40 pieces
(Better Quality)

The table reveals that American Chess Equipment has one of the lowest individual prices for some items.  Its standard plastic pieces and vinyl board come cheap at $5.99 and $5.20 respectively. At a bulk purchase of forty sets, the pieces’ price plummets to $5.09 and that of the board to $4.42. These are two of the best prices you can get a standard pair of pieces and board for online. 

What’s more, ACE offers a set they call the Superior Pieces. This set that comes in a similar size and weight as its Standard Plastic Pieces but boasts of a much better design sells only for $4.88 per set, and for $4.15 each at a bulk purchase of forty sets. This is probably one of the best sets and purchases any school or club can make. 

We’d like to note that the DGT North American clock ACE sells for the higher than usual price of $54.95 is their unique, touched-up version. ACE modified its color and stamped it as the Bobby Fischer clock. All its other clocks sell at almost the same price as their counterparts in other stores.

In all, we find that ACE offers not only the standard items for tournaments but even sets that are more durable and attractive than the usual ones, all at very competitive and friendly prices.  

For Product Quality and Price, we give ACE 4.75 stars

C. Customer Service

The one service we love about ACE is their personalization of products purchased.  ACE gives schools and clubs the option of having their logos emblazed on their items to mark and give them a unique, personal look. Organizations are well aware of the dangers to their equipment when hosting large events, and ACE’s offer to mark their equipment and lessen the possibility of pilferages is very appreciable.

ACE also goes the extra mile for its customers by offering additional group discounts. Schools and clubs are advised to register themselves with ACE and inform it that a purchase is being made in behalf of their organizations, which may entitle them to discounts apart from the already generous marked down bulk prices.

Customers also attest to the very accommodating treatment they receive when inquiring, making sale arrangements, or referring purchase problems to the staff of ACE. By all indications, ACE values its relationship and partnership with organizations they have come to serve.

For Customer Service, we give ACE 4.75 stars
You are a school, club, or any other organization looking to purchase chess equipment.You are looking to purchase individual items only.
You are looking to purchase chess items in bulk.You do not fall into the store’s preferred market of groups and organizations such as schools and clubs.
You are looking for high-quality and durable standard tournament chess equipment.You demand extensive product range and variety from a seller.
You want to customize or personalize chess items you purchase.You are looking for collectibles chess sets, chess decors, or other unique chess products.
You demand highly-responsive customer service and you cannot tolerate delays in assistance and arrangements if an order goes wrong.
You love to shop only in very navigable and hassle-free websites.

D. Customer's Review

Screenshot 9
Screenshot 10

D. General Online Shopping Experience

There is an overriding sense of simplicity about ACE. Their products are all that’s just basic and necessary to play a good game of chess. Their website that adopts a very plain style also contribute much to this impression.

ACE’s website is just about as uncomplicated as any that we have seen. At the top of each page are headings where are all products in the shelf are neatly categorized. Clicking these categories brings you to a further subdivision of the products, which may give you the item you are looking for.

For example clicking the top heading “Pieces” gives you several subdivisions of the site’s chess pieces. Clicking Tournament Style Chess Pieces gives you all the available standard-sized pieces in the shelf. Apart from the headings, there are images of different products splashed across the page that bring you directly to the product themselves and to their different types or brands.

We mean “uncomplicated website” to be a compliment. It’s our other way of saying that the site makes navigation and search easy, that it is neatly organized, and that it has wisely done away with annoying ads flashing here and there. A simple site can also be very effective.  

For Shopping Experience, we give ACE 4.75 stars

American Chess Equipment Bestseller

WE Games Ultimate Tournament


Bobby Fischer Ultimate Chess Pieces


Customized Mousepad Tournament Chess Board


The Bobby Fischer® Series Metal & Acrylic Chess Pieces


Is this shop legit?

American Chess Equipment is quite popular among schools, clubs and colleges. Managed by chess enthusiast Shelby Lohrman, American Chess Equipment has made quite a name in the chess industry.

With a focus on customization of chess boards, it becomes quite popular among people looking to purchase in bulk.

With a superb navigational website, unique offerings like bobby fisher chessmen, custom chessboard and very competitive wholesale rates, American chess equipment is a legit business that has the potential to become among the top in the chess industry. 


No, it is not necessary to register to make a purchase.

Unfortunately, American Chess Equipment didn’t ship outside America. You can however, call Shelby Lohrman at 310-329-9143 if you are from outside USA.

No, the shipping is not free, however, there’s a nominal shipping charges as per the weight of the shipment.

Yes, American Chess Equipment does provide the customization service for chess boards.

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