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Best Antique Repro Chess Sets

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The reproduction antique chess sets are the most looked chess sets in the chess industry. The collectors love them and many chess lovers want to have it in their collection.

What is a reproduction chess set?

A reproduced chess set is a recreation of an antique chess set by replicating its design. Until 19th century, mostly all the chessmen were made in ivory bones in different parts of the world. It was in the year 1849 when Howard Staunton popularize the wooden chess design widely known as the Staunton series.

The Staunton era chess set starts from 1849 till 1939, however, there are many other chess designs, which were made during these times.

The history of the chess is well explained. The wooden chess set is the first choice in almost all the world championships.

The antique reproduced chess sets are made up of many different wooden materials. Be an exotic wood like the ebony/padauk or a hardwood like the sheesham, you can buy these reproductions as per your desire and liking.

Let’s find out the best-reproduced chess sets.

Best reproduced antique chess sets of 2020

  • The 1951-1954 “Česká klubovka” FIDE Tournament Chess Pieces: If you’re looking for a unique tournament size chess set, then look no further. The Czech reproduction is a great craftsman work by the carvers of chessbazaar.

    Bohuslav Schnirch, one of the best-known Czech sculptors at that time crafted a chess set in 19th century known as Ceske Klubovsky.

    The design of the king, queen and bishop is quite unique. The best uniqueness of this set is its rook, with the brick like architecture. The king height of this set is 4.0” and the base is about 1.7”. The weight of the set is around 1500 gms. Ebony wood is used for the darker side and boxwood on the lighter.
czech CHESS
The 1951-1954 “Česká klubovka” FIDE Tournament Chess Pieces Source: chessbazaar
  • The Jaques Staunton 1849 chess pieces: The most historical, the most luxurious and the most looked upon product of the chess industry is the reproduction of the 1849 chess set. There are many versions of these chessmen and almost all the vendors have its version of their own. However, keeping the price and its popularity in check, this 1849 reproduction is the best value for money that closely resembles the original.

    With the king height of 4.5” and base of almost 1.8” in dia, this is surely a luxurious product. The weight of the chess set is around 1750 gms and the set is painted in red crimson and white ivory color.

    The set is lacquered for the smooth finishes and each chessmen is crafted in India with dainty details. This chess set is also been sold in ebony/boxwood in the same size and in 3.75” king size as well.
1849 chess
The Jaques Staunton 1849 chess pieces Source: chessbazaar
  • 1950 Bohemia German chess pieces: This is a tournament size chess set in sheesham wood aka Golden rosewood and boxwood on the lighter side.

    This is a very popular 50’s design because of its knight also known as the dragon knight. Bobby Fischer played against Boris Spassky at the 1970 Siegen Olympiad with the later version Bohemia set.

    This Bohemia chess piece king height is 3.89” and the base is 1.45”. The chess set comes with a 2 extra queens and the total weight is around 900 grams.
bohemia chess
1950 Bohemia German chess pieces Source: chessbazaar

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