Best Chess Boards That Appear Too Intriguing To Resist

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For any indoor sport, the most important thing is its game board and there is not a second thought on it. If the game board is not stylish and has a rough pattern- You might not feel like playing.

All the Chess Players out there know the value of a stylish chess board to build their interest in the game. In fact, amazing designs persuade them to play.

Some of the chess boards have the algebraic notations (coordinates) but its material and texture make it stand out from the rest of the boards. This battlefield is where all the practice is done and the real tournament is held. So, picking up the best Chessboard goes a long way for the players and to keep the game going.

This matter does not merely depend upon the choice but practicalities have a great role to play for such a selection.

Do you wish to get some quick guidance and top-notch Chessboards to choose from? Well, follow us. 

  • What is the perfect Chessboard for you? Yes, you must not enter the market full of Chess equipment unless you are a little aware of the technical know-how for the same. Keep a few things clear in your mind before you make this certain selection. 
  • 6 criteria for the satisfactory Chessboard selection is- Purpose, aesthetics, size, material, design, and affordability. If you know what fits best under these factors, then there is no way you can make the wrong choice. 
  • Your purpose to use it for the travel or keep it at home?
  • Is it for the decoration, collection, or playing reason?
  • What size do you prefer? Tournament or regular size.
  • Do you want a Chessboard made up of marble or wooden?
  • Lastly, budget matters. 

These considerations will facilitate your process until you buy your choicest Chessboard. 

1. Wooden Chess Board Ebony Sheesham Wood 23”- 60 mm

23" Ebony Chessboard

Wooden Chess boards are one of the most common types of material used to make classic game boards for Chess.

However, if specifically, Ebony, Sheesham is used, then it is an exceptional masterpiece that you must own. It looks beautiful with both the dark side and lighter side.

The use of Golden Rosewood over its frame makes it appear so pleasing for the eyes. 23″ x 23″ / (58.4 cm x 58.4 cm) with square size of 2.4″ x 2.4″ / (60 mm x 60 mm)- is the size it is available in at the Chess Bazaar.

Talking about its weight- this Chess Board is 194 Oz (1500 gm) and it is 22 mm thick. By any means, this is one of the most genuine boards that you cannot skimp to buy. Remember, this is just the Chess Board and you have to purchase the Chessmen separately.

2. Beautiful Luxury Chess Board Sheesham Wood Box Wood - 21" 56 mm

Luxury Sheesham Chessboard

Do you know the Sheesham wood and Boxwood are being used for the manufacturing of this lavish Chess Board?

This wood is also known as Dalbergia Sissoo and Gardenia Latifolia as their scientific names. The best part is only the highest quality of wood is used in the making of this classic yet stylish Chess Board.

Another intriguing fact is, this is a handmade item and has an underside, which is felted with green velvet for a smooth touch.

It weighs a massive 5600 grams, squares are- 56 mm x 56 mm (2.2″ x 2.2″, and the size is- 21″x 21″ (53.3 cm x 53.3 cm). All the squares and frames are made up of Sheesham wood that you would love to feel while playing or using it as a keepsake.

It can be an ideal item for decorative purposes as well. Now, the choice is yours what would you like to do with it.

3. Walnut and Maple Wooden Tournament Chess Board

Walnut Chess Board

A classic veneered board that can satisfy any player or collector’s aspiration of the perfect Chess Board.

Getting such a board at an affordable price is like a desire come true. This board comes with various customization options like with or without HOS logo, with or without notation and in variety of size like 2.0″, 2.25″ and 2.5″ square size. Getting a storage bag for this board is compulsory and we do recommend you to get one since a single scratch can ruin your board.

The best part is the amazing quality of the Maple and Walnut wood used for its manufacturing. You can ideally keep it anywhere in your space and it will instantly lift up the aesthetics.

These Maple squares will call you to play while residing between the Walnut Frame. So, what are you thinking about more? Hurry up! It is available on the official website of the House of Staunton. Do not forget to post your heart-felt happiness in the form of the customer review to facilitate the fellow buyers. 

4. Folding African Palisander and Maple Wooden Tournament Chess Board

Folding chess board

Here is the House of Staunton top most selling African Chess Board. It has all Matte and Satin finishes all over to win your heart in the very first glance.

If you do not prefer a glittery finish, then such a fantastic board is meant for your use. Squares comprise of the Maple wood and the African Palisander covers the frame. This Chess Board is 0.5” thick.

Those file labels make it an excellent tool and the House of Staunton logo is surely an added charm. The square size is 2.25” inch and chess footprint is 21.25” x 21.25” inches, which why it is an ideal choice for Tournaments.

It comes with an option to get the HOS branding done or not. Moreover, carrying bag is compulsory to choose with this board and we do recommend you to get one.

So, when are you going to bring it home to play and practice for some real-time Chess-playing on the worldwide level? 

5. Luxe Traditional Chess Board - MAPLE BURL / EBONY - 2.5" Squares

Luxe Chess board

Wish to experience some extraordinary luxury? This Luxe Traditional Chess Board- Maple Burl/ Ebony- 2.5” Square is the favorable deal for you available over the site- The House of Staunton.The overall size of the chessboard is 25″ x 25″.

Made up of Ebony delimiter and Maple Burl- this Chess Board is an ideal keepsake and gifting item for Chess Lovers specially chess collectors who have hundreds of antique looking chessmen.

Do you have a friend, who is an epic fan of Chess Boards? Such a traditional piece would never let you down while bringing a smile on his face. There are light and dark-colored sides just like any other Chess Board but the exception is the material used and its quality.

Maple Burl Frame and Ebony Delimiter squares with satin finish is a deadly combination for the Chess enthusiasts. There are a molded edge and 0.5” thickness to store to keep it safe without any hassle. Suits your gifting requirements? Why don’t you place an order right away?

6. Walnut and Maple Antique Tiroir Chess Board with Storage Drawers

Walnut Board

How about an antique and class Chess Board with drawers to keep all those 32 Chessmen safe in one place?

Sounds cool, right?

Let’s dig deeper into the product. This is a Walnut And Maple Antique Tiroir Chess Board with Storage Drawers available at the House of Staunton’s website. It has two sizes- 1.75″ Squares with an overall size of 17.5″ x 17.5″ x 4.5″ or 2.25″ Squares with an overall size of 22.5″ x 22.5″ x 4.5″ that speaks about the real perfect size.

You are about to receive some real deal of luxe with such an exclusive product at a very affordable price. However, you need to buy Chessmen separately as per the size of this Chess Board.

So, place your order for the combo, if you do not have the Chess pieces.

PS- Recommended size for the King is 3.25” inches with 1.75 base. 

7.Blackwood and Olivewood Standard Traditional Chess Board - Gloss Finish


The House of Staunton presents Blackwood and Olivewood Standard Traditional Chess Board- Gloss Finish.

This is ideal for the Chess Lover who wishes to keep it simple and classic with all the affordability. It is crafted in Spain and is sold worldwide under the trademark of House of Staunton.

This veneered board is great for regular playing as well as practicing for the main game time. It is 0.5 thick and is covered with the glossy finish for a highlighted look.

Made up of the Blackwood frame and Olivewood squares- The combination is quite thoughtful and convincing. The recommended carrying bag size is 24” inches after you place your order. Its footprint is 22.5” x 22.5” for the 2.25” and 23.75” x 23.75” for the 2.5” and the squares are available in different sizes- 2.25”, 2.375” and 2.5” respectively. 

8. Custom Contemporary Chess Board - African Palisander / Maple Burl - 2.5" Squares

Custom Chess Board

This beautiful chessboard is made of African Plisander for the dark side and Maple Burl for the light chess square pieces.

The board is Semi-gloss, with the square size of 2.5″. The chess board height is 2.5″ and the whole footprint is 25″x25″. The HOS makes sure that you will get an exclusive bag for the board.

This is Custom Contemporary Chess Board made of African Plisander & Maple Burl, and the board is proudly made in the USA.

It is a handcrafted product that impresses any Chess enthusiast no time. It has an African Palisander frame and squares made up of the Maple Burl- which are the dark and lighter side of the Chess Board.

If you are too seeking something contemporary, then consider having a look at the website of House of Staunton- You will be pleased. However, this item is not subject to any change or return due to the rarity of such boards. 

9. 14" Solid Padauk & Maple Chess Board w/ 1 3/4" Squares

Screen Shot 2020 07 09 at 7.46.59 PM

Made in the USA, this board is a solid wood Chess Board, which looks and feels fantastic. If you are impressed with the handcrafted item, then it is worth your glance.

The overall size of the chess board is 14″ and the square size is 1 3/4″.

The most interesting thing about such a royal board is its pearly tone of the Maple and of course, the solid blocks of Padauk wood.

It all begins with the deep red that eventually turns dark when exposed to the light. This transformation is blissful that no Chess lover can resist.

Once you get 32 Chessmen in the black, crimson, or Ebony color- Such a combination will be the best example of the excellent craftsmanship. However, you have to make a separate purchase for the Chess Pieces as they are not included in this affordable deal of classic board.

What are you waiting for? Attain this merge of modern and rustic looks within this amazing board carved with love available at the Chess USA. 

10. Mission Craft South American Walnut & Maple Solid Wood Chess Board - 2.5" Squares

Screen Shot 2020 07 09 at 7.52.11 PM

This is made up of the most solid wood combination- South American Walnut and Maple wood in the USA. This is a branded product of Mission Craft that is just like a treasure for you as a dreamer of Chess.

There is no veneer used for its construction and is of solid quality. It is laminated all over the frame to avoid any sort of warping while playing or displaying.

Those decorative corner dowels showcase the best woodworking integrity and make it super safe in terms of maintenance.

It has a super soft pad to be thoroughly felt and a unique key-hole on the backside is an attractive feature. Its weight is 12 lbs and overall dimensions are- 23.875″ x 23.875″ x 1.375″ thick.

You need not seek for more pieces as this is it- old school and modern, just the way you like.

Now, get it delivered at your doorstep within days.

11. Black & Ash Burl High Gloss Deluxe Chess Board 2.125" Squares

Screen Shot 2020 07 09 at 9.16.02 PM

Alert! You cannot abandon the site without placing an order for this beauty.

The Chess Store displays an elegant Chess Board that is suitable for the collectors, real players, or decorative piece seekers. A Rechapados Ferrer Chess Board, which is affordable and provides the ultimate deluxe quality to its users. Black & Ash Burl High Gloss Deluxe Chess Board 2.125” Square is a wonderful product imported from Spain.

PS- This brand is the largest manufacturer and a recognized name in the Chess World. The dimensions of this board are 21.5″ x 21.5″ x .5″ and square size is 2.125” (55 mm)- Which is all covered with the glass-like finish also known as High Gloss Polyurethane.

Last but not the least, it is Black stained wood & Ash Burl Veneer wood product, which has a spectacular outlook and a dire showcase of exceptional craftsmanship.

Place your order today at the Chess Store, if you are impressed with the features of this Chess Board.


Once you make this significant addition to collectibles. Now is the time to keep up with its maintenance. Remember, the better quality of the Chessboard- less its maintenance botheration. Here are some tips to apply-

  • Absolute no exposure to water and it should remain dry all the time.
  • Make no use of additional polishes and waxes.
  • No humidity exposure.
  • No direct sunlight.
  • Do not touch the Chessboard with wet hands.
  • Use a damp cloth to avoid any sort of stickiness.
  • Keep it dust-free and take proper care of it.

This is how you can keep your beautiful Chessboard flawlessly awesome with you for ages. All you need is to buy your favorite board and keep it safe.

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