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Best Chess Clocks to Choose From in 2022

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Chess is an ancient game of brains that reflects art, amusements, and skills. It has always appealed to the audience who love to watch mind contests of calculation, planning, and reasoning capabilities. But what if the players take ‘forever’ to think and progress in the game? Well, the slow game will engulf all the joy and fun.

Therefore to keep the game alive with equal footing for the players, the significance of clocks is vital. They help in prodding the players to make their move in a reasonable time making the game more competitive and entertaining.

By adding urgency to the game, it enables both chess players and enthusiasts to make judicious use of the time available at their disposal. So for an authentic chess match, an appropriate chess clock is a must.

Hence, there is no denying to this conviction that the chess clock is an extremely important part of a chess game. And a great chess player would know the tricks to manage their time wisely and cleverly. Here are some tips that would help you to use the clock-

Since the market is flooded with a variety of chess clocks for chess lovers, finding the right one could be a formidable task. 

This review will provide you with unabated support by showcasing the best available chess clocks.

1. DGT North American Digital Chess Clock

DGT North American

Available at an incredible price, the DGT North American crafted by DGT Projects, the world’s best chess clock company, is a magnificent digital chess clock. Blessed with 10 already set time controls, this is a perfect clock not only for sincere players but also for easy-going enthusiasts.

It is out of the ordinary contemporary Quick-set option that allows the user to configure the clock with enormous ease. On top of it multi-period delay settings can be made in a jiffy-without going through the cumbersome process of reading the complicated user manual or remembering complex button combinations!

The dimensions of the clock are 7.5″ (W) x 4″ (L) x 2″ (H)

2. Official FIDE DGT 2010 Second Generation Digital Chess Clock

10101 dgt2010 front

The 2010 DGT by far is the most selling digital chess clock ever produced. Period.

The DGT 2010 was introduced in 2007. It has some great features including pre-set Fischer, Bronstein, Delay and Blitz Time Control Modes. This is also the reason that the DGT 2010 is also an official chess clock of FIDE.

In 2010, this DGT clock gets some enhanced features to comply with popular timings systems. Some of the improvements are

  • Changing the aesthetic of the clock to make it more ergonomic.
  • Options for Scrabble™ is added.
  • For manual option, the last setting is automatically saved.
  • Bronstein delay with multiple time controls can be set
  • In Canadian Byo-yomi the extra time can be added automatically after the required number of moves.
  • Size: 7 1/2″ long, 4 1/4″ wide, 2 1/4″ high

3. DGT 3000 Digital Chess Clock

DGT 3000

DGT3000 was launched in October 2014 as a newer version of the DGT XL, it is an extremely advanced game timer. The user can comfortably find all settings such as action chess, simple blitz timing, all famous delay types along together with tournament modes. To bless the users with extra knowledge a delightful brochure is provided in the box which portrays the step by step growth of chess blocks along with details of 16 classical world chess champions. Apart from this a manual 6languages: English, Dutch, Russian, French, Spanish, and German l is also part of the box. This clock with dimensions of 6″ (W) x 4″ (L) x 3″ (H) presents the following advantages:

*Additional information on a wider display.

*Can be easily linked with all DGT electronic chess boards

*From the beginning seconds are shown

*Sophisticated already set 25 timing systems

*5 dedicated slots to maintain settings in a customized manner

*Warranty of 5 years

4. INSA Wooden Mechanical Chess Clock - Light Wood

Insa clock

The best-loved between Chess players who participate in tournaments, the INSA Wooden Mechanical Clock is the perfect combination of beauty and precision. It is sheltered in a petite durable timber case with the prudent combination of hushed mechanisms present in a mechanical Chess clock.

Another peculiar characteristic is the state-of-the-art enlarged time-scale that eliminates the guesswork and entitles you to organize your balance time appropriately. By being a European production this one is hard to resist. Finding a more appealing wooden clock at the price offered by this one would be a daunting task.

The dimensions of the clock are 8.4″ (W) x 3.1″ (L) x 4.5″ (H).

5. Chronos GX Digital Chess Clock - Touch Switch Black

Chronos GX Chess Clock

The Chronos GX Digital Chess Clock Touch Switch in Black is the advanced version of Chronos Digital Chess Clock with two shorter in size LCD screens. It is a remarkable product from Chronos, a company that has carved a niche for itself as a premier provider of chess timers in the USA, and its products are appreciated worldwide.

The best attribute of this model is its “touch” sensor that allows you to manage the timer without pushing down the button: a gentle brush of your finger can fit the bill. The key features of this model are eight already set championship controls, move counter, four preset blitz times, and an altogether new GO! time set, plus many more controls.

Apart from this, it is fully customizable. All these attributes clubbed together makes it a must-buy for chess championships. An easy to understand Chronos manual is provided with a warranty of 1 year.

6. DT25 Digital Chess Clock - Blue

DT25 Digital Chess Clock

The DT25 provides an extremely good experience to a chess player with qualities set according to the feedback provided by the chess players. For additional comfort,59 present timing options are provided to ease bonus, wait, and byo-Yami. For immediate and uncomplicated reference all preset buttons are systematically showcased on the base of the clock so that the user need not scroll the manual. You can opt to utilize the sound or switch it off if you do not require it. The housing is made from heavy-duty plastic and has a smooth pointed design that helps the players to read it with substantial ease.

* Wider LED screen 5.5″ x 1.125″

* All-inclusive measurements: 7.125″ x 4″ x 2.25″ tall

* Remembers preceding game settings despite being switched off

* Comfortable to work controls on the forefront of clock

* Arrives wrapped in a petite cardboard box.

* Built under stringent ISO9001 yardsticks.

7. Regulation Wooden Mechanical Chess Clock

Wooden Click

A mechanical clock that is extremely comfortable to use. To initiate, just fetch up the movement, arrange the hands, and here you go! The casing is distinctively carved to permit the clock to a position at a modest angle for clearer, anti-glare watching.

The designers have gone beyond the conventional domain by designing it in a way that offers reasonably quiet movement coupled with a compact structure for easy transportation. This modest clock is an absolute must for sincere championship players or easy-going players who wish to place a time restriction on their games.

Alluring wooden covering.

Two big easy-to-comprehend faces

Sizeable red flags

An unerring mechanical clock that needs no batteries.

The dimensions of the clock are 6″ (W) x 2.1″ (L) x 3.6″ (H)

8. FIDE Approved Chess Clock

newchsclk 03

This reasonably priced clock is comfortable to set and has all the approvals from FIDE and US Chess. All the presets are tagged underside the clock and the housing it arrives in. To ease the differentiation process a circle is marked on all the FIDE time controls. Each preset can be modified and the clock can store one user crafted setting with up to 4 extra time commands.

The displays or the clock are pointed judiciously for the players. The elevated liver specifies whose move is due by opening up red plastic. The on-off button is placed underside the clock so that it cannot trigger by accident while the game is going on.

About FIDE?

FIDE stands for The Fédération Internationale des Échecs or World Chess Federation, the global institution that brings together the diverse national chess federations throughout the world and functions as the regulating body of international chess championship.

9. DGT 1002 Digital Chess Clock - Black


DGT 1002 is the most uncomplicated chess clock with four convenient to use buttons at the top makes it not only unchallenging to interpret but also enjoyable to use. Highly preferred by those who bank on quality.

By just pressing + and – the user can set the time and commence the game. The designers have left no stone unturned while designing this masterpiece that can operate on a single battery. There is no denying to this conviction that its massive display and clear digits have garnered the unstinted support of its users.

The measurements of the clock are 6.5″ (W) x 2.8″ (L) x 2.1″ (H)

10. Diamond Quartz Analog Chess Clock

Click Quartz

The central focus of the makers of this chess clock is to offer a quality product at a reasonable cost.

This effortless use of a battery-powered analogue clock is robust, dependable, and flawless. Apart from this it is easy to use, the big screen has been its forte which provides the much-needed comfort to the user.

These features have made it quintessential for educational institutions, clubs, or casual games where because of the sheer enthusiasm of its users, its usage has grown appreciably. Powered with a 1AA battery this clock fits the role like a glove.

The measurements of the clock are 7.4″ (W) x 5.2″ (L) x 2.7″ (H)

11. DGT Easy Timer Digital Chess Clock - Crimson Cruz

DGT Easy Crimson

The Easy Game Timer digital chess clock offered by DGT Projects is an elegant offering that is not only uncomplicated to use but also effortless to setup.

It can be timetabled for games up to 9 hours and 59 minutes and beginning from zero this can be utilized for both countdown and count-up.

It is not without reason that this clock has become a perfect clock for those chess beginners and chess players who are short on budget and do not require the updated features provided in higher priced models. It is an irresistible buy and is produced by the numero uno in digital greatness, DGT Projects.


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