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Best Chess Sets under $100

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Are you searching for the best chess set under $100.

  • That’s meet your expectations
  • Fits in your budget
  • A value for money product

If you’re on a budget but don’t want to compromise on the quality nor the aesthetics, then this post can be worth reading for you.

Yes, good quality chess sets do come under $100. However, you need to research deeper, have some experience and the expectations on what chess sets you will receive.

We have made your job easier. At chess equipments, we have zeroed on some of the best selling chess sets under $100 from the top retailers.

Points to remember:

  1. Some of the reviewed sets are chessmen only. The retailers sell chess pieces and chess boards separately and in combo as well.
  2. Chess Combos are costlier. You can easily make the combo of your chess pieces with silicon or PVC chess board.
  3. Wooden chess pieces are better than plastic.

We highly recommend you to read our Best chess set under $100 buying guide till the conclusion and make the smart and informed decision.

Best Chess Sets under $100 in 2020

1. 10” Travel Chess Set

10" magnetic chess

Key Highlights:

Material: Sheesham/Boxwood
King Height: 1.8”
King Base : 0.6”
Chessmen Weight: 700 gms
Base Pad: Magnetic & Felted
Board Fold Size: 10”
Extra Queens: No

This folding travel chess set is 10” length in dimensions. The chess pieces are neatly housed in the Styrofoam having there own individual space.

The king of this chess set is 1.8” in length and 0.6” in dia base. The total weight of this chess set is approx. 700 grams. The chessmen are crafted with sheesham aka Golden Rosewood and Boxwood. ChessBazaar also offers some great deals and discounts from time to time. Do keep an eye for some great deals.

It has strong magnets beneath the chessmen that can withhold the little shakes when playing in a car, train or in the air.

2. The International Series Chess Pieces - 3.875" King

Hos 1

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood(Sheesham)/Boxwood
King Height: 3.875”
King Base: 1.575”
Chessmen Weight: 1190 gms
Base Pad: Billiard Cloth (Green)
Recommended Board: 2.25”
Extra Queens: Yes

The International series chessmen are absolute exquisite. This tournament size chess set is double weighted and feature a 3.75” tall king and 1.5” base dia.

The weight of the chess set is around 1190 gms and the weights are filled with iron studs. These beautiful chess sets are made by with Golden Rosewood aka Sheesham wood for the dark side and boxwood for the lighted side.

It also comes in the black ebonized version and depending on your taste or liking, you can choose any of these. You also get the pair of extra queens along for pawn promotions, a standard that is introduced by HoS in 1993.

This superbly priced chess set can be your regular playing set, be it playing in a club or playing with your friends. The craftsmanship on this set is unmatched and it is an absolute value for money.

3. Honey Rosewood American Style Staunton Chess Pieces 4" King

American C350 Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Rosewood/Boxwood
King Height: 4.0”
King Base: 1 9/16”
Chessmen Weight: NA
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Board: 2”
Extra Queens: NA

This American style chess set design is among the oldest design available in the market. A robust set, this design is also known as American C350 and is available among all leading chess stores.

This 4” Staunton style chess set is among the most value for money product that is made up of exotic and grainy rosewood. Nowadays, it’s difficult to procure Rosewood since the wood is included in the dangerous species. It’s a matter of time when the Govt will declare a blanket ban of using rosewood, the same that happened with Red sandalwood back in 2011.

The chessmen king is 4” in height and the base is around 1 9/16”. The basepad is glued with green felt and the recommended board size is 2”.

If you are into speed or blitz chess, then this is a no brainier for you since it is one of the most robust designs ever made. Moreover, Rosewood’s superb grain makes this set more beautiful.

4. 1972 Reproduced Fischer-Spassky Chess Pieces - 3.75" King

Fisher Spassky

Key Highlights:

Material: Ebonized Boxwood/Boxwood
King Height: 3.75”
King Base: 1.69”
Chessmen Weight: 1200 gms
Base Pad: Green felt
Recommended Board: 2.25”
Extra Queens: Yes

The famous among collectors’ community, this is the improved version of the vintage chess set design played between the great chess legends, Bobby fisher and Boris Spassky at Reykjavik in 1972 and was dubbed as a match of the century. Fisher won the match after defeating spassky by an impressive 12 ½ – 8 ½ thus becoming the 11th World Chess Champion.

This beautiful chessmen king height is 3.75”, the tournament size and the base is impressive 1.69”. The chess set weighs 1200 gms and iron studs has been used to make them heavier. This chess set comes with a pair of extra queens for effortless pawn promotion.

The chessmen also come in other woods like the sheesham (golden rosewood) or with the antique wood depending on your choice.

5. French Lardy Staunton Chess Set with Acacia & Boxwood Pieces - 3.25" King

French Lardy Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Acacia/Boxwood
King Height: 3.25”
King Base: 1.37”
Chessmen Weight: 907 gms
Base Pad: Green felt
Recommended Board: 1.75”
Extra Queens: Yes

The French lardy design was manufactured by “Lardy” based in Dortan, Oyonnax in the French Jura. Lardy in the 50s and 60s revolutionize the concept of affordable priced wooden chess set with exceptional quality, which was till now ruled by Jaques of London or Drueke.

In 1963 released James Bond movie, “from Russian with Love”, this chess set was also used by Vladek Sheybal.

This chessmen King stands 3.25” in height with the base of 1.37”. The weight of the chess set is 900 gms and is weighted by iron studs.

The chessmen fit best on the board square size of 1.75” to 2”. The wood used in this set is the Acacia wood, a newer wood in the chess industry, mainly available in India.

6. Minimalist Hermann Ohme Chess Pieces in Sheesham & Box Wood - 3.75" King

Ohme Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood (Sheesham)/Boxwood
King Height: 3.75”
King Base: 1.37”
Chessmen Weight: 750 gms
Base Pad: Green felt
Recommended Board: 1.5”
Extra Queens: Yes

The renowned designer Herman Ohme designed this chess set in 1960s. The original set was produced by Ohme in Venice, CA and also carries the US Copyright. However, since the copyright was not renewed, the chess set can be reproduced.

Chessbazaar’s bestseller, the Hermann Ohme chessmen King stand 3.75” tall with the base of 1.37”. The chess set is weighted through iron studs and weighs around 750 gms.

This chess set goes best with the chessboard with square size of 1.5” to 1.75”. The best part of this chess set is that it has no delicate queen crown or rook turrets that are easily breakable.

Its minimalist style is refreshing and the abstract looking chess set is surely a work of an art.

With the price chessbazaar sells it, it is no brainier for any chess collector or enthusiast to have it in possession.

7. Reproduced 1950's Bohemia Chess Pieces in Sheesham & Boxwood - 3.89" King

Bohemia Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood (Sheesham)/Boxwood
King Height: 3.89”
King Base: 1.45”
Chessmen Weight: 900 gms
Base Pad: Green felt
Recommended Board: 2.0”
Extra Queens: Yes

The Bohemia chess design was crafted in 1950s in Germany and was quite a popular design because of its dragon knights. In chess Olympiad of 1970 at Siegen, Bobby fisher played against Boris Spassky with the Bohemia chess set.

This tournament size chess set King stands at 3.89” with the base size of 1.45”. These chessmen are excellent choice for speed or blitz chess matches since the weight ratio of the chess sets is perfect.

The most intriguing feature of this chess set is the bishop tops, which are interchanged with the opposite sides.

The weight of the set is around 900 gms and are weighted by iron studs. You get the pair of extra queens for effortless pawn promotion.

The recommended chessboard square size is 2.0” to 2.25”.

8. The Kiev Series Chess Pieces - 4.0" King

Kiev Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood (Sheesham)/Boxwood
King Height: 4.0”
King Base: 1.3”
Chessmen Weight: 861 gms
Base Pad: Billiard Cloth
Recommended Board: 1.75”
Extra Queens: Yes

This eastern European inspired chess set is a full tournament size set with a king height of 4.0” and the base of 1.3”. The set is weighted with iron studs and weighs 861 gms.

The set is crafted by Golden Rosewood also known as sheesham wood for the darker side and boxwood for the lighter side. The chessmen also come in ebonized boxwood for those who look for black as a dark side and boxwood as a lighter side.

The chess set is a great value for money.

The recommended chessboard square size is 1.75” to 2.0”.

9. Guardian Carry-All Plastic Chess Set with Roll-up Chess Board & Bag

Plastic Chess Set Combo

Key Highlights:

Material: Plastic, Steel weights
King Height: 4.0”
King Base: 1.75”
Chessmen Weight: 1474 gms
Base Pad: Green Felt
Board Size: 2.25”
Extra Queens: Yes

If you’re looking for complete chess equipment, be it a chess pieces, chessboard and chess bag, this is the best deal for you.

The chess set is double weighted with around 1400 grams and is a pleasure to play with. The combo includes chess pieces where the king stands a tournament standard of 4.0” in height and an impressive 1.75” base.

The screen-printed vinyl chessboard with cloth backing has the chess square size of 2.25” with overall board size of 20” x 20”. The chess board also has algebraic notations for serious chess players.

To keep all the chess pieces and chess board stacked, the chess store also provides you with the beautiful chess bag which measures 23.5″ x 7″ x 3″. It is made up of black canvas and has the full-length zipper for an easy access. This bag also provides you with inner large pockets where you can also hold your chess clock, scorebooks, and pencil.

All in all this is the best deal if you’re looking for a complete chess combo under $100.

10. Tournament Chess Gear Combo with Clock

Wholesale Chess Plastic Chess

Key Highlights:

Material: Plastic
King Height: 3.75”
King Base: 1.50”
Chessmen Weight: 900 gms
Base Pad: Green Felt
Board Size: 1.75”
Extra Queens: Yes

This plastic chess set combo has a superb value for money. It comes with weighted chess pieces, a vinly chessboard, a canvas chess bag, DGT North American, Scorebook and some set of pencils.

The chess set king stands at tournament standard 3.75” and base of 1.50” dia. The chess pieces are weighted and it weights around 900 grams which is superb for a plastic chessmen.

The chessboard square size is 2 ¼” and the overall size is 20” x 20”. The board comes with algebraic notations and come in four different colors to choose from.

The chess bag is made up of canvas material and has the size of 24” x 9”. It is capable to hold your chess pieces, chessboard, chess clock, scorebooks etc. It also has shoulder straps for easy transportation. The chess bag also come in four different colors to choose from.

For serious and professional players, this combo also includes a North American DGT chess clock, a 50 game scorebook and a set of pencils.


Though there are 100s of chess sets out there to choose from, we have finalized the best value for money sets out there in the market.

The chess set comes in different designs, material like wood, plastic, metal etc. There is no doubt that playing with wooden chess set is a pleasure and the wood can’t take the place of the plastic nor metal. However, if you’re on a strict budget or want to gift your child his/her first chess set, you can choose the combo which we listed above as those are absolutely value for money for the starters.

You can also make the custom combo with wooden chess piece and a vinyl chessboard.

We hope that this information will help you to take the informed decision in choosing the best chess set under $100.

If you have any questions or inquiry regarding the same, please post them in comments.

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