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Get The Best Chess Set Under $200 for a Sophisticated Experience

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How familiar is the term ‘Checkmate’ for you? Do you feel super excited about this term?

If your answer is yes, then chances are high you are a Chess enthusiast. To be referred to as a true Chess lover- owning a nice chess set is a must. This is one of the oldest and smart game to play that asks you to be particular about buying a suitable type of Chess set.

From antique Chess sets to super-luxury Chess sets, the market is full of versatile sets of this cool game. Millions of people enjoy this two-player game with their selective 64-square board game with 32 pieces to play. 

To all the players who consider Chess as a nerdy game – Let us tell you, it is one of the most intriguing indoor sport that you will come across. Here are solid reasons to play chess –

  • Learn and play Chess at any age. 
  • It boosts imagination, concentration, and memory. 
  • Be an independent and logical thinker. 
  • Foresee the consequences and take your moves (the inspiration for real life). 
  • Chess brings technology, mathematics, and science together. 
  • It is a pocket-friendly way of getting immense entertainment. 

Intriguing, right? So, do you wish to get the most affordable and high-quality Chess set? Well, fret not as our list of suggestions has got you covered. Read along and find the best set for your amazing hobby. 

You will get- 

  • The Board- This board is the base for the entire game of Chess and its respective match. 
  • The Pieces- These Chessmen are mandatory to stand and play over the checkered square pattern, which is known as the Chessboard. 
  • The Box- This is necessary for the storage and handy maintenance of the game set. However, it does not influence the game play in any way. 

NOTE: Almost all sellers sell the chessmen and board separately.

Best Chess Set under $200

1. The Grossmeister Series Chess Pieces - 4.4" King

Grossmeister chess set

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood/Boxwood
King Height: 4.4”
King Base : 1.7”
Chessmen Weight: 1720 gms
Base Pad: Billiard Cloth
Recommended Board: 2.5”
Extra Queens: Yes

Grossmeister Series Chess Pieces by ‘The House of Staunton’ is a club-sized set with 1.7 diameters and 4.4” King. Made up of high-quality wood and luxurious billiard cloth base pads.

Indeed, one of the best craftsmanship & design at such a genuine price range. There are two additional Queens and in total there are 34 pieces for the purpose of Pawn promotion.

It has been in usage for the highest level of Soviet Chess and other Soviet championships. This historic Chess set is recognized with the features like- strongly crenelated rocks, wooden finials, superior workmanship, robust pawns, and wooden knights.

So, would you like to buy a reproduce of the earliest version of such antique Chess set? 

2. Reproduced 1904 Cambridge Springs Chess Pieces in Antiqued - 4" King

Cambridge Chess

Key Highlights:

Material: Ebonized Boxwood/Antiqued Boxwood
King Height: 4.0”
King Base : 1.7”
Chessmen Weight: 1300 gms
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Board: 2.5”
Extra Queens: Yes

This Chess Set available at the Chess Bazaar has a 1.3 Kg of total weight, including a King that stands tall with 4.01”.

There are both the dark pieces (Ebonized wood) referred to as Gardenia Latifolia, and light pieces made up of Antique boxwood.

Cambridge Springs International Congress Tournament Chess Set in Staunton style is the replica of the same congress Tournament of 1904, it is named after. It was one of the major events concerned with the Chess held in Pennsylvania, America during the 20th century.

From Emanuel Lasker, Mikhail Chigorin, Harry Pillsbury, and many other famous Chess players participated in this tournament at The Hotel Rider. Other than this fame, this Chess Set gets all the attention for its 3D look, unique & high quality of King, and thick green base.

This amazing design will leave a stone unturned in terms of a refreshing first look that will impress you in no time. 

3. The Dubrovnik Chess Set with Golden Rosewood - 3.875" King

Dubrovnik Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood(Sheesham)/Boxwood
King Height: 3.87”
King Base : 1.62”
Chessmen Weight: 1580 gms
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Board: 2.25”
Extra Queens: Yes

Imagine getting a Chess Set made up of real sheesham wood in the range of $200 and that too from a recognized brand like- ‘The Chess Store’!

You must have guessed by the name that this is the replica creation of the Dubrovnik Chess Olympiad held in West Germany during the 1970s.

We do not have to explain to a Chess Enthusiast how crucial was this Olympiad in the history and popularity of Chess. It became very popular due to pictures of the legendary Bobby Fischer and has a perfect sized pieces for the tournament.

The feature that makes this Chess Set stand out is its heavily weighted pieces with thick green baize pads for a super soft feel and great balance. It is an ideal piece for the antique Chess piece set collectors as the quality & craftsmanship are unmatchable.

4. The Library Grandmaster Chess Set, Box, & Board Combination

Library Chess Set Combo

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood(Sheesham)/Boxwood
King Height: 3.25”
King Base : 1.32”
Chessmen Weight: 1300 gms
Base Pad: Billiard Cloth
Chess Board: 1.75” Square size
Extra Queens: Yes

Alert! Here is another masterpiece offered by The House of Staunton- The Grandmaster Series Chess Set.

It has a 3.25” King and a base diameter of 1.325” inch within the total weight of 35 ounces. This is unbeatable when it comes to price as well as luxury and due to which it is one of the highly recommended Chess Set.

Within a gorgeous case, this beauty makes a remarkable impression on its buyer and make him keep it as a treasure forever.

There are versatile colors and extra queen for pawn promotions- Which are the major highlights of this already impressive boxwood pleasure. Unwrapping it is like you are bringing a whole new reason to happiness to your home.

Get it and cherish its beauty by playing it with your loved ones. 

5. Reproduced 1961 Soviet Championship Baku Chessmen in Sheesham wood - 4” King

Baku chess set

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood(Sheesham)/Boxwood
King Height: 4.05”
King Base : 1.53”
Chessmen Weight: 1450 gms
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Board: 2.2” Square size
Extra Queens: Yes

What if we give a significant reason for you to fall in love with the Chess Set’s beauty?

Soviet Championship Baku Chess Pieces in Sheesham & Boxwood is all about standout elegance.

This is re-manufactured from 1961’s Soviet Championship in a whole new definition of Chocolate color. Royalty is associated with such a creation in the sheesham wood by default.

Half of the pieces are Sheesham wood and half of them are boxwood- which adds a great aesthetic value to the entire Chess Set. You are going to get an amazing hand feels as a result of the thick greens and nice thud on the wooden chessboard.

Whether you keep it as décor, use it a collector, or use it for casual playing- either way you will be satisfied with this masterpiece by the Chess Bazaar.

PS- Chessboard is not a part of the sale. 

6. The 1950s Soviet (Russian) Latvian Reproduced Chessmen in Stained Crimson / Box Wood - 4.1" King

Latvian chess set

Key Highlights:

Material: Red Stained Crimson/Boxwood
King Height: 4.17”
King Base : 1.69”
Chessmen Weight: 1050 gms
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Board: 2.0” Square size
Extra Queens: Yes

Are you looking for a casual Chess Set which is antique at the same time?

This Latvian Soviet Chess Pieces in Lacquer Finished Stained Crimson / Boxwood is the choicest offering by the Chess Bazaar.

Its unique color is simply outstanding that comes with the red finish for a striking look. These lathe work creations are made with the utmost care and take a whole week to be made with full enthusiasm.

You will lose the sight of it is being reproduced once, you will notice its real craftsmanship. However, if we put some light on its history- This Chess Set is anciently associated with the Soviet Union. Gladly and surprisingly, all the Chess Champions worldwide were almost Russians (citizens of the Soviet Union). So, this Chess has a great history and is well-connected with Soviet culture.

What do you reckon about purchasing it below $200? 

7. The Issac Lipnitsky 1946 Berlin Tournament Chessmen in Ebonized Boxwood - 4.0" King

Berlin Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Ebonized/Boxwood
King Height: 4.0”
King Base : 1.7”
Chessmen Weight: 1400 gms
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Board: 2.5” Square size
Extra Queens: Yes

Do you want your Chess Set to give you a full feel of a tournament or at least a blitz play?

You must consider this amazing set by the Chess Bazaar. The king is 4” inch with a base diameter of 1.7” inches and the Queen is 3.7 inches with the same base.

There are dark pieces, which are ebonized boxwood and others are the light ones with the Natural Boxwood in this 1400 gms of Chess Set.

It is all about the hype due to the incredible bases of the chessmen. Weighted with the iron studs, these pieces do not tip for the sturdy play.

Another famous factor about this Chess Set is the renowned name it is connected with- Issac Lipnitsky, who was a Ukrainian Soviet ChessMaster and defeated various Soviet players in the game of Chess.

8. The Fischer Spassky Series Chess Pieces - 3.5" King

Fisher Spassky

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood (Sheesham)/Boxwood
King Height: 3.5”
King Base : 1.5”
Chessmen Weight: 935 gms
Base Pad: Brilliant Cloth
Recommended Board: 2.25” Square size
Extra Queens: Yes

Ask a Chess lover what is more intriguing than the aroma of a rosewood Chess Set.

They will excitingly express their affection with these well-crafted lovable expressions. For them, it is not just a game, but they adore every inch of pieces associated with it.

If you know such an enthusiast, then it is obvious to hear from them about the Legendary World Championship in 1972.

What if they get an exact reproduction of Chess Set that has been used in that championship? They will be awestruck, right?

You can gift it and surprise them with the Fischer Spassky Series Chess Pieces that features Robert J. Fischer and Boris Spassky.

This 3.5” inches King with a base diameter- 1.5 inches is hand-carved by the master artisans with the highest grade wood. Not just it has a design full of the lux, but its glossy finish enhances the already amazing details.

This is ideal for the ones who wish to keep up with the historical value of Chess and love playing it with all the legacy. 

9. Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Chessmen in Bud Rose & Natural Boxwood - 3.8" King

Romanian Hungarian

Key Highlights:

Material: Bud Rosewood(Padauk)/Boxwood
King Height: 3.8”
King Base : 1.5”
Chessmen Weight: 1200 gms
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Board: 2.25” Square size
Extra Queens: Yes

This will give a whole new reason to the Chess collectors to make an addition to their existing amazing collection.

Yes, this recreated Romanian- Hungarian National Tournament Chess Pieces in Bud Rose & Natural Boxwood is intriguing set available at the Chess Bazaar.

It has a King of significant size- 3.85” with a base of 1.57 inches and the base is wide enough to give standard balance to each piece.

Bud rosewood and natural boxwood happen to be the best first choice of the Chess collectors due to exquisite feel these offers.

After all, rosewood is one of the most admired woods for mastery creativity. The second most prominent reason for the significant sale of this Chess Set is its history and the fact that it is made with the collaboration with Michael Ladzinski (a great Chess collector).

Why would you hold yourself back from making a worthy investment just like Michael Ladzinski- a master did?

10. The Lasker Series Library Chess Pieces - 2.875" King - Includes Free Slide-Top Box

Lasker chess set

Key Highlights:

Material: Ebonized/Boxwood
King Height: 2.87”
King Base : 1.3”
Chessmen Weight: 800 gms
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Board: 1.75” Square size
Extra Queens: Yes

What can be better than an artistic Chess Set that comes packed with ultimate safety?

Let us give you more sights about the Lasker Series Library Chess Pieces. These are super awesome and have a free 1870 Chess Box for the economical protection of the Chess Pieces.

Get easy access to all 34 Chess Pieces with a Howard Staunton’s signed Chess Box. While talking about the box, how can we forget about the pieces inside?

Well, there is a 2.875” inch King with a 1.3” diameter base made up of billiard cloth. The overall weight of the median set is about 28.5 Ounces, which makes it quite small for the coffer.

If you wish to get a Chess Piece Set that showcases the best type of craftsmanship, functionality, and décor, then this is all about what you have been looking for.

Do not forget to consider the hallmark of a House of Staunton before you place your order. 

11. 3 1/4" Hand Painted War of Independence Polystone Chess Pieces

Theme Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Polystone
King Height: 3 1/4”
King Base : NA
Chessmen Weight: NA
Base Pad: NA
Recommended Board: 1 1/2” Square size
Extra Queens: No

All those Chess lovers, who are looking for something extraordinarily creative to be kept as a keepsake- This is the Chess Set of your dreams.

This is a masterpiece that lets imagination meet real-life expectations. 3 ¼” Handpainted war of Independence Polystone Chess Pieces by Chess USA.

You can keep these Chess pieces as the décor pieces at your space and turn heads. These don’t just look fabulous but are made of great quality Polystone (a mixture of Polyurethane resin with powdered stone) for the stone-like look and strength.

This is equally important for casual players and collectors. No one can skip appreciating the creativity of the artist who crafted this American War of Independence depiction via Chess Set.

PS- It has all the important and famous figures who played a part from both sides of the conflict of the war. 


No wonder, picking up the best Chess set from a huge variety is a great undertaking. We never wish you to make any wrong decision and end up buying an expensive set of Chess.

So, all our suggestions are based on the rigorous criteria that would not let you buy anything unsuitable for hindering your playing joy.

You can be sure of getting scrutinized and vetted list that will be 100 percent worthy of your purchase. For instance- We take the brand reputation of the Chess set very seriously.

After all, going for a reliable brand is very crucial to attain a worthwhile product of any type and the situation is no different in these game sets.

Besides, the best kind of craftsmanship can be expected under the top-notch brand name that is well-versed with the authenticity of the Chess.

These professionals have the eye for the detail of the dedicated pieces of Chess that can win hearts at the first glance. The level of art in the formation of Chess is no less than any other real type of art for its true player. You must have seen in the above-given options.

Good luck with your choicest Chess Set. We wish you a happy buying and playing.

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