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Get The Best Chess Set Under $200 for a Sophisticated Experience

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How familiar is the term ‘Checkmate’ for you? Do you feel super excited about this term?

If your answer is yes, then chances are high you are a Chess enthusiast. To be referred to as a true Chess lover- owning a nice chess set is a must. This is one of the oldest and smart game to play that asks you to be particular about buying a suitable type of Chess set.

From antique Chess sets to super-luxury Chess sets, the market is full of versatile sets of this cool game. Millions of people enjoy this two-player game with their selective 64-square board game with 32 pieces to play. 

To all the players who consider Chess as a nerdy game – Let us tell you, it is one of the most intriguing indoor sport that you will come across. Here are solid reasons to play chess –

  • Learn and play Chess at any age. 
  • It boosts imagination, concentration, and memory. 
  • Be an independent and logical thinker. 
  • Foresee the consequences and take your moves (the inspiration for real life). 
  • Chess brings technology, mathematics, and science together. 
  • It is a pocket-friendly way of getting immense entertainment. 

Intriguing, right? So, do you wish to get the most affordable and high-quality Chess set? Well, fret not as our list of suggestions has got you covered. Read along and find the best set for your amazing hobby. 

You will get- 

  • The Board- This board is the base for the entire game of Chess and its respective match. 
  • The Pieces- These Chessmen are mandatory to stand and play over the checkered square pattern, which is known as the Chessboard. 
  • The Box- This is necessary for the storage and handy maintenance of the game set. However, it does not influence the game play in any way. 

NOTE: Almost all sellers sell the chessmen and board separately.

Best Chess Set under $200

1. Reproduced Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Chess Pieces in Sheesham & Boxwood- 3.8” King


Key Highlights:

The grace of Sheesham wood, as well as Boxwood, is quite premium in the world of chess sets. This intriguing creation available on Chess Bazaar is an upgraded reproduce of Romanian-Hungarian national tournament chess pieces. These are re-introduced with an increased size of the king for enabling more stability.

The king of this chess set is 3.85” inches tall and has a base of 1.57” inch. This size is just right for a fantastic playtime and learning chess. This deal of 34 chessmen does not include the box storage and weighs around 1050 grams approximately. The recommended board size for these chess pieces is 50-60 mm square size.

If you are fascinated with the thought of owning a reproduced of Romanian-Hungarian national tournament chess pieces, then scroll through the website of Chess Bazaar right away.

2. 1966 Lanier-Graham Reproduced Minimalist Chess Pieces in Sheesham Boxwood- 2.79” King


Key Highlights:

The combination of Sheesham and Boxwood can actually rock your chess world. Being a chess lover, you cannot ignore the beauty of wooden chess sets and would like them in your collection. This exclusive Chess Bazaar chess set is a recreation of 1966 Lanier-Graham and fits well in the top minimalist chess set category.

The king of this chess set stands tall with a height of 2.79” inches among the other 32 chessmen. These chess pieces are non-felted and unweighted, which makes them a great choice for regular household chess games. This entire chess set weighs around 310 grams due to which it is easy to carry.

If you are looking for a chess set to simply play around with, then this affordable yet impressive deal is meant for you. Get it delivered to your doorstep by placing an order now.

3. Reproduced 1924 Bauhaus Geometrical Abstract Chessmen in Sheesham and Boxwood- 1.9” King


Key Highlights:

What are your thoughts about Bauhaus geometrical abstract chessmen? Well, getting the real ones is quite not possible. However, you can surely get the reproduce of these chess pieces available at Chess Bazaar. This re-make of the chess set from 1924 gives a different kind of feel that every chess lover will understand.

There is no storage box and chessboard included in this deal 32 chessmen. The king stands tall at 1.92” inch and has a base of 1.14” inch. Even the pawn has a height of 0.74” inch with a base of 0.74” inch. This entire chess set has a good quality and will be great to play at home. The best part of this set is its high-quality Sheesham and Natural Boxwood used in the manufacturing.

These lightweight chess pieces are 410 grams and are easy to carry around. So, what are you waiting for? Just get the deal on Chess Bazaar

4. Reproduced Vintage 1930 German Knubbel Analysis Chess Pieces in Ebonized and Natural Boxwood- 3” King


Key Highlights:

Here is another precious chess set by Chess Bazaar that can leave you awestruck. Natural Boxwood and Ebonized wood is a pretty rich combination for the chess sets. The exact same is used in this reproduced vintage 1930 German Knubbel analysis chess piece set.

This chess set offers 34 chessmen (two extra queens) with the normal dimensions. The king of this chess set is 2.91” inch in height and 1.41” inch in width. Even the pawn has a height of 1.29” inch with a base of 0.94” inch. The total weight of these chess pieces is 700 grams, which makes it quite feasible to carry.

If you are planning to get this chess set, then do not forget to get a chessboard with 1.7” inch square size. Chess Bazaar will safely deliver this chess set to your doorstep within 4-6 working days.

5. Midnight Club Wooden Chess Set

midnight club

Key Highlights:

Imagine some well-carved chessmen standing on a smooth surface of a high-quality chessboard? Nothing beats this kind of feeling for a chess enthusiast. If you are looking for such an elegant combination, then check out Midnight Club Wooden chess set available on Chess House. The highlight is the availability of this chess set in midnight colors.

French series chessmen in this chess set are designed as the recognized Staunton sets. This kind of craftsmanship is ideal to enjoy long-lasting chess games. These sturdy pieces are heavily weighted and able to handle rigorous play sessions without any break or chip. Those smooth felts are amazing parts of this entire chess set.

Are you willing to invest in this chess set made by India’s best artisans? If yes, then place your order at Chess House and enjoy some great chess game sessions

6. 4” MoW Parker Series Burnt Boxwood Staunton Chess Pieces


Key Highlights:

Staunton chess pieces possess a reputation of being the masters in the world of chess. If you are a chess lover, then you must be aware of the value of Staunton chess sets hold in this sector. Do not think further and invest in this Mark of Westminster Parker Series of Staunton chess set available on Chess USA.

This paradigm of perfection is known for its heirloom quality. It has felt bottoms, appropriate weight, and is hand-carved. The key highlight is the signature logo of MoW beneath king and its right size. This deluxe chess set is an ideal deal for a great feel and amazing play experience.

PS- You can either opt to get the chess pieces without any chessboard or complete the deal with the chessboard from exclusive options. There is Mahogany & Sycamore, and Walnut and Sycamore. Now, you choose and place your order accordingly.

7. 3 ½” MoW Black and White Lacquered Imperator Staunton Chess Pieces

Mow black and white chess

Key Highlights:

Chess USA leaves no stone to amaze the world with its out-of-the-box creations in the chess world. This Mark of Westminster in black and white color is one of such creativity and craftsmanship. You will not be able to stop yourself from investing in it and adoring its beauty for real.


These chess pieces are lacquered imperator Staunton-inspired and possess the qualities to be referred as topnotch. Buy it with the chessboard made from Rosewood & Maple, or Mahogany & Maple- the deal will be great. There is an option for the chess box as well. You can choose cherry, burl, or walnut.


Stop following the assumptions and check the product on the official website of Chess USA. This is how you will recognize the true worth of this amazing chess set. 

8. The Liberty Series Chess Pieces- 4.0” King

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Key Highlights:

The liberty series was first introduced in 1941 and still, its reproduction chess sets are making handsome sales. Are you willing to add this brilliant chess set to your collection? If yes, then you need to steal the deal at the House of Staunton. Now, this brand name will sell only top-notch and you will be sure of your investment.

There are distinct wood combinations available to choose from. Golden Rosewood & Natural Boxwood, Ebonized Boxwood & Natural Boxwood, Black & Natural Lacquered, and Indian Rosewood & Natural Boxwood and some of the wood types available in these chess pieces. These combinations are quite intriguing and blend well for the formation of a classic chess set.

The king of this chess set is quite appropriate in size and has a height of 4” inches. In short, this chess set is just fine in terms of looks, size, and weight- now, you decide!

9. The Professional Series Chess Pieces- 3.75” King

menwpro375 gr 1 2 1

Key Highlights:

Now, we are going to introduce an exclusive chess set all the way from House of Staunton. The specialty of this chess set is its reproduction is used in major chess events for the past decade. This is one of the most in-demand chess set from House of Staunton with great reviews on the site.

You get the privilege to choose your own wood combinations from the given options. There is Golden Rosewood & Natural Boxwood, Black and Natural Lacquered, Red and White Lacquered, and Ebonized Boxwood and Natural Boxwood. This professional chess set has the right size of the king with a height of 3.75” inch and a base of 1.7” inch.

You will fall for that beautiful finish on these chessmen and that hand-carving creativity will allure you more than anything. Would you like to check this unmatched craftsmanship at the House of Staunton?

10. The 1962 Varna Olympiad Commemorative Series Chess Pieces- 3.6” King

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Key Highlights:

This is one of the proudest offerings of House of Staunton available on their official website. This is the 1962 Varna Olympiad commemorative series that is created by master artisans with the finest quality of woods. All the chessmen of this chess set are heavily-weighted and represent the luxury with the billiard cloth pads on the base.

That beautiful finish on all 34 chess pieces will attract you in the best possible way. The materials used in the carving of this chess set are Anjan, Indian Rosewood, Natural Boxwood, and Ebonized Boxwood. The total weight of this chess set is 38.8 Ounces and is pretty lightweight yet sturdy.

What is your take on this chess set with a strong king of 3.6” inches? If you wish to take this deal, then do not skimp on getting a 2.25” inches chessboard size.

11. Deluxe Old Club Staunton Chess Set with Ebonized & Boxwood Pieces- 3.75” King

chess set deluxe old club ebonized both colors 1000x840 08502 1

Key Highlights:

The Chess Store presents a deluxe old club Staunton chess set. This chess set comprises of Ebonized and Boxwood chessmen with the finest craftsmanship on work. The players have been in love with this chess set due to its distinguished Knight. The traditional design of this chess set will allure you for sure and for that you must have an eye for detail.

The main highlight of this chess set is they are hand polished with solid lacquer and buffing wheel and has thick green baize pads that allow them a feasible slide. There are two extra queens in the deal for the pawn promotion. The king of this chess set is 3.75” inch tall and has a base of 1.625” inches.

This is a worthy deal with utmost affordability with the trust of the Chess Store. Just check it out on the official site of The Chess Store and place your order there only.



No wonder, picking up the best Chess set from a huge variety is a great undertaking. We never wish you to make any wrong decision and end up buying an expensive set of Chess.

So, all our suggestions are based on the rigorous criteria that would not let you buy anything unsuitable for hindering your playing joy.

You can be sure of getting scrutinized and vetted list that will be 100 percent worthy of your purchase. For instance- We take the brand reputation of the Chess set very seriously.

After all, going for a reliable brand is very crucial to attain a worthwhile product of any type and the situation is no different in these game sets.

Besides, the best kind of craftsmanship can be expected under the top-notch brand name that is well-versed with the authenticity of the Chess.

These professionals have the eye for the detail of the dedicated pieces of Chess that can win hearts at the first glance. The level of art in the formation of Chess is no less than any other real type of art for its true player. You must have seen in the above-given options.

Good luck with your choicest Chess Set. We wish you a happy buying and playing.

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