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Best Chess Sets Under $300 and Why Are They Popular?

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Do you know Chess has been recognized as the sport by the International Olympic Committee? Yes, in the year 2000- This mind game gained a tag of being Olympic sport. In fact, it has been radar for the last 40 years since Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer fought the cold war in Reykjavik.

Let’s leave history behind and consider the current scenario. Almost 605 million adults play chess on a regular basis, which gives a tough competition to Facebook users.

Are you one of them? Do you love to conquer such game excellence?

Although, you are a player- have you ever considered why Chess is all about the hype?

Don’t worry, if you have never thought about this. Today we will be putting some light on the fame of Chess, reasons behind it, and top Chess sets to own. Intrigued? Let’s get started.

Games were never separate for humans as we need something to keep us entertained always. Even considering them as the entire meaning of the existence of joy would not be wrong (Soulful joy for some though).

Adults are mostly drawn towards games full of strategies and that resonates with real life. It has to be calculative, encouraging, and logical to get our full attention & to maintain it throughout.

Now, when you know what makes Chess is stand out, time is to find the exclusive pieces for your playing, practice, and tournaments. So, here are our handpicked top Chess Sets that you can buy affordably.

1. 1950 Dubrovnik Reproduced Chess Pieces in Lacquer Finished Burnt - 3.6" King

Burnt Dubrovnik

Key Highlights:

Material: Burnt Boxwood/Boxwood
King Height: 3.6”
King Base : 1.6”
Chessmen Weight: 1200 gms (42.32 oz)
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommend Board Size: 2.00″ – 2.25″
Extra Queens: Yes

This is a improved version of the New 1950 Dubrovnik Bobby Fischer Reproduced Chess Pieces.

Made up of Burnt & Natural Box Wood, these pieces are lacquered for exceptional luster and shine. The chess fraternity is well-connected with the legend “Bobby Fischer” and getting a Chess set that is reproduced with concern to him is exceptional.

Talking about the King of the game, which is 3.6” inch with 1.6” base-, Makes an impactful aura for all the rest of Chessmen.

Simply saying, this chess set needs no extravagant advertisement as the Knight is very close to the original and is very playable. You are going to feel amazing after actually holding all the Chessmen. The total set weighs around 1200 grams (may vary a little) and have a wide base.

These exude the class very nicely and often people see history telling the tales of this exquisitely manufactured piece available at Chess Bazaar.

The dark side is burnt before the final carving and the pieces are literally hand-carved one by one. That lighter side of the natural boxwood color has the elegance of its own. Both sides are then polished with the lacquered gloss for a super smooth finish. You will be amazed to know this Chess Set takes a week for its magnificent creation.

2. The Imperial Collector Series (Sinquefield Cup 2014) Chess Pieces - 3.75" King


Key Highlights:

Material: Bud Rosewood(Padauk)/Ebony/Boxwood
King Height: 3.75”
King Base : 1.77”
Chessmen Weight: 1600 gms (56.43 oz)
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommend Board Size: 2.2″ – 2.36″
Extra Queens: Yes

Imperial Collector chess set is hand carved in India and is a collectors’ favorite. These beautiful chess pieces are delightfully crafted with wide bases and lead weighted to never lose the balance over the board and at the same time feels pleasant to touch. 

This Chess Set resonates with the 2014 Sinquefield Cup that once featured the top 6 Chess Players in the world and honored the founders of Chess Club & Scholastic Center of Saint Louis. It was won by the Fabiano Caruana and got a $100,000 prize money & Sinquefield Cup. So, these manufacturers picked up such a powerful game to give names to their similar reproduce, which is subtle in change. 

Please note that Buff Matte finish is what you will be getting, however if you are keen to get a lacquer glossy finish, then you must pay some extra price for that. 

Lead weighted with 1600 grams, this Chess set has a king of 3.75” and a base diameter of 1.77” inches. Just like any other set- there is a dark side and lighter side. Its dark pieces are made from bud rosewood and the rest of the side is of boxwood. There’s an option of Ebony wood and boxwood if you like the black color.

Two extra queens are given complementary with this chess set for the effortless pawn promotion. All the 34 pieces show the best details of the craftsmanship and aesthetics. Amazing hand feel, expertly carved, and thick green felts are the specification of this chess set.

PS: chessbazaar gives the option to include storage box or storage pouch for a few bucks. We highly recommend to get them if you don’t have as these are exceptional value for money and it protects your chessmen from minor scratches/dents or getting chewed by pets.

3. Combo of Tournament Series Staunton Chess Pieces & Walnut Maple Chessboard - 3.7"

Tournament Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Bud Rosewood(Padauk)/Ebony/Boxwood
King Height: 3.75”
King Base : 1.77”
Chessmen Weight: 1600 gms (56.43 oz)
Base Pad: Green Felt
Chess Board Size: 2.12″ (54mm sq)
Extra Queens: Yes

This is an official FIDE approved German Knight design with tournament standard King size of 3.7” with standard walnut chess board. The weight of the whole chess set is 3250 grams that makes it a solid built for serious players. Each chessman has that thick green felt on the base and a stud of iron inside them. No wonder, an ideal Tournament Chess Set!

The Chessboard is made of the classic 19.6” Wooden is made in Spain. The size of board is 19.6″ x 19.6″ (50 cm x 50 cm) with square size of 2.12″ x 2.12″ (54 mm x 54 mm) with 12 mm thickness. Trust us, Walnut and Maple Veneer is blow your mind and you will embrace this amazing board like anything. You can expect a high-level of durability, quality, and finish.

The chess pieces are made of Sheesham wood a.k.a Golden Rosewood on the dark side and of boxwood on the lighter side. A great chess set combo for players who are looking to go out for a FIDE level competition.

4. The Burnt Zagreb '59 Series Chess Pieces - 3.875" King

Burnt Zagreb

Key Highlights:

Material: Burnt Boxwood
King Height: 3.875”
King Base : 1.75”
Chessmen Weight: 1281 gms (45.2 oz)
Base Pad: Billiard Cloth
Recommend Board Size: 2.25″
Extra Queens: Yes

One of the most popular chess set used in major tournaments in 1950s and 1960s, the European flair and styling were put at work. These were classic pieces that enhance the beauty of the tournaments held back then. This Zagreb ’59 Series Chess Set is proudly introduced by the House of Staunton. It is a tournament sized Chess Set that is made out of the highest quality wood. 

This hand-carved glossy set has everything accentuate your interest in Chess and its details. You cannot stop thinking about the tournament day after owning this specialized World Championship reproduce with perfection and available at the House of Staunton. What can better than this new version of a Chess set used in the year 1959?

This has a 3.875” inch King standing tall in this rule and Chessmen with the more recognized former cross in this modern western tournament praxis. This King can withstand years of usage without any issue and is susceptible to the damage. 

Battling with such a strong time will lead to a win situation for you. No worries about the economical price and durability with this artistic masterpiece. Find the perfect example of the distinct beauty and class with this set.

PS: To get a storage box, make your preference in the selection drop-down.

5. The Capablanca Chess Edition - Reykjavik II Series Chess Set and Board Combination

capabala hOS

Key Highlights:

Material: Ebonized Boxwood/Boxwood
King Height: 3.75”
King Base : 1.6”
Chessmen Weight: 2300 gms (82 oz)
Base Pad: Billiard Cloth
Chess Board Size: 2.25″ (57mm sq)
Extra Queens: Yes (Total 6)

Seeking some amazing reproduce Chess pieces that are under $299?

This Capablanca Chess Edition– Reykjavik II series chess set and board combination must be your first pick. It has the historical value associated with it because this chess set was used in the 1972 Legendary World Chess Championship that features- Boris Spassky and Robert J. Fischer.

The king of this historical reproduction stands at 3.75” inches and 1.6” inches base. Luxurious billiard cloth base and elegant finish make it an exceptional option at a stand out price.

It has 34 pieces of the Reykjavik and includes 2-arch bishops, 2 chancellors, and 4 pawns to let you have a never-ending enjoyment. You can pick a Mahogany slide top Chess box or black slide chess box without any extra cost. It has the chessboard, chess pieces, and chess box- What else is left?

Get benefited with the European-crafted chessboard with satin finish and a box that can keep your chess set safe. Great deal, isn’t it?

6. The Fischer Spassky Series Chess Pieces - 4.0" King

Fisher Spassky

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood/Anjan/Indian Rosewood/Ebonized/Boxwood
King Height: 4.0”
King Base : 1.6”
Chessmen Weight: 1196 gms (42.2 oz)
Base Pad: Billiard Cloth
Recommend Board Size: 2.25″ (57mm sq)
Extra Queens: Yes

Now, it is super easy to find your choicest and budgeted piece of Chess online. All you have to do is to open the site of The House of Staunton- Search for The Fischer Spassky Chess Pieces- Select wood- Add Board- Add a Box (varies as per your choice). Voila! You can place your order and get a masterpiece delivered at your doorsteps in a few business days. 

An exact reproduction of the historical Chess including the master players of this exotic game- This set has a different level of royalty. Being a tournament sized creation and made up of good quality food- this does not refrain from giving all the luxury to your fellow players.

In fact, its shine and semi-glossy finish will persuade your competitors to ask you about it or will simply compliment you. In any case, you will be thrilled to boost about your significant invest and even it would be a proud moment when the 4.0” inch King will stand tall. 

Buying it with the exclusive Layaway program makes this already affordable deal even more intriguing. This is how you can make payment in easy installments and make this artistic belong to you. Loved the idea? Place your order or tune in to layaway program- Choice is yours. 

7. Circa 1800 English Turned Antique Reproduction Chess Set

1800 English Turned Antique chess set

Key Highlights:

Material: Padauk/Boxwood
King Height: 4.6”
King Base : 1.6”
Chessmen Weight: 907 gms (32 oz)
Base Pad: Green Baize Cloth Pads
Recommend Board Size: 2.25″ (57mm sq)
Extra Queens: Yes

The Chess Store is here to turn your head with its outstanding creation. Yes, it is a Circa 1800 English turned antique reproduction chess set padauk pieces. If you wish to own an English chess set and was not able to find one in your budget- Now you must get your investment strong. This is an ideal piece for the Chess lovers like you- it is a reproduction of the 1840s pre-staunton chess set. 

Some noticeable feature, this Chess set possess can leave you in awe and you would be keen to flaunt it to others. Its Knights, Bishop, and Pawns resonate and resemble the real and typical Barleycorn chess sets. Do not forget to notice its forte- The Lathe Work that makes a unique example of craftsmanship. Pieces are made up of Boxwood and Padauk that simply makes it more lavish.

PS- The King of this game is 4.6” inch tall.

You can get this classic Chess Set delivered to you in just one business day (mostly). Get yours now!

8. Knights Metal Theme Chess Set by Manopoulos

Knights Metal Theme Chess Set by Manopoulos

Key Highlights:

Material: Brass/Nickel
King Height: 3.5”
King Base : 1.3”
Chessmen Weight: 3628 gms (128 oz)
Base Pad: Felt Pads
Recommend Board Size: 2″ (50mm sq)
Extra Queens: No

Keen to make your money invested in a Chess Set which is beautiful and highly functional? Knights Metal Theme Chess Set by Manopoulos Brand is the steal deal under $300. Made up of high-quality Nickle & Brass Plated Cast zinc- this set will take you back in the ancient times of the brilliant Chess players. Lustrous finish and well-lacquered pieces keep the tarnishing at bay.

You can get a Chessboard and a colorful Cardboard case as a part of the deal for amazing play and secure storage. Its king stands tall with the 3.5” inch height and 1.375” inch base. Weighing around 8 lbs and felt pads- This Chess set will you feel of the middle ages in this Tech-savvy era. Wish to dive into such a fantastic experience? 

What are you waiting for? Just order this set from the Chess Store and get it delivered to you within one business day.

PS- Keep in mind to buy a 2” inches squared board to play with these amazingly created Chessmen.


Investing in these masterpieces would be worthy of your interest in Chess. These sets are made up of high-quality material and exclusively from the high-end artisans.

All the Chessmen are so elegant that most of the time you will find yourself checking & getting swooned by their charm.

Pick your favorite one and place your order on the website to embrace them in real super soon. What do you think about these. Do tell us in comments.

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