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Best Chess Sets Under $300 and Why Are They Popular?

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Do you know Chess has been recognized as the sport by the International Olympic Committee? Yes, in the year 2000- This mind game gained a tag of being Olympic sport. In fact, it has been radar for the last 40 years since Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer fought the cold war in Reykjavik.

Let’s leave history behind and consider the current scenario. Almost 605 million adults play chess on a regular basis, which gives a tough competition to Facebook users.

Are you one of them? Do you love to conquer such game excellence?

Although, you are a player- have you ever considered why Chess is all about the hype?

Don’t worry, if you have never thought about this. Today we will be putting some light on the fame of Chess, reasons behind it, and top Chess sets to own. Intrigued? Let’s get started.

Games were never separate for humans as we need something to keep us entertained always. Even considering them as the entire meaning of the existence of joy would not be wrong (Soulful joy for some though).

Adults are mostly drawn towards games full of strategies and that resonates with real life. It has to be calculative, encouraging, and logical to get our full attention & to maintain it throughout.

Now, when you know what makes Chess is stand out, time is to find the exclusive pieces for your playing, practice, and tournaments. So, here are our handpicked top Chess Sets that you can buy affordably.

1. 3 5/8” Ultimate Style Wooden Chess Pieces- Ebony


Key Highlights:

Are you planning to enjoy a royal chess-playing session? Well, you need a fantastic chess set first. This ultimate style wooden chess piece set offers all the luxurious feel and pleasant playing experience. This chess set will be your friend to have those checkmating a friend experience like a pro.


This brilliantly crafted chess piece set is available at Chess House in Ebony wood. All the chess pieces are protected with foam slots with green velour. A King of 3 5/8” inches size stands tall among all the pieces of this commendable chess set. You will be getting this chess set delivered in a beautiful case with the Chess House Logo. Order now!


2. 4” Championship Design Chess Pieces in Ebony

champion 01

Key Highlights:

Stop seeking that perfect Ebony chess set meant for champions elsewhere! Yes, your desired chess piece set is right here on Chess House’s official site. Order it feasibly from the site and get it delivered to your doorstep in a few business days. But before that know a little about the design that you are about to get to adore. 


This championship design chess piece set is available in Ebony wood. This chess set is rated as one of the best sellers on Chess House and has received 4.8 stars/ 5 stars. There is a King of 4 1/8” height and a base of 1 5/8” inch. All the chess pieces have felt bases and the set weighs around 3 lbs. PS- You can choose to get a hardwood chessboard in the deal of this chess set from Chess House. 


3. 3 ¾” MoW Ebony Equinox Staunton Chess Pieces

MoW ebony chess

Key Highlights:

So, are you intrigued to add a Mark of Westminster chess set to your collection? This paradigm of perfection is meant for the chess enthusiasts like you. The mark of perfection achieved by this Ebony Equinox Staunton chess piece set is definitely remarkable. It is perfectly hand-carved, has a warranty for natural defects, offers ultimate authenticity and what not. 


The chess pieces are carved out of high-quality Ebonywood and Boxwood. The quality of these properly detailed and universally standardized chess pieces is only seen in the heirloom pieces. You can choose Teak, Wengue, and Walnut as the material for the chessboard to compliment this beautiful chess set. This chess set has all the chess pieces that are appropriate in size and well-designed. For more information, you can check out Chess USA’s official website. 


4. Reproduced Romanian-Hungarian National Tournament Weighted Chess Pieces in Indian Rosewood & Natural Boxwood - 3.8" King


Key Highlights:

Chess Bazaar presents an elegant combination of Indian Rosewood and Natural Boxwood in a chess set. This brilliant creation of 34 pieces of chess is surely worthy of your appreciation and proper glance. This Romanian- Hungarian reproduced chess set is a classic representation of a national tournament and will be the epitome of the royal playing experience for its buyer. You can place your order at Chess Bazaar and get ownership of this beauty. 

This chess set has a King of 3.85” inch height and a base of 1.57” inch. All 34 chess pieces are of a universally accepted size and are properly designed for an ultimate level of presentation. The total weight of this chess set is 1200 grams and is feasible to carry around. A 50-60 mm square size is recommended for the board size, and it is not included in the deal. Check it out thoroughly and place your order.


5. The Parker Staunton Series Lacquered Chess Pieces in Burnt Boxwood & Natural Boxwood - 3.9" King


Key Highlights:

Would you be keen to invest in a satisfactory chess set? This Parker Staunton Series Lacquered chess piece set is definitely worthy of your money. We do not have to tell you that as the name of this chess set is depicting the qualities well. You should have a proper review of this classic masterpiece on Chess Bazaar. The size, design, and quality are all according to the standards of the industry and will never let you down as a buyer. 


This chess set is made of the highest quality Burnt Boxwood and Boxwood. You can surely show it off to your friends or checkmate your amigo nicely with this chess set. The total weight of this chess set is 1100 grams, which makes it quite sturdy to play with. The king of this chess set stands tall at a height of 3.9” inches with a robust base of 1.6 inches. So, invest your more time in learning about these chess pieces and you can make a great decision to add this to your existing collection.  


6. Fierce Knight Staunton Series Chess Pieces in Bud Rosewood & Boxwood- 4.0” King

fierce knight

Key Highlights:

Chess Bazaar offers another pretty-looking chess set that is associated with a renowned chess series. Yes, it is about Fierce Knight Staunton Series. You can safely buy this chess set from Chess Bazaar with the ultimate reliability of the brand and on-time delivery. However, first, you need to check out the specifications (Which are great) on the website. 

These 1450 grams chess pieces set are an awesome illustration of great craftsmanship and creativity. There is a total of 34 chessmen which are made of highest Bud Rosewood and Boxwood. There is a King of 4.0” inches height and a base of 1.7” inches according to the universal standards. Investing in this chess set is totally meaningful if you understand the language of creative chess sets. So, what is your take on this?


Investing in these masterpieces would be worthy of your interest in Chess. These sets are made up of high-quality material and exclusively from the high-end artisans.

All the Chessmen are so elegant that most of the time you will find yourself checking & getting swooned by their charm.

Pick your favorite one and place your order on the website to embrace them in real super soon. What do you think about these. Do tell us in comments.

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