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Best Chess Sets Under $50

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Chess can be a great hobby. However, sometimes, we end up buying a very expensive item, which we don’t use. The reason can be a lack of time or interest.

If you are the one who’s just exploring the interest in chess game then buying a cheap chess set makes sense.

Also, many parents want their kids to take chess as a professional sport. Since the actual tournament chess set can be a bit expensive for the little hands, we prefer to buy an affordable one.

There are many affordable chess sets available in the market that can confuse you a lot.

While researching for a good starter chess set, some questions may strike in your mind:

  • Which is the best chess set for me?
  • From which website should I buy the chess set?
  • Should I buy a plastic one or the wooden one?
  • Is it worth investing in chess since I don’t know how to play?
  • Am I buying for myself or for my family/friends?

Since there are plastic and wooden both available below $50, we will review both and depending on your liking, you can make the appropriate choice.

Here, we are going to list some of the best chess sets under $50.

We highly recommend you to read our Best chess set under $50 buying guide till the conclusion and make the smart and informed decision.

The Best Chess Sets under $50 of 2023


1. Deluxe Heavy Club Flex Pad Chess Set Combo

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Chess House is a brand name and its guarantee matters! This Deluxe heavy club flex pad chess set combo has the authenticity of Chess House and is a part of its prominent collection. This blissful creation of chess is guaranteed to be delivered safely, timely, and in delightful packaging. A good delivery experience would be an added advantage when the chess set comprises the best-weighted pieces.
This deluxe heavy club chess combo consists of chess pieces, a chessboard, and a deluxe bag. Its king is 3 ¾” inches in height with a 1.5” inches base, and 1.9 oz weight. The main highlight is the flex pad chessboard that is 20 x 20” inches in dimension with 1/16” inch thickness. This chess board is 40 percent heavier than a vinyl board with 9.8 oz of weight.
That deluxe bag measuring 24” x 8” x 3” inches is a significant part of the combo. It has strong sticking and high-quality zippers for long-lasting durability for carrying the chess set. This bag keeps the chess combo right in place and makes it ideal equipment to carry along. PS- check out the well-padded design of the deluxe bag!


2. Heavy Club Chess Set

heavy club chess set

Plenty of options in a heavy chess set is something that chess enthusiasts seek very often! This heavy club chess set by Chess House is fulfilling this demand very aptly. Chess boards of distinct hues are available for these phenomenal chess pieces of different shades. Finding the ones that complement each other is the key to making a commendable heavy club chess set.

All 32 pieces are weighted, have a green felt base, and are carved nicely for extraordinary distinction. The chess set weighs around 2.25 lb and is placed on a 20 x 20” inches basic vinyl roll-up chessboard with 2 ¼” squares. Its king is 3 3/4” inch tall and has a base of 1 ½” and has two extra queens on its side.

This club chess set is ideal to play at tournaments, schools, and even for regular games within a nominal price range. This chess set meets all the tournament standards, despite being easy on the budget. To know more, check out the official website of the Chess House.

3. 14” Polish Folding Chess and Checkers Set

14 Polish Folding Chess and Checkers Set

Every chess set has its own specialty and this one all the way from Poland offers its unique grace. Uplifting your entire chess collection is now possible with a worthy addition of a 14” Polish folding chess and checkers set. This multi-game chess set from Chess USA will definitely grab your attention among all the pieces available due to its well-done finish.

The king of this intriguing chess is 2 ½” in size and looks quite empowering when placed on a 13 ¾” x 13 ¾” inches chessboard with 1 ¼” inch squares. The thickness of the board (1 ¾”) is well-defined and taken care of according to the demand for well-crafted pieces.

This more than just a chess set uplifts the levels of expectation for the chess enthusiasts with the excellent piece’s creation. The use of hornbeam wood makes it stand out from the crowd of chess sets and the felt lining inside is definitely cherries on the top. Check out Chess USA for in-depth info about this masterpiece.

4. The Study Tournament Plastic Chess Pieces & Roll-up Chess Board Combo- 3.1” King

Study tournament

Chess Bazaar provides the best of authenticity and reliability via this study tournament plastic chess combo. The black dyed solid plastic and natural white solid plastic make a great contrast for the chess piece creation. These chess pieces are pretty lightweight yet very durable for chess learning and competition preparation.

This chess set has quite squatty pieces with the perfect base size. Its king is 3.11” inches in height and has a base of 1.29” inches, which makes it a stable one to move around while playing. 32 nicely carved pieces look quite appropriate on the 15 inch roll-up chessboard for the study play day.

This 340 grams chess set is designed for easy playing and learning chess. If you are looking for an affordable basic Staunton design chess set, then this magnificent and robust plastic chess set is your game.



So these are the top & best 9 chess sets under 50$ which you can buy in 2020.

Though there are many other options available which may be missed, however, we choose the best sellers for those who gets confused or are new to this game.

All things considered, we recommend you to go for a wooden chess set as they more environmental friendly, safe for kids and give you more pleasure to play with.

However, if you want a chess set for your chess classes or for a chess school you may consider a plastic or silicon chess sets.

Let me know what your thoughts are in the comments below.

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