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Best Chess Storage Coffers Boxes for Ultimate Protection of Chess Pieces

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Okay! So you have just invested in a brand new chess set and now what’s next? Have you thought about keeping your investment safe and sound?

Yes, for this purpose you need wooden, leather storage boxes, and coffers. Guess what? We have got you covered with the top recommendations from some of the top chess retailers.

1. Leatherette Chess Set Storage Box Coffer with Double Tray Fixed Slots

Leatherette Chess Set

This exclusively manufactured MDF board with leatherette covering is a beautiful keepsake for chess lovers. Available on Chess Bazaar- this coffer can keep your beautiful chess safe & covered.

It has a total weight of 3450 grams with 15” inch of length, 5.1” inch of height, and 13 ½” inch breadth. This storage box deal is ideal for the 4.2” – 4.8” King size and chessmen.

Keep your chess pieces in their respective fixed places with the royalty of this coffer.

2. Genuine Leather storage Box for 3” – 4” Chess Set

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This elegant & genuine leather storage box is a must-have coffer for any chess owner. It is offered with the authenticity of Chess Bazaar.

This nicely carved chess set for 3” – 4” inch King is 11” inch in length, 7” inch in breadth, and 4” inch in height. The weight of this chess storage box is 810 grams and is perfect to keep chess pieces in place.

Get it delivered to your doorstep in 4-6 business days.

3. Leatherette Chess Set Storage Box with Double Tray Fixed Slots for 4”- 4.25” Pieces

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This nicely manufactured weighted chess storage box is an exclusive offering of Chess Bazaar. It is an MDF board with leatherette covering that appeals to anyone at first glance.

 Talking about the dimensions of this coffer, the length is 9.2” inch, height is 4.9” inch and breadth is 14” inch. The total weight of this storage box is 2860 grams.

Would you like to invest in this chess storage box suitable for 4” – 4.25” inch chessmen?

4. Tournament Chess Storage Box in Sheesham Wood for up to 3.8” Chess Set

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So are you going to a chess tournament? Must be having nice tournament chess set to compete! But, how about the storage? Keep your chess set safe with this tournament chess storage box.

This Sheesham- made box is ideal for 3.8” inches of chessmen and has a length of 9 ½ “, breadth of 6” inch and height of 4” inch. This can be a perfect wooden keepsake for chess enthusiasts.

What are you waiting for? Get this offering by Chess Bazaar delivered at your doorstep now.

5. Superior Chess Box- Red Burl- Glass Top

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This is one of the premium quality chess boxes that looks quite presentable. It is available at the House of Staunton and designed by the chess experts.

This beautiful coffer has a glass window on the lid and is ideal for a 4.4” inch King. It has dimensions 10.5” x 7.5” x 4.75” inch and a lock & key with tassel.

PS- That pretty House of Staunton logo is quite intriguing.

6. Fitted Briefcase Chess Box- Red Burl

Fitted Briefcase Chess Box

This fitted briefcase chess box with available with a logo or without a logo. The House of Staunton did phenomenal manufacturing with red Burl as a material.

The measurements of this coffer are 17” x 17” x 4” inches and are suitable for a 4.4” inch King. This strong storage box will give all the protection to your chess pieces.

This is a beautiful coffer that is ideal to keep all those 34 chessmen perfectly organized.

7. Signature Fitted Coffer Chess Box- Vavona Burl

Signature Fitted Coffer Chess Box

This coffer chess box is available at the House of Staunton and made from the highest quality Vavona Burl. This Italy handcrafted chess box is exclusively made for chess enthusiasts.

It has dimensions of 16.5” x 11” x 7.25” inch and is suitable to store King up to 4.4” inch size. There are brass quadrant hinges and key & lock with tassel in this deal.

Check it now at the House of Staunton.

8. Premium Chess Box- Golden Heart-

Premium Chess Box

Available with or without the HOS logo, this premium chess box is available on House of Staunton and possesses the best possible wood quality to impress anyone feasibly.

This golden heart- made chess coffer is meant for the King size of 4.4” inch and has dimensions of 9.75” x 7.4” x 4.75” inch. This can store all your chess pieces appropriately for utmost safety.

PS- Its green billiard cloth lining is quite intriguing for us.

9. Walnut Chess Piece Box with Green Baize lining- Large

Chess Store Storage Box

The Chess Store presents to you a nicely manufactured chess piece storage box made from the finest quality walnut wood with green baize lining. Storing your chessmen beautifully is never a chore with this storage box.

The dimensions of this box with satin polyurethane finish are 9.75” x 6.625” x 4.25” from outside and 8.75” x 5.625” x 3” inches from inside. This box ideal to hold 4” inch chessmen made of wood.

Have an in-depth glance at this walnut veneered chess box at The Chess Store.

10. Signature Fitted Coffer Chess Box- Macassar Ebony

Signature Fitted Coffer Chess Box

This Italy- made & handcrafted chess coffer depicts a true class and elegance. Available with the authenticity of House of Staunton, this is one of the premium choices of chess lovers. 

This Macassar Ebony wood chess box is 16.5” x 11” x 7.25” inch in size and can store a King of height up to 4.4” inch. It features the red velour felt cloth in the box.

PS- You can buy it in installments with the Layaway program. Grab the deal now.


It is equally important to have a nice coffer box to hold on to your expensive chess pieces.

Keeping them organized not just enhances the aesthetic value of the chessmen but also adds more years to their life span.

So, once you decide you invest in a chess set- make sure to get a chess storage box of appropriate size for your chess set.

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