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Best Folding Chess Board for Complete Portability

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“Travelers who play chess or Chess players who travel must own a folding chessboard”

Enjoying chess on the go can be a great source of entertainment. However, to make most of it during the travels, portability is a primary feature. Foldable chess sets can give you that privilege. 

Whenever you wish to play chess with your friend in a park- Just take your foldable chess set from your cupboard and you are off to go. It must not be hard to carry and you ought to remain stress-free about small chess pieces getting lost. 

Foldable chess sets have special and compact space to keep all the chessmen aligned & organized. It looks really beautiful when all pieces are places in the box.

In fact, that featured wooden box intrigues most of the chess enthusiasts. Beware, you will be drawn towards its elegance too. 

So, are you all set to explore mind-blowing options recommended by our experts?

1. Folding Walnut and Maple Wooden Tournament Chess Board


Easy to carry and aesthetically amazing folding chessboard is not at all easy to find. The House of Staunton can make it possible for their customers. They offer such a combination in Folding Walnut and Maple Wooden Tournament Chess Board. 

It is a beautifully manufactured wooden board comprises of the walnut frame. Walnut and Maple are great friends when installed on different sides of the chess (on dark & light side). 

This is crafted in Europe and has a satin finish with file labels. The thickness of 0.5” with 2.25 squares- such a chessboard is ideal for tournaments and work as an excellent training tool. 

There is an option to pick this piece with or without notation in the drop-down option while making a purchase. You can make your own choice and buy it without any hassle at House of Staunton’s official website. 

2. Rosewood Color Folding Magnetic Travel Chess Set - 14"

Rosewood Magnetic Folding Board

Rosewood is one of the finest woods used in the manufacturing of classic and authentic chessboards. Are you looking for such authenticity? Fret not! This Rosewood Color Folding Magnetic Travel Chess Set from The Chess Store is pure bliss for the serious players. 

A highly attractive journey set for chess enthusiasts and backpack lovers. This is made from the choicest rosewood in the real-time patterns and strong magnets are installed underneath. Call it a vacation set or analysis set- This chess set is a pure goal for a traveler who loves to play chess on the way. It is travel-friendly and the obvious reasons are stability, secured closing, and portable. 

There are algebraic notations all over with the waterproof finish. This is not going crack or fall off and will give an awesome experience while you are looking forward to exploring around. Its closed and open dimensions are- 7″ x 12.25″ x 1.75″ and 14″ x 12.25″ x 1″ respectively. 

King is around 2.75” tall with 1” inch base moving with royalty over 1.375” inch squares on 36 oz. chess set. What are you waiting for? Grab this awesome set that comes with all the game instructions, to begin with. 

3. Bird's Eye Maple and Greenwood Folding Standard Traditional Chess Board

Maple Chess Board

If you allure those not so fancy traditional chessboards a lot, then we have a surprise for you. And, guess what? This is exclusively from the collection of House of Staunton. Of course, this is where you find all the standard chess sets that have authentic designs and showcase the true craftsmanship.

This Bird’s eye Maple and Greenwood Folding Standard Traditional Chess Board is a classic piece that features two types of woods. It is a veneered wood chessboard that is 0.5” thick with the satin finish all over the maple wood frame. One side presents the beauty of the bird’s eye maple and the other one showcase the dark side of greenwood. 

This has 2.25” inch square with the overall board dimension of 22.5” x 22.5” and the other one is 2.375” with 23.75” x 23.75” board dimensions. You can pick up your choicest size for this easy to store and transport board. So, what’s you take on this beautiful product? 

4. Folding Wooden Magnetic Travel Chess Set- 12”

Magnetic Chess Set

Wish to get a chess set that looks nice, feels nice, and more importantly, is made from high-quality wood? House of Staunton can never let you down in this matter. They have an elegant Folding Wooden Magnetic Travel Chess Set at a very affordable price point. 

The King stands tall at a reasonable height of 1.25” (as per travel set) among all the chessmen. However, this chess set is 12” x 12” when opened and 12” x 6” when not in use. 

It is made creatively with golden rosewood as well as maple and is one of the strongest travel chess set with magnetic-proofing ever. Such a great chess set is a perfect example of the efforts and artistry that you would really crave to own. 

This is a well-crafted set available at the official website of the House of Staunton. All you need is to place your order and get this beauty delivered at your doorstep. 

5. The Chess Store Gold & Silver Folding Magnetic Travel Chess Set - 12.5"

Travel Magnetic Chessmen

How about a beautiful magnetic travel chess set delivered at your doorstep just in one business day after ordering? Seems too good to be real, right? Well, the Chess Store never runs out of the options and deals that leave customers in awe. This The Chess Store Gold & Silver Folding Magnetic Travel Chess is one of them. 

It features golden as well as silver pieces placed over the black and grey colored chessboard. We know you are already imagining. Just leave thinking and check out this piece at the Chess Store while you read the rest of the features. 

This is a normal-sized chess set that will bring the nostalgia of the ancient times. And, at the same time, it is highly modern in terms of portability (not at all hard to carry around). Store it easily in the suitcase when you are on the go. Those magnets beneath each piece will never let chessmen to get out of league even in the running train or bus. 

We love the feature of water-proof in this wooden set and the durability it offers is simply exceptional. 12.5″ x 12.5″ x .75″ and 12.5″ x 6.25″ x 1.5″ are its open and close dimensions that you can consider as per your requirement. King is sized at 2.625” inches height and 1” inch wideness on the 1.375” squares. 

This is one of the best masterpieces offered by the Chess Store meant for traveling under $15. Give it a try. 

6. Travel Series Folding Magnetic Chess Set in Sheesham & Box wood - 10"

Travel Chess Set

Travel Series Folding Magnetic Chess Set in Sheesham & Boxwood is one of the amazing sets available at the Chess Bazaar. We highly recommend you to buy this traveling magnetic chess set made up of selective real wood. It has Sheesham on the dark side and Boxwood on the light side to make it super appealing. 

All 32 chessmen are beautifully crafted with days of effort and have a magnetic stud for support. 10″ x 5″ x 2″ are the dimensions of the box it comes in. The size of the king is 1.8” and 0.6” inches- perfect for the travel stuff. Overall chess set weight is around 700 grams, which is again as per the travel-friendliness standard. 

If you wish to befriend this outstanding travel partner, then you must place an order for it right away. Remember, you are getting the guarantee of a recognized store like- Chess Bazaar. What else you need? 

7. Travel Series Folding Magnetic Chess Set in Sheesham & Box wood - 16"

Magnetic Chess Set

Traveling can be fun with friends and games. If you playing chess, then nothing beats those travel moments enjoying with your loved ones. Now, if you are thinking to buy the best folding chess set for your upcoming trip- You are at the right place. 

We are going to introduce you to the most well-crafted and best-fitted set for travel. Yes, it is offered by the authentic store- Chess Bazaar. Just like every chess set, it has 32 chessmen. But, its design and efforts applied to each piece are highly appreciable. You can see it once at their official website and you can state the difference by yourself. 

It has a 3” inches tall king with 1” inch base, which is crafted amazingly. The dark side has the grace of Sheesham wood whereas the lighter side embraces the beauty of boxwood. In either case, this overall set is elegant enough to win the heart of a chess player at first glance. 

This comes in a 41 cm x 21.5 cm x 7 cm dimensional box all well-fitted inside the iron sheet. You can order it and get it delivered to you super soon. What do you think about this? 

Flaunt your folding chess board like a pro

An array of suggestions but our top best are written-above. We wanted to broad-down the options to make it easy for you to make a purchase. You need nothing to think anymore and place your order for the best folding chessboard. When will you carry that Oakwood box like a real savage player? 

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