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Best Online Chess Stores Review 2022

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Chess is a very famous board game across the world. The first among the chess store who started retailing chess set is the Jaques of London in the mid 19th century.

Jacques of London est 1795, are the pioneers in crafting chess out of ivory, hardwoods, bone and turnbridge ware. In 1989, Frank Camaratta started retailing the chess sets and founded the House of Staunton. Since late 90’s many other companies are formed and started the concept of chess selling. We bring you the genuine reviews of the online stores after evaluating them and have personally using them as a customer.

We are sure that our reviews are 100% unbiased and true. Since online shopping has its own risk proposition, we will help you eliminating that.

We will guarantee you that after reading our reviews, you will be more confident shopping on these websites.

The following are our top recommendations

  1. Chessbazaar: Best Online Chessbazaar Review 2022
  2. The Chess Store: Best Online The Chess Store Review 2022
  3. House of Staunton: Best Online House of Staunton Review 2022
  4. Chess USA: Best online Chess USA Review 2022
  5. Wholesale Chess: Best Online Wholesale Chess Review 2022
  6. Forward Chess: Best Forward Chess Review 2022
  7. Mega Chess: Best Online Mega Chess Review 2022
  8. American Chess Equipment: Best American Chess Equipment Review 2022
  9. Chess House: Best Chess House Review 2022

Chessbazaar: Best Online chessbazaar Review 2022, founded in the year 2007 by an Indian based entrepreneur Vikramjit Singh. They have astonishing variety especially of wooden chess sets and have dedicated category of reproduction chessmen that includes Russian/Soviet chess sets, European timeless collection and Jaques chess sets.  Their USP is free shipping worldwide, low price guarantee and lifetime warranty. They offer great customer service through online chat, email, whatsapp, phone and facebook messenger. Read chessbazaar review now.

The Chess Store: Best Online The Chess Store Review 2022, Established in 1999, the chess store is based in Orlando. They are the second oldest company retailing in the chess products. They have the huge variety of chess sets from wooden to plastic and metal. Their USP is Free Shipping over $75, deals almost in all chess equipment and lowest price guarantee. They offer customer service through online chat, email and phone. Read The Chess Store review now.

House of Staunton: Best Online House of Staunton Review 2022

House of StauntonHouse of Staunton, founded by Frank Camaratta in 1989 is based in Alabama, US. They are the official suppliers to the United States Chess Championships. Famous annual chess tournament, the Sinquefield Cup, uses chess equipment supplied by them. They have vast variety of wooden chess set and are directly competitor to chessbazaar in reproductions. They compete thechessstore and chesshouse in plastic, metal and other chess accessories. They have the widest variety of products available with them. Their USP is free worldwide shipping on 500 products, a price match policy and great customer service through email, phone and chat. Read House of Staunton review here.

Chess USA: Best Online Chess USA Review 2022

Chess, is one of the oldest chess store in the United States. With over 700 chess sets, boards and pieces ranging from wooden to plastic and metal, Chess USA has the widest variety of anything chess. Their most intriguing category is the Made in America chess & other games. They offer customer care through phone and email only. Read Chess USA review now.

Wholesale Chess: Best Online Wholesale Chess Review 2022

Wholesale ChessWholesale Chess is another chess company based in Kaysville, Utah USA. Founded in 2005, it has grown leaps and bounds and has the wide variety of chess equipment. They are actually a retailer rather than dealing in wholesale supplies, as their name implies. Their target market are the youngsters or the ones who are looking for a cheap to mid range chess sets. Their USP is low price products; price match policy and an excellent customer care through email and phone. Read Wholesale Chess Review now.

Mega Chess: Best Online Mega Chess Review 2022

mega chessMega Chess is the only company that deals in giant chess products. Relatively a new company, Mega Chess was founded in 2012 by Peter Shikli, later owned by Ken Hagerstrom. Their chess set range starts from minimum 2 feet and goes till 6 feet tall. They have some innovative products like LED chess sets, Topiary chess sets and more. Their USP is free shipping on $75 in US, discounted global shipping and great customer service through chat, email and phone. Read Mega Chess Review now.

Forward Chess: Best Online Forward Chess Review 2022

Forward ChessForward Chess is among the first chess company which has digitized chess books through their own Forward chess app, available on Apple store, Android and Windows. Through its application that runs in all kinds of devices (laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones), it makes available the classics and the choicest modern chess books. They have the huge variety of publishers and one can enjoy the plethora of chess knowledge through their app in just few clicks. We strongly recommend them for those who are always on the go and are comfortable reading through mobile devices. Read our in-depth Forward Chess Review now.

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