Capablance Wood Chess Board

Best Tournament Chess Board Suggestions

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Repeat this after me – Your lofty distraction taste is more than genuine for finding the best tournament chessboard. 

“Choosing the most suitable Chessboard is your first move as a player”- Do you agree Champion? Especially when you are picking up the chess set from the tournament perspective. 

No doubt, playing casually with any chess set is possible. However, for the professional representation- Impactful and appealing ones are necessary. This can be a pretty educational and complex process to never go wrong with the choice. 

Fret not; we are here for the required assistance with top options from renowned chess brands. Both ornate and sturdiness are judged before making such a significant purchase.

The idea is to find equipment that is tournament ready and would let you gather all the praises during the big day. Set your priorities a bit and leave the rest of the job on our recommendations. (Of course, these are all as per the tournament norms).

Let’s begin the quick suggestions that you ought to follow-

  • Highly distinguishable style of chess pieces. 
  • Standard size as per tournament requirements.
  • Weighted pieces must be picked. 
  • Durability at its best. 
  • Aesthetically outstanding.
  • High-quality wood board.

1. Standard Walnut Maple Wooden Chess Board with Notation 18" - 50 mm

Tournament Chess Board

Printed algebraic notation and matte finish chess set will make your tournament ready. Made in Spain with high-quality wood is the real deal for keen chess players. A classic 17.7” wooden chess board crafted with Walnut and Maple Veneer looks immensely intriguing. 

Both the quality and aesthetics are well-off in this 12 mm thick board. Lightweight and easy to carry feel are extra plus points that you would consider. This is how buying a perfect tournament chess set is quite easy- In fact, just handy. 

This Standard Walnut Maple Wooden Chess Board with Notation is sold by the Chess Bazaar. They offer free shipping all over the world and you can avail the benefit by placing your order for this lustrous piece. 

PS- Chess Bazaar offers FREE shipping worldwide (another solid reason to buy). 

2. Quality Folding PVC Chess Board

PVC Folding Board

What comes to your mind when you read- Vintage PVC chessboard? Chances are high a chess player would be eager for more details. Are you? 

This product is available in blue, red, black, and green color at Wholesale Chess. Feel the nostalgia without seeing these beautiful shades fade. Yes, possibly because of the best quality flat-matte finish and PVC material. 

This fulfills the entire tournament requirement and at the same time offers a traditional vogue experience. The measurements of this Quality Folding PVC Chess Board are 2 1/4 ” squares and 19 1/2″ x 19 1/2″ board. 

Nothing to worry about the maintenance as it simply gets cleaned with wipes. The most interesting part is its affordability and you can avail hefty discounts on buying more than one set. 

All set to gift this to your fellow players by placing bulk orders?

PS- Get it delivered the same day from Wholesale Chess if you place your order before 1 PM MST.

3. Santos Palisander Standard Traditional Chess Board - Satin Finish

Palisander Chess Board

Don’t you know how great satin finish for a chess board is? Yes, House of Staunton offers such a classic tournament prepared board for you. Let’s check out together what it is!

Santos Palisander Standard Traditional Chess Board is crafted in Spain and has all the features to be a game-changer in a chess tournament. Alert! You will be impressed at first glance and would not seek other pieces (if you love traditional chess boards). 

It has Santos Palisander features on the dark side and Maple on the light side. This veneered board has a thickness of 0.5 with glossy touch.It comes in three sq sizes, 2.25″, 2.37″ and 2.5″.

So, what’s your take on this gorgeous chessboard for the upcoming tournament event? 

PS- Do buy a carry bag of 24” inches with this product. 

4. Capablanca Chess Edition Wooden Tournament Chess Board - 2.25" Square Size

Capablance Wood Chess Board

Playing chess on an actual wooden piece is already bliss. If you find some exclusive chess set from the house of Staunton, then there is no comparison. Simply untouched and genuine quality & style is their forte. 

Capablanca Edition Wooden Tournament Chessboard is one of the best representations of House of Staunton for serious players. Play and win the tournament with such a graceful chess set. You will feel an extraordinary achievement.

10 squares x 8 squares non-standardized chessboard works ideally for chess collectors and tournament players. Mahogany frame featuring Mahogany on the dark side and Maple on the light side keeps it top-notch. 

Made in Europe, this is 0.5” thick, 2.25″ square size and intrigue people with its satin finish. What else are your senses telling you before placing an order for this chessboard? 

Keep in mind; it’s from House of Staunton while skimping on such a fantastic piece. 

5. 21 1/4" Mahogany & Sycamore Chess Board with 2 1/4" Squares & Notation

Mahogany Chess Board

Imagine the reaction of your fellow chess player after receiving the best chessboard! If he or she is having an important chess tournament lined up- Sycamore Chess Board with 2 ¼” squares & notations is the perfect gift with best wishes. 

This Mahogany and Sycamore chess board is an extravagant choice for an ultimate royal experience. But, this is surely worthy of your money as you cannot choose anything random for your amigo. 

Made in Poland- this chess board comes with underneath felt pads. A large chessboard like this boosts the morale of the chess player. We are sure you would be keen to see your lovely friend winning the game. 

Whether you are a gift for playing chess or as a keepsake- either way, this board won’t disappoint you.

However, do not forget to ask Chess USA to gift wrap the item. After that, your gift is all set to be delivered to your mate’s house. 

6. Walnut & Maple Deluxe Chess Board - 1.75" Squares

Walnut Chess Board

We heard it’s been a long time you are seeking the perfect tournament chessboard. Why didn’t you visit our site before? Anyways pal- Here is our recommendation to assist your purchase. 

We present you Rechapados Ferrer’s Walnut & Maple Deluxe Chess Board with 1.75 squares. A perfect luxurious yet affordable masterpiece for all chess masters. Let us tell you it is hard to compete with the craftsmanship of this largest manufacturer and recognized brand. 

This 17.75″ x 17.75″ x .5″ deluxe board is super attractive and practical to standout in a tournament. It has a satin polyurethane finish that gives more appeal to walnut and maple wood. Also, this board is made with the best veneer available in Spain. 

What are you waiting for? Get it delivered to you in one business day. Awesome, right?

PS- We loved that elegant triple inlay pinstripe around the frame.

7. Indian Rosewood and Maple Wooden Tournament Chess Board

Rosewood Tournament Chess Board

It is difficult to find the chess sets preferred by champions but definitely not impossible. We bring another suggestion for tournament chess boards from the House of Staunton. 

House of Staunton’s name eliminates all the second thoughts about the quality and online orders. After all, their reputation says it all. Indian Rosewood and Maple Wooden tournament chess board is a beautiful traditional product that is in high demand. 

There is Indian rosewood on the dark side whereas maple features on the light squares. This Indian rosewood frame is 0.5” thick and veneered with the best quality. That satin finish adds more charm to this lovely crafted piece. 

Crafted in Europe, this has the rank and file labels that let it make in the list of helpful training tools for the chess enthusiast. 2.25” squares with board dimension of 21.25” x 21.25”- Makes it a worthy deal to grab. 

You can find it on their official website and place your order for this fantastic tournament board.

8. Mahogany and Maple Wooden Tournament Chess Board

Mahagony HOS Chess Board

Here is one of the classic yet modish offerings by House of Staunton. Mahogany and Maple Wooden Tournament Chess Board is available with or without notation and gives drop-down options for personalization. 

Europe made chessboard features strength, beauty, and class all in one. Satin finish all over gives additional aesthetics to already elegant design.

This 0.5” thick chessboard is veneered and has a Mahogany frame. Moreover, it has a dark side featuring Mahogany and a light side representing Maple. This combination of wood is an ideal choice for many buyers. 

This chessboard is great for the practice & an ideal training tool because of the file labels and rank. There different square sizes and dimensions ranging from 1.75” to 2.5” squares and the dimension of the board is 23.125” x 23.125”. 

PS- You can buy it with or without a logo. There are a lot of options to make it a custom pick- So, use it for sure.


This exclusive chess set category is meant to help you to make the right choice. We know how difficult it to make this decision before the tournament is. So, our experts got you sorted without much effort (all you need is to read).

Remember, a consistent player should always consider this equipment as an asset and must find a strong chess set. Since you are well versed with all 8 options- You can move ahead to place an order for the favorite one.

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