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Chess USA Online Authentic Review 2022

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Store Name: Chess USA
Store Description: Chess USA is one of the pioneers and leaders of the chess retailing industry in the United States of America. It began as a small community store in Long Island, New York in 1978 and over the years rose to become one of the largest and most popular stores in America. Its sterling reputation has made it the preferred store of many chess enthusiasts. 
Price Range: Low, Mid Range, Luxury
Customer Care Email:
Support Phone No.: 800 645 4710

The high esteem given to Chess USA by the chess community and even by its competitors is certainly well-deserved.

Consistently over the years, they have provided chess enthusiasts with a complete range of chess products, at some of the best prices anywhere.

Their brand of customer service has been a model in the industry, and has won them deserved customer patronage and loyalty.

Screen Shot 2020 06 08 at 5.13.43 PM
Made in USA
Screen Shot 2020 06 08 at 5.12.37 PM
Brick & Mortar
Screen Shot 2020 06 08 at 5.11.44 PM
Over $75
Board Games
Overall Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5
Very extensive and complete line of chess products, from sets to accessoriesQuite limited reproductions of very famous wooden sets, such as Jaques, BCC, and Russian Vintage lines
Very fair product prices & high qualityFree Shipping only on orders over $75
Excellent customer service and strong commitment to customer satisfactionNo wholesale quote on tournament plastic sets unlike other sellers
Professional, navigable and very user-friendly websiteExpensive worldwide shipping


A. Product Range and Variety

Right off the bat, we’d have to say Chess USA is one of the largest, if not the largest chess retail store online. It is a giant in the industry, and how it has come to be is a story by itself that deserves to be told.

Chess USA began as a physical store in Long Island, New York in 1978 under the name Your Move Chess and Games.

It found a special niche in the New York community and soon established itself as its premier chess store, providing sets and accessories of all kinds, as well as other board games.

It grew quickly and extended its reach across the country.

With the internet boom, Chess USA became even more accessible, allowing the chess lovers within and beyond USA’s shores to experience its services.

It leapt into the national consciousness, and thus became the huge figure of the chess retailing industry that it is now.

A list of Chess USA’s products would be too long, but perhaps we could best illustrate their range and variety by pointing out that they have more than 700 kinds of chess sets and more than 3000 chess items.

They have whatever that’s needed in the game – sets, boards, clocks, bags, score sheets, books, computers, software in great variety and in many different brands.

Its boards, for instance, come in wood, vinyl, glass, leather and metal in different square sizes. You only have to click the button for every product and out will appear several varieties or sub-categories.

There’s too many buttons to click in all that a great part of your day would be occupied if you’d wish to know the true depth and range of their products. Everyone will have to see for themselves.

Still, though, we wish there were some fine collectibles in the shelf.

Sure, the store doesn’t lack for impressive wooden sets, but seeing some Jaques, BCC, or Russian Vintage reproductions would have delighted us even more.  

Perhaps it’s only fitting for Chess USA to have one of the most formidable range of chess products because, after all, it is one of the pioneers in the industry.

Occupying that top spot makes much sense and is certainly well-deserved for a seller that enjoys high-esteem in the industry.

For Product Variety we give Chess USA 4.5 stars

B. Product Quality and Price

Before we put ourselves to the task of comparing the prices of several chess items across a few stores, we ventured to guess that Chess USA’s product prices would be a few notches lower than most of its competitors.

Those who stay long and thrive in a particular business usually have a very fair-pricing system to say the least.

Let’s refer to the table below to verify this.

 Chess USAWholesale ChessThe HOSThe Chess StoreChess House
Standard Plastic Pieces$6.95
Bulk - NA
Bulk - $4.99
Bulk - $5.35
Bulk - $5.39
Bulk - NA
Vinyl Chessboard 2.25 in$4.99
Bulk - NA
Bulk - $3.49
Bulk - $4.59
Bulk - $4.59
Bulk - $4.20
Chess Clock (DGT, North American)$39.95$49.99$49.45Out of Stock$39.50
Chess Bag (24 in x 9 in)$19.95$19.99$18.95$29.95$19.50

It has turned out that Chess USA has very fair prices indeed, and they offer the best prices for some items.

In cases where they don’t, their prices are not too far off from the lowest.

They don’t indicate whether they give bulk discounts, but we are sure this could be worked out with their customer service, which should bring down their low prices even lower.

For further savings, Chess USA, of course, has its occasional and clearance sales. First- time customers may also avail of a 20% discount by subscribing to their newsletter.

As for product quality, we infer that Chess USA probably has had difficulty maintaining high standards because of its voluminous inventory.

Chances are, some poor products might escaped their eye and end up in their customers’ hands.

All the reviews, however, indicate otherwise, and Chess USA has been receiving rave feedback about its quality standards.

We’ve learned that Chess USA monitors its products stringently, and shelves anything that’s not up to their criteria.

eBay Bidding

Selling more than 3000 items for Chess USA has always meant selling with vigilance and responsibility to customers.

Besides, as we’ve pointed out in previous reviews, carrying a wide range of brands practically leaves the question of quality into the hands of customers.

Customers who want products that last could generally opt for the top-of the-line, pricier ones.

Quality becomes a matter of choice when the seller’s selections are wide.

For Product Quality/Price, we give Chess USA 4.4 stars

C. Customer Service

Chess USA has been known for its very accommodating brand of customer service, and we are sure it’s a trait it has inculcated in itself since its days as a small store in New York.

Customers share how easy it has been to inquire, arrange requests, seek replacements for damaged products, or fix whatever problems there may have been with their transactions with Chess USA.

We all know remember owners of beloved community stores striking us with their politeness and eagerness to extend a hand, and that’s been the fair image of Chess USA.

Kudos to this store for never losing touch with its roots and identity, and for keeping the qualities that made it successful in the first place.

You want to purchase several chess products of various brands under one roofYou are looking for collectibles or for reproductions of very famous chess sets
You want to maximize on savings and you wish to purchase at the lowest possible priceYou want free shipping on a product which costs less than $75
You demand high quality and want your items to lastYou want tournament supplies in bulk, instantaneously
You are willing to go and check all the products in person since they have a brick and mortar storeYou want a custom made chess set
For Customer Service, we give Chess USA 4.8 stars

D. Customer Reviews

Screen Shot 2020 06 07 at 8.22.09 PM

E. General Online Shopping Experience

Much like those of the other heavyweights in online chess retailing, Chess USA’s website is up to high standards.

Their large quantities of products are neatly stacked and systematically organized, making searches a breeze.

Having the buttons for all product categories atop the site is really effective, for it allows shoppers see the range, variety, and selections of products all at once.

Nothing is a clutter, and for a store so large the site effectively allows shoppers to always find their way.

We love the site for being very complete, and all shoppers need to know are provided — from the store’s history to all its policies. It’s a site that perfectly complements Chess USA’s standing in the chess retailing industry.

For Online Shopping Experience, we give Chess USA 4.75 stars

Chess USA Bestsellers

Magentic Chess with Case


Professional Chess Set


Rosewood Vanguard Chess


MoW Ebony Conqueror


Is this shop legit?

Chess USA is among the oldest chess shop in the United States. They have the vast collection of anything chess and have hundred of reviews of chess products on their website.

They are the member of BBB, aka Better Business Bureau, with A+ rating, that means they are committed to their customers which makes them a legit and trustworthy business.


No, it’s not necessary to register your account to make a purchase from Chess USA.

They ship their products through UPS, FedEx or USPS depending upon the weight and size of the parcel.

Yes, they offer FREE shipping to the mainland USA/Canada on orders over $75.

Yes, they ship their products internationally. We recommend you to check the shipping estimate for best price before processing your order.

Yes, you can exchange or return the product for a refund. However, for return there will be a restocking fee of 5% but there will be no restocking fee for the exchange. We recommend you to email or call them before initiating any action.

Yes, they retail the products from their brick and mortar store located in NY. The address is 832 N. Broadway North Massapequa, NY 11758

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