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Store Name: chessbazaar
Store Description:, founded in the year 2007 by an Indian based entrepreneur Vikramjit Singh. They have astonishing variety especially of wooden chess sets and have a dedicated category of reproduction chessmen that includes Russian/Soviet chess sets, European timeless collection and Jaques chess sets.  Their USP is free shipping worldwide, low price guarantee and lifetime warranty. They offer great customer service through online chat, email, whatsapp, phone and facebook messenger.
Price Range: Economy, Mid Range, Luxury
Customer Care Email:
Support Phone No.: 0091-172-466 0 488 

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Chessbazaar is one of the most prominent online stores for chess players of all types looking for wooden chess sets and chess boards. They have wide selections to choose from, and their product quality will not disappoint.

Their low prices, coupled with their free shipping and generous discounts, assures you of the best deal in the net for every purchase.

Shopping in their site is fun and easy. Best of all, they are customer oriented, allowing for easy replacement of broken or inherently-defective pieces or for any other arrangement that may make your transaction successful.

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Low Price Guarantee
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Custom Chess Set
No Fee Layaway Plans
Layaway Plan
Free shipping
Free Shipping
Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 5 (21 Google Reviews)
High Product Quality ProductPackaging needs some improvement
Very low prices & generous discountsReturn policy is tricky
Free shipping WorldwideShipping through IndiaPost takes minimum 15-20 days
Outstanding customer service and strong commitment to customer satisfactionCritics says that chessbazaar products are either a hit or miss
Very wide variety of wooden chess setsLimited selection of products apart from wooden chess sets


A. Product Range/Variety

Chessbazaar started out as a seller of wooden chess sets in 2007 and to the present specializes in these sets. Recently, they expanded their products to include plastic chess sets, chess clocks, vinyl and mouse pad boards and chess books, but their selection on these accessories is still very limited. One must go to chessbazaar mainly to look for wooden chess pieces.

As for wooden sets, Chessbazaar has them in all shapes and sizes. Their products range from simple sets for casual players, standard tournament sets, collectible sets, to luxury and decorative sets in original Chessbazaar design.

We believe collectors will very likely love Chessbazaar, as the store quite obviously caters to them primarily. Collectibles abound the store and these are their best-selling sets.  They have replicas of the sets that have made a significant mark in history, from the Pre-Staunton right to the modern designs used in very recent World Championships.

These are categorized into Reproduced Jaques Vintage Collection, the Reproduced European Timeless Collection, the Reproduced Russian/Soviet Collection, and the Reproduced Antique Chess Pieces.

All these come with matching wooden boards, either European or Indian-made, the largest of which are of 2.375 inch or 60 mm squares.  Some customers may prefer boards larger than these, especially for their sets with 2 inch-bases.

Chessbazaar Categories

For Product Variety, we give Chessbazaar 3.5 stars

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B. Product Quality and Price

Customers who come to Chessbazaar are generally happy with the quality of their sets.

Occasionally, a customer may complain of a weighting being a bit off in one of the pieces, the dye smearing the light-colored pieces, and bases of their old sets cracking, but these are subsequently rectified by Chessbazaar’s excellent customer service (more on customer service later).

High- satisfaction rates are given to Chessbazaar’s collectibles, many sharing that these are very close to the original. We compared some of Chessbazaar’s collectibles to some photos of their originals that we have and indeed Chessbazaar generally does a very good job of their reproductions.

Chessbazaar’s sets come with very friendly price tags. The store is certain they have the lowest prices on the net that they are willing to match a lower price for the same product if the customer finds any.

clearance Sale

Chessbazaar claims that their prices are lower than everyone else’s because they sell Indian artisans’ works directly. Whatever the case, the lower the price, the bigger the winner the customer is.

We want to highlight the price of some of their categories.

  • Chess Pieces starting from $22.99
  • Chess Boards starting from $25.99
  • Chess Sets starting from $34.39
  • Storage Chess Box starting from $103.99
  • Checkers starting from $42.99
  • Backgammon starting from $48.79
For Product Quality,Price, we give Chessbazaar 4.0 stars

We recommend/not recommend you if

You are looking for wooden chess sets, whether for casual or serious play, collection, or decoration and displayYou are looking for a complete line of chess supplies
You demand high quality for your sets at cheap pricesYou want next day delivery
You maximize on savings in every purchaseYou are planning to return the product if you don't like
You want custom made productsYou want to pay through EMIs

C. Customer Service

If customer feedback are to be judged, Customer Service is one of the most appreciated strengths of Chessbazaar.

Customers share being very happy about the accommodation given to them before or after transactions.

Queries are responded to quickly, and arrangements are granted if they are not very difficult. Most importantly, they love the ease with which they could get damaged pieces replaced.

Chessbazaar promises to replace pieces damaged in transit or those that manifest manufacturing damages even long after they are purchased as part of their limited lifetime warranty, and they commit to this remarkably.

The fact, however, that more than a few customers requested replacements for pieces damaged in transit suggests something to be desired about Chessbazaar’s packaging of orders.

Chessbazaar’s long-standing practice has been to pad pieces heavily and stack them on a box.

Perhaps, customers would be much happier and damages would be minimized if they use special compartmentalized boxes for each set.

D. Customer Reviews

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Screen Shot 2020 05 16 at 5.23.28 PM
Screen Shot 2020 05 16 at 5.23.50 PM
Screen Shot 2020 05 16 at 5.24.11 PM

E. General Online Shopping Experience

Chessbazaar’s website reflect professionalism and is very customer-friendly. Pictures of their sets are very clear and are taken and displayed artistically.

The site has several features that always prove useful. Among these are the “Compare” function that allows you to compare sets image for image, and piece for piece.

Another is the magnifying feature that allows you to enlarge pictures and check pieces up close. Very often these will influence your choice of a set.  

Other features to appreciate are the live chat, which make for fast communication, instant response to queries, and easy order arrangements.

Customers will also appreciate that that the store categorizes sets by price. We all work on a budget on almost every purchase, and it helps to know in a flash what sets we could have.

The site keeps shoppers informed of their savings through very clear and large notices of their free-shipping and generous discounts on different occasions.

We think the product descriptions of the store’s sets could need some improvement, but this is not a big issue and does not detract to the clarity of their specifications.

For Shopping Experience, we give Chessbazaar 4.5 stars

Chessbazaar Bestsellers

1904 Cambridge Chess Set in Ebony


Desert Gold Staunton Chess Set


Tournament Series Staunton Combo


WoodenChess Board Ebony Solid Wood


Is this shop legit?

Chessbazaar, which was started in 2007 has now become a brand in itself. The chessbazaar though has only 21 Google reviews, however, it has hundreds’ of review on many products on their website.

You can find various chessbazaar reviews by the trustworthy customers on forum, eBay, etsy and Amazon, which makes this site a legit and trustworthy business.


No, it is not necessary to have a chessbazaar account to shop and purchase items. You can shop by providing just your email ID and checking out as a guest. However, we recommended that you register at our website to enjoy the great benefits.

There are no extra taxes, hidden costs or additional shipping charges(Taxes only charged in Europe/Canada*). The price mentioned on the website is the final price. What you see is what you pay. Our prices are all-inclusive.

Backorders mean that the current item/s are out of stock and will make their way to the warehouse soon. So, if you’re ready to wait for sometime for your favorite item/s, go ahead with the backordered item. They give extra 30% off on all backorder items. Check coupon code here.

They provides free delivery on all items worldwide. Only the books are shipped at a nominal shipping cost. The prices you see on our product pages are exactly what you pay for the item.

To ship to North America, Europe, Australia/NZ and UK, they use DHL/FedEx. For rest of the world, they use standard IndiaPost delivery. To check your shipping location, click here.

You can find the order detail tracking information in the order detail and they also send the email with the tracking information.

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