Ebony sheesham chess board

Exclusive and Elegant Solid Wood Chess Board Options

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Natural wood possesses a distinct kind of charm for chess players and collectors. Having a beautiful and luxurious solid wood chess board seems like a different kind of achievement and keeps the excitement level while playing. Today we will introduce some charming chessboards that will leave you too allured to skimp. 

Beginning from Erable which is also known as European field Maple to North American Aspen- the variety in terms of wood for chess boards are highly versatile. Birch, Walnut, Mahogany, Wenge, Palisander, and the list of wood options are quite intriguing. You cannot get bored of adding a new variant to your collection of chess boards.

1. Wooden Chess Board Ebony Sheesham Wood 21.8”- 60 MM


A beautiful combination of dark Ebony side and Light Boxwood side- This Sheesham & Ebony wooden chess board is a classic purchase. It has a beautiful frame made of Golden Rose Wood that is often adored by every chess lover in a single glance. 

The dimensions of this chessboard are- 21.8” x 21.8” inches with a square size of 2.4” x 2.4” inches. The weight of this perfectly carved wooden block for chess is 5500 grams with 30 mm of thickness. This board is quite suitable for regular play sessions. 

Being an exclusive offering of Chess Bazaar, this is one of the worthy boards to put your money in. Check it out at Chess Bazaar now.

2. Wooden Chess Board Ebony Sheesham Wood 23”- 60 MM

Ebony sheesham chess board

A bigger variant of Ebony & Sheesham wood chessboard exclusively available at Chess Bazaar.

This intriguing chess set is made of high-quality wood and has Ebony wood on the dark side & Boxwood on the lighter side. The dimensions of the board are- 23” x 23” inches (bigger than the previous board in the same category) with a square size of 2.4” x 2.4” inches.

This board has a 22 mm thickness and weighs 5500 grams approximately. Its recommended King size is in between 1.8” to 2.0”.

What are you waiting for? Order now and get this beauty delivered to your doorstep in 15-20 business days.

3. Beautiful Luxury Chess Board Sheesham Wood Box Wood- 21” 56 MM

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Talking about lavish chessboard what comes to your mind first? Probably, it’s wood and to be specific it must be Sheesham. With the exceptional charms of Sheesham and Boxwood- this
luxury chess is an awesome addition to your collection. 

This Chessboard by Chess Bazaar has Sheesham wood on one side and Boxwood on the other. The best part is its felted green velvet underside. The dimensions of this board are- 21” x 21” inches and a square size of 2.2” x 2.2” inches. 

Would you like to bring this luxury chessboard of 5600 grams home? Check it out now to decide before it gets stock out.

4. Wooden Chess Board Rounded Edge Blood Red Bud Rose Wood- 23”- 60 MM

Budrosewood Chess board

The most amazing part about this elegant chessboard is its main characteristic- The Bud Rose Wood that forms its blood-red texture. This chessboard from the house of Chess Bazaar looks amazingly appealing that no one can resist easily. 

Talking about the dimensions, this chessboard is 23” x 23” inches with a square size of 2.4” x 2.4” inches. The thickness of the board is 22 mm and weighs 5500 grams. 

What is your take on investing in this flawless chessboard under the incredible craftsmanship?

Considerable option for a favorable choice of the solid wood chessboard

  • Size is an important aspect, but if you are unsure then you always ask for the standard one. If you are sure what measurements your storage demands and what square size are perfect for your already owned chess pieces- you can always make an easy selection.
  • Not at all remain in the myth that wooden boards do not offer a huge variety of colors. There are different shades to pick up from and use them as décor when you are not planning to play.

Going for contrasts is also a big yes for chess enthusiasts. At last, your chessboard ought to fulfill all your demands to be your best and worthy purchase.

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