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It’s Playtime with Exclusive Garden Chess Sets

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Would you like to play chess in all the green atmosphere? How pleasant it would be to enjoy a giant garden chess set! This is going to be an immensely beautiful experience. 

Feeling the greenery and playing chess with a fresh mind is no less than a bliss. If you are keen to enjoy such a time with your loved ones, then you must get a garden-friendly chess set. 

Now you must be thinking- where to buy? Fret not- Mega Chess has got you covered. Check out the forth-given garden chess sets recommendations exclusively by our experts. 

Plastic Giant Chess Set

A four-foot-tall plastic giant chess set like this can fulfill your aspirations of a playful garden experience. The best part is you would not have to bear the heaviness of a big chess set as it is made of plastic.

However, you have the option to add weight to the base to make it heavier and more stable. Even aggressive use would not interrupt with its durability. 

This 49-inch Mega chess product has a King which is 49” inches tall with a 9.5” inch base and weighs around 4.75 lbs. Even, its Pawn is 40” inches tall and is perfectly made. There are inserts present that give you the privilege to make it short or taller.

Nothing attracts the chess lovers more than an adjustable chess set that can be installed in the garden for years to come. Have a look at the Mega Chess’ website for a better idea about this chess set. 

2. The Original Mega Chess 25 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set

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We heard you are confused about the size of your new garden chess set’s purchase. Stop worrying and confused as Mega Chess offers an adjustable chess set. Yes, This is an original Mega Chess comes with the option to make set 37-inch tall by adding a 12-inch extension. This way you can have a set which is 37-inch and 25-inch at the same time. 

This set is sturdy enough to handle aggressive use and can be installed at the domestic as well as commercial places. This can be your choice if you seek a three to the four-foot chess set. This is surely a luxury that children like during lovely evenings in the garden. Talking about the size- the King is 25” inch (height) x 9.5” inch (base) x 2.75 lbs (weight). This set is quite popular and Mega Chess has already sold 10,000 sets around the world. This is surely worthy of your money- Go ahead. 

3. The Mega Chess 26 Inch Perfect Giant Chess Set

MegaChess Giant Chessmen

This is one of the best durable and detailed chess set available on Mega Chess’ website. This chess set is a great idea to enhance your kid’s interest in this intriguing mind game. An ideal garden chess set that elevates the aesthetics of any facade. Its stunning detail will impress your guests like anything and you will be glad to make such a choice. 

It is a beautiful as well as durable set and represents how a revolutionary chess set looks like. It is extra strong with the UV-4 protection and polyethylene resin. The King of this chess set is 26” tall with a 10” base and weighs 4.2 lbs. Such amazing pieces are sold by Mega Chess for the past 10 years and now you should get it a try too. PS- You can add LED lights and a logo to give this set a more personalized appeal. 

4. The Original Mega Chess 37 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set

37" Plastic Chess Set

Three- foot tall chess set that comes at an affordable price and that too under the reliability of Mega Chess. Let us persuade you more. This plastic made chess set is adjustable and can become 37 inches from 25-inch sizes. Absolutely no worries of wear & tear whether aggressive or not. This chess set can entertain you for the long term while keeping up the grace of your garden. 

This set has a King of 37” inch tall and 9.5” inch base & weighs around 3.75 lbs. Its Pawn is 28” inch tall and has a base of 9.5” inch. This set is Mega Chess’ best creation in terms of art, durability, and quality. Mega Chess is known as a renowned name for manufacturing these larger than life chess sets to make gardens more beautiful. Get it installed in your space by checking it out over the Mega Chess site. 

5. Mega Chess 25 Inch Plastic Light- up LED Giant Chess Set

LED Chess Set

How about a chess set installed in your garden that looks fabulous during the day and lightens up the night? Thinking how is that possible? Well, there is no end to the creativity of expert artisans and manufacturers associated with Mega Chess. This is a giant chess collection that has 25-inch pieces that looks larger than life. You can always add your personalization to this already amazing set with a logo. 

Durability is the promise of the manufacturers of this garden chess set. While talking about the detail- this chess set can win your heart at the first glance. It is perfectly sized for a lawn as its King has a height of 25” inch and a base of 9.5” inch. The King weighs around 2.75 lbs and comes with an LED inset, which looks even more impressive. This is surely a nice set that you can check out on Mega Chess. 

Pick up the best chess set for your garden

Enjoying a pleasant evening with friends and family over a perfect game of chess can be an ideal time for many. However, you need to make the right selection and Mega Chess offers some dedicated garden chess sets as per your aspirations. Do not forget to pick up the right size, material, and pattern to make the most of your money invested. All the best! 

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