Five Lessons From Vishy Anand- The Indian Legend Chess Grandmaster

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Vishwanathan Anand, popularly called as Vishy Anand by his fans, is a five-time world chess champion. Every chess lover admires him as the strongest player and therefore calls him the grandmaster of the game. In the 1980’s he started playing the game and earned the crown of “Lightning Kid” for his rapid playing speed. Till date, he is one of the intelligent minds to have ever played chess.

Being the King of the game, Vishy Anand shares some of the lessons for his followers to help them master the game of intellect- chess. Here’s what the legend explains about the tactical and strategic themes of playing the game:-

Talent or hard work

Talent is a gift but hard work is your earnings. If you work hard to learn the game, you will surely master it. If you have a talent and don’t work hard enough to utilize it, your talent is of no use. So, hard work is the key to unlock the hidden opportunities your talent has for you. Also, if you lack talent, your hard work will make you competent and if you are born with talent, you will be stronger.

Constant and objective self-critical analysis

It is important to evaluate oneself to figure out your vices, gaps, and strengths. There may be things you are learning wrong. So, unlearn them and relearn new, effective, and right techniques. The constant and objective self-critical analysis keeps you dedicated to your goals as you will always be seeking to be a better version of yourself.

Know your weaknesses

No person is without flaws. As a chess player, you have to identify your weaknesses. Once you know what are your weaknesses, you will know what are the wrong tactics that are holding you back. Always remember that your weaknesses reveal your true potential. So, you need to find adequate ways to improve and be better at the game.

Conquer your fears

If you are afraid to fail, you can never become the best chess player. So, it is necessary to conquer your fears of failure or defeats. But it is not an easy thing to do as there is no magic pill to get rid of negative dreads. Your failures are the ladder to success and therefore welcome your struggles, the pain, hard work, and practice with your chess equipment to conquer your fears

Calm your emotions

Your body language is the language of emotions, power, confidence, and strength. If you cannot control your emotions, you will always lose your game. This is because of the reason that your opponent can easily figure out your next move. So, train yourself to remain calm and control your emotions. In the game of chess, the unreadable player and push your opponent to make a mistake.

These are some useful lessons by Vishy Anand, the grandmaster of chess. Drawing inspiration from the world of chess, the champion says that you need to enjoy the mind game to become a great chess player. If you are an aspiring chess player or your child want to become a chess champion, all you need is wonderful chess equipment and follow these lessons shared by the grandmaster of chess, Viswanathan Anand.

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