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Forward Chess Online Authentic Review 2022

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Store Name: Forward Chess
Store Description: Forward Chess is an online seller of interactive chess books from the best contemporary publishers. Through its application that runs in all kinds of devices (laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones), it makes available the classics and the choicest modern chess books.
Price Range: Economy Range
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As an exclusive seller of interactive, electronic chess books, Forward Chess offers the widest range and variety of these online. They make available the classics as well as most of the highly regarded contemporary books of the best present-day publishers.

To facilitate thorough and effective study, they have created a highly functional chess application that many players appreciate. With their interactive books, they have set a new trend in chess book study, one which is not only as effective as the known traditional methods, but which is also oriented for very time-conscious chess players.

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Overall Rating: 4.6 out of a possible 5
All major chess book publishers representedOnly electronic books are sold
Extensive number of books from every publisherElectronic books generally offered at the same prices as their physical versions, which may not suit well those who believe electronic books should cost lower than physical ones
All books given comprehensive description as to be very clear about their subject matter
All books have downloadable samples for trial and affirmation of their content
Application that is used to read and study books is very user friendly
Application comes with a highly functional board and with a very powerful chess program as analysis tool
Books purchased are immediately downloadable, which spares users of shipping costs

Not too long ago digital books were thought to be a thing of the future. The idea that a book could be purchased across continents in a flash, and which you could flip through as though it were a real one, was quite a vague and distant reality.

Somehow, the gigantic technological leap at the turn of the century has not only made digital books a reality, but has even turned chess books into the interactive, digital variety. An, interactive, digital chess book is one which comes with a chessboard and a chess-playing program, which allow the user to play through the book’s games without a physical board and with a powerful analysis assistant, to boot.

Forward Chess has harnessed these technological advances to create an application that allows users to purchase and play through books from various popular chess publishers. It is a gem of an application, and nothing makes studying chess books as convenient as it does.

Let’s look at Forward Chess and its application more closely, and assess it according to the criteria that we evaluate online sellers.


A. Product Range/Variety

It’s astonishing how Forward Chess can bring a deluge chess books to chess players from every nook and corner of the globe. Let’s all see for ourselves the publishers it carries, and the impressive number of books it allows chess players to access at the tap of their fingers:

  • Quality Chess
  • Everyman Chess
  • Mongoose Press
  • Chess Stars
  • Chess Informant
  • Elk and Ruby
  • Russell Enterprises
  • New In Chess
  • Chess Publishing
  • La Casa Ajedrez
  • Independent
  • Metropolitan Chess
  • Thinkers Publishing
  • Chess Evolution
  • British Chess Magazine

Quality Chess, alone, offers eighty one books, and the others are close to that number. That’s certainly more than enough in all.

Very likely, then, every chess player will find something he needs at Forward Chess, whether it’s an opening, middlegame, endgame, tactics, biographical or historical chess book. And given the roster of publishers, which are some of the best in contemporary chess book production, there shouldn’t be a dearth of quality books to pick.

The selections are most probably chosen by the publishers themselves, and they haven’t included all the titles they have ever produced. Some titles from a particular publisher, therefore, may not be available.

Still, each of them loads their offering with their classics and their newest ones written by the most popular and highly regarded authors, which make Forward Chess a one-stop-shop for the best chess books of today and the previous generations.

For Product Variety we give Forward Chess 5 stars

B. Product Quality and Price

Instead of reviewing the quality of the books Forward Chess sells, which are really the handiwork of its authors and publishers, we should perhaps review the quality of its application. How well this application runs has everything to do with how their offerings get to be enjoyed and studied effectively.

The most important feature of this application is its analysis board. It is big and clear, and the pieces respond sensitively to every tap of the forward and backward button.

This board comes loaded with Stockfish 10 as analysis tool. While studying games, Stockfish could be made to run in the background to assess the flow and quality of the game. It is particularly helpful if you wish to try variations that weren’t considered by the players. It lets you known instantly if your idea is good, dubious, or an outright blunder.

An objective analysis and consideration of important variations, coupled with help from a powerful engine, is always one of the best exercises for a chess player.

The application gives a “Books” button for books that a user has already purchased and a “Store” button for books being sold. This gives a neat categorization of all the books the user finds in the face of the application.

By experience, we can site several reasons why Forward Chess’ application is much superior to that of others. For one, the clear division between books owned and those sold gives much convenience.

It provides users with their own shelf or personal library. Other applications do not do this, leaving users to remember which books among the lot sold they’ve already purchased. If they’ve purchased many, it can be quite a task to remember them all.

For another, the application has an automatic or built-in bookmark for every book studied, and it always brings you to the same page where you stopped. This allows users to study multiple books at the same time without losing track of the chapters and pages.

Other applications have you start at the first page every time you open a book, which will have you wasting much time recalling where you’ve ended. If you haven’t opened a book for a while, or if you’ve studied other books in the meantime, chances are you’d be repeating some study material.

We note, however, that the application for laptops and desktops does not run as smoothly as the application for smartphones. When Stockfish is turned on, they’d bog down a bit, and the pieces wouldn’t immediately move when you press the forward or backward button.

Still, as a learning tool that allows many conveniences, we find the Forward Chess application the best of its kind.

As for product price, we’re pointing out that Forward Chess’ electronic books cost pretty much the same as their physical versions.

Now, if an electronic and physical book cost the same there could be much argument which to get. Many would still go for physical books, as they should be more expensive after all given the costs of material and printing.

Chess, too, has been traditionally studied with physical books, and more than a handful believe it can’t be studied any other way. Physical books also make a tangible collection every chess player becomes proud of, and used books could be lent, sold, or exchanged for another that is more useful at a particular moment.

Electronic books, however, are just as good. We believe, in fact, that the more serious one gets with chess, the more inclined he would be towards digital varieties.

Digital books, above all, allow chess players to be very efficient with their time. They make study possible outside of our homes, and could turn spare moments into useful sessions for chess.

Those down moments queuing in the bank, for instance, become well utilized with a few puzzles solved. The few minutes in bed catching sleep become well spent with some games analyzed, and the extra hour in the tournament hall gets to be wonderfully utilized with a rehash of an opening line we’re about to unleash.

That’s without saying, of course, that a full six to eight hours of study could be given to a digital book on a smartphone just as you would to a board and book. They aren’t any less convenient, and they’d save you hours with their powerful engines, in fact, than if you’d study a game thoroughly on your own.

Digital books, too, don’t need to be shipped and they spare you shipping costs. You’ll be ready to study them a few minutes after download. This is another one of their time-saving features that make them very desirable.

Lastly, digital books never get old and never get lost. In the rare instance that a Forward Chess book malfunctions, you could simply delete it and download it again. Forward Chess doesn’t seem to put a limit to the number of times a purchased book gets downloaded.

Chess players always seem to lack time, and Forward Chess provides us with electronic books and a new way to study that allows us to maximize our time for chess.

The reason we’re raising this all is that if Forward Chess brings us electronic books without cutting a dime from their physical prices, we’re not complaining. Electronic books serve their own purpose, and they are just as valuable as the physical ones.

For Product Quality/Price we give Forward Chess 4.5 stars

We recommend/not recommend you if

You love and believe in the value of electronic chess booksYou are looking for something other than a chess electronic book
You want to purchase electronic books from the best contemporary chess book publishersYou believe electronic books should cost lower than physical books
You want to choose and buy from an extensive line of electronic books
You want to purchase from publishers who make clear what the subject matter of a book is
You want to receive a sample of a book before you decide to purchase them
You want electronic books to run on very user friendly applications
You want to study on chess applications with a highly functional board and with a very powerful analysis tool

C. Customer Service

Customer service does not seem to be much of a necessity in the business of selling electronic books. For one, the onus of knowing the subject matter of a particular book is on the buyer, and he can hardly make a case of some goods misrepresented. Electronic books are downloadable in an instant, too, and there can absolutely be no cases of a product arriving damaged in transit.

Yet, we fell into one instance when we direly needed assistance from Forward Chess. Back then, we were maintaining several accounts with them, and we made a request that all these accounts be consolidated under one name. After proving that these accounts were owned by one and the same person, our request was accommodated quickly.

We surmise that Forward Chess’ customer service will always be this quick and accommodating whenever requests, queries, clarifications or problems will come a buyer’s way. It was rare that we asked for assistance, but Forward Chess handled it with impressive efficiency.

For customer service, we give Forward Chess 5 stars

D. Customer Reviews

Forward Chess Testimonial
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Forward Chess Testimonial
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Screen Shot 2020 07 28 at 11.25.33 AM

E. General Online Shopping Experience

Forward Chess has built a very simple application, and it’s laid out very simply, too, for shopping purposes. A button labeled “Store” brings you to all the publishers, each with a button of its own, and every button in turn will bring you to all their available books. Each book has a good description and gives a comprehensive idea of its subject matter.

A sample of every book could be downloaded, too, for anyone who wishes to be sure of its contents. If a book is purchased, it could be immediately downloaded and would then appear in the user’s shelf or personal library. Searching for a book, knowing its contents, and purchasing it cannot be made simpler.

Forward Chess gives discounts by way of its monthly newsletter. Here, subscribers are informed of the newest book releases, which are usually offered at 15% discount.

Coupons at $5 each are also given to subscribers who could invite and get new subscribers to purchase at least a book. Of course, there are the sales, too, on important occasions like Christmas.

To sum-up, Forward Chess makes shopping fun and easy, just as it makes studying their electronic books very effective.

For shopping experience, we give Forward Chess 4.5 stars

How to use this app

Using the app is quite simple. There are two steps.

  1. Sign up with Forward Chess and confirm your email.
  2. Download the app for the device you’d like to use. The app is available for Android, Windows, MacOS and AppleStore.
  3. You can buy either from their website or from the app. If you buy the book through the website, you can later sync it to the app.

The following images shows how to use their app.

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Books Library

Forward Chess Bestseller

Dvoretsky's Endgame Manual - Fifth Edition


World's Most Instructive Amateur Game


Kaufman's New Repertoire for Black and White


The Russian Endgame Handbook


Is this shop legit?

Forward Chess is comparatively a new website and have revolutionize with the digitization of chess books.

They have an amazing range of chess books from many known publishers and their amazing app makes it super easy to read the stuff along with the game.

With very little time in the market, they have become a well known brand and we’re proud to review their website.

Forward Chess is a legit and trust worthy business who will take your chess knowledge to another level.



Yes, Forward Chess gives you the opportunity to read a sample of all the books before you make a purchase.

Yes, Forward chess has an official app which you can download from their website. The app is compatible with all devices like Android, Mac OS & Windows.

Unfortunately there is no option for a refund. The Forward Chess has made an option of read sample before you buy, so make sure to do your proper research before buying a book.

No, they only sell digital chess books which you can read on their app.

No, you can’t download it on Kindle, since the books are customized according to the Forward chess app and have chess games for better understanding.

Forward Chess allows you to take your chess library with you anywhere you go . You can sync your books between your favorite mobile(iOS / Android) and desktop(Windows / Mac) devices . You don’t need a physical chess board . The in – built chess board and engine help you study your favorite books . Other advantages include instant delivery, no shipping cost and free publisher corrections and book updates! Electronic chess books have other advantages, too: instant delivery, no shipping costs, and even free publisher corrections and updates .

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