Plastic Giant Chess Set

Giant Chess Sets From MegaChess For Happening Game Sessions

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“Chess is the art which expresses the science of logic”- Mikhail Botvinnik

Huge and larger than life chess set is a beautiful representation of the chess as an art form. Chess is not restricted to the table and can be used in parties. This is so exciting to participate in a chess game held in the backyard. 

Are you seeking for something relevant? Today we will be discussing some exclusive giant chess sets exclusively from the unique collection.

1. MegaChess Plastic 8 Inch Giant Chess Set

8" giant chess set

Stop searching for an oversized chess set any further. Here are we asking you to check out 3 feet by 3 feet- Chess set for the tabletop at clubs, schools, and other places. This is the Mega Chess Plastic 8 inch Giant Chess set.

This surely larger than the other regular chess sets and has a king-sized at 8.25 inches. However, this set is meant for indoor use and has all the durability. 16 white and 16 black pieces are made from high-quality plastic- Meant for commercial and residential usage. 

This giant chess set is handcrafted to appear marvelous and withstand the weather conditions. You have a choice to either go for model MP08 and MP08SN. Pick up what pleases you. 

2. MegaChess 7 Inch Rubber Tree Giant Chess Set

Giant rubber tree chess set

Mega Chess has an amazing rubber tree set that is 2.5 times the size of the regular set. It is ideally made to fit on a 3-inch square. Such a beautiful chess set can win hearts at the first glance. 

Talking about the main factor, which is the Eco-friendliness. This set is perfect for the ones who wish to own a set that is elegant and does cause any harm to the environment at the same time. Tree sap converted to rubber was indeed an awesome idea and serves the manufacturing quite well. 

This giant set is inexpensive and has a 2- 3 feet wide chessboard. If you seek beauty, Eco-friendly, and affordable chess set- This is perfect for you. Check it out on Mega chess’s official site. 

3. MegaChess 12 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set

Screen Shot 2020 09 23 at 11.00.33 PM

A versatile and entry-level chess set that is giant in size. How do these specifications sound to you? If you are pleased- read further. Mega Chess set 12-inch size made from the finest quality plastic is just for your requirements. 

This jumbo chess is meant for outdoors like the- resort, malls, cruise line, and other places where fantastic installations are required to entertain guests. This perfect for kids as well as adults. 

Its 12-inch King and 8-inch Pawn stand tall among all the chessmen of this giant set. Have a better idea about this perfectly manufactured 12-inch premium chess set on the official site of Mega Chess. 

4. MegaChess 16 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set with Nylon Mat

16" Plastic Giant Chess Set

An another giant chess set that is perfect for the entry-level. This is perfect for commercial and personal use. This is Mega Chess 16 inch plastic giant chess set with a nylon mat. 

A suitable chess set if you have limited space in the outdoors. 4′ x 4′ sized chessboard looks quite nice installed in the backyard or at some commercial place. This awesome set opens up the horizons of the player while playing chess in the open air. 

If you are planning for an ultimate set for outdoors which is affordable, then this is the set for you. Just have a thorough look at the product at Mega Chess. 

5. The Original MegaChess 25 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set

25" Plastic Giant Chess Set

Are you seeking a game of ultimate oversized chess set for different places? Whether it is a university, corporate campus, cruises, apartment, or schools- This original Mega Chess Set sized at 25 inches is quite suitable. 

You can go to this chess set and get a chessboard between 8 feet and 12 feet wide. Doing some real business is possible with this giant chess set. It is going to provide some really entertaining hours to its users. 

PS- Feel free to add customization if you wish to get more heaviness on this already weighted chess set.

Plus, it is possible to convert them into 37 inches by purchasing extensions of 12 inches. 


6. MegaChess 24 Inch Medieval Fiberglass Giant Chess Set

Fiberglass Giant Chess Set

Medieval designed chess, which is re-designed by Mega Chess. Are you willing to get more details? This set is quite renowned as the decorative chess model. It is one of the best selling products on Mega Chess. 

It is quite close to the original design and shape despite being re-engineered. It has the most recognizable and realistic faces seen so far. 32 detailed statues with the traditional aura are perfect to stand tall in the grass or ground. 

This 24 inches resin chess set has 24” inches King and weighs around 6 pounds. This is a weighted set made from resin and fiberglass material. This strong chess set can be placed permanently outdoors. 


To know more, check it out Mega Chess’ website. Or directly purchase it from there. 

7. The Original MegaChess 37 Inch Plastic Giant Chess Set

Plastic Giant Chess Set

Do you wish to feel how does it feel to stand next to huge chess pieces? This 37 inches Mega Chess can be placed anywhere from the shopping malls to apartments, and campus to resorts. This works beautifully at any place and attracts everyone immediately. 

This three-foot-tall durable set is available at the best possible price and has 8 feet to 12 feet wide chessboard. It is feasible to make additions for converting this set shorter from 37 inches to 25 inches by removing extensions. 

This is a beautiful set that works great to encourage children to participate in the mind game of chess. If you wish to own a larger than life, durable, and versatile chess set, then this is best as per your requirements. 

8. MegaChess 72 Inch Fiberglass Giant Chess Set

Fiberglass Giant Chess Set

Let’s talk about an unrealistic chess set (obviously we are talking about a giant chess set). This one one of the masterpieces of the Mega Chess sized at 72 inches and is made of fiberglass. You must be keen to get more ideas and get intrigued, isn’t it? 

This is one of the most stunning and giant chess set that every chess lover should own (kidding, that is just a suggestion). This has all the elements to deal with the harsh weather and wear & tear. It has a huge chessboard which is 16 feet wide. 

This surely a detailed chess set that can be used by any photographer as a prop or a decorative piece in the house backyard. Or, perhaps an ideal chess set, to be placed at ay commercial property- Either way it works wonderfully. So, what is your take on this one of a kind chess set? 

Buy the best one as per your choice

These are a lot different than the normal chess sets in terms of the size, material, sturdiness, and appearance. This is surely an exclusive collection of chess that is equally useful in the battle, presentation, and business.

All the above-mentioned pieces will not let you down in any terms. If you are still confused- Just check out all the chess set and pick the best one as per your desire. 

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