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Indian Chess Set: A Never-Ending Traditional Grace

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Do you know Chess was known as Chaturanga in ancient India around the 6th Century AD? This fact is surely intriguing, but the classic manufacturing of ancient Indian Chess Sets is even simply outstanding enough to leave anyone spellbound. 

Let us take you to the rich culture of Indian Chess via enchanting chess sets that are too beautiful to skimp on. Explore a blend of beautiful design and traditional touch in the chess sets. Alert! You will drool over each of our recommendations.

The Lund Anglo-Indian Reproduction Luxury Bone Chess Pieces

King Height: 4.75”
King Base : 1.5”
Chessmen Weight: 
Base Pad: Billiard Cloth
Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.5″
Extra Queens: No

This pretty replica of Lund Anglo-Indian Chessmen represents the master English Craftsman Thomas Lund. This set has deep roots during the times when Britishers were ruling India. 

The King of 4.75” inch height and 1.5” inch diameter stand tall among all 32 chessmen of this set. This perfect merge of beauty and functionality demands a chessboard of size- 2.5” inch. 

Are you ready to have a great playtime with an Indian chess set made of the highest quality Camel bone?

2. The Vizagapatam Luxury Bone Chess Pieces- 6.1” King

The Vizagapatam Luxury Bone Chess Pieces

Material: Camel Bone
King Height: 6.1”
King Base : 1.6”
Chessmen Weight: 
Base Pad: Billiard Cloth
Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.5″
Extra Queens: No

A proud offering by the House of Staunton- The Viagapatam Luxury Bone Chess Set. This exclusively carving of the late 1700s from the times of East India John Company leaves lasting remarks till the date. 

This special chess set carved out of Buffalo & Elkhorn, Sandalwood, Tortoise shell, Camel Bone and Rosewood has an impactful size. Its King stands tall with a nice height of 6.1” inch with a 1.6” inch base. 

Intrigued to buy this chess set? Do not forget to buy a 2.5” inch square-size chessboard.

3. The Traditional Indian Hand Carving Chess Pieces In Sheesham & Boxwood- 5.1”

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Material: Sheesham Wood / Boxwood
King Height: 5.1”
King Base : 1.49”
Chessmen Weight: 700 gms (24.69 oz)
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Chess Board Size: 45 mm – 55 mm
Extra Queens: No

This beautiful, traditional, and appealing chess set available on the Chess Bazaar possesses enough authenticity to be your first choice. This hand carving craftsmanship is simply wow that can leave anyone speechless. 

The King of 5.1” inch height and 1.49” inch base stand proudly among all 32 chessmen. Made from Sheesham and Boxwood, both light and dark side representation true grace. 

Buy this chess set with Indian intricacy from Chess Bazaar and get it delivered with free shipping.

4. The Lotus Series Chess Pieces In Bud Rose & Box Wood- 4.7” King

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Material: Bud Rose Wood / Boxwood
King Height: 4.6”
King Base : 1.3”
Chessmen Weight: 460 gms (16.23 oz)
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Chess Board Size: 55mm
Extra Queens: No

Lacquer or Buff- Whatever finish you prefer for this already bright Lotus Series Chess Set, the charm will enhance. Made of real Bud Rose & Box Wood, this chess set is a must-have in your collection. 

This Indian chess has a King of 4.6” inch with a 1.3” inch of base. There is no board included but the recommended board size is 50 mm sq. This weighted chess set weighs around 460 grams and is perfect to carry around. 

Get it delivered to your doorstep in 4-6 business days from Chess Bazaar.

5. The Sultan Series Luxury Chess Pieces- 4.0” King

The Sultan Series Luxury Chess Pieces

King Height: 4.0”
King Base : 1.875”
Chessmen Weight: 
Base Pad: 
Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.375″
Extra Queens: Yes

This is one of the most popular and best-selling chess set on the official site of the House of Staunton. This Sultan Series Luxury Chess Set is designed by Maestro Frank A. Camarratta, which is considered one of the most enchanting masterpieces in the chess world. 

Its king has a height of 4.0” inch and a base of 1.85” inch, which stands tall among all the chessmen made out of finest quality genuine ebony and natural boxwood. 

This heavily-weighted chess set weighs 67 Ounces and the recommended board size is 2.375” inch for a nice playtime.

6. Rajasthan stone Art - Unique Chess Sets- Indian Handmade- 10 x 10 Inches

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Exclusively from the Shalin India Brand, this Rajasthan stone art is considered auspicious for households. This Indian chess set of dimensions- 10 x 10 x 1.5 inches and 2.9 pounds of weight is the perfect set to have a good playing time. 

This imported decorative chess set made from high-quality wood & stone is hand-carved and showcases true craftsmanship. It will arrive in a decorative box with a velvet cover inside, giving the best of the presentation feels. 

PS- The recommended manufactured age is more than 7 years.

Beautify your Space with Indian Chess Artifacts

Some of the finest games of Chess are handmade and crafted by Indian artisans. This is more like traditions for Indian households that have been passed on by the generations from the Gupta Empire. The Skills that Indians hone in such a creation is simply marvelous and highly appreciable. So, bring home all the beauty and make a perfect addition to your ancient chess collection a well-carved Indian Chess Set.

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