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Channelize Your Creativity Like Never Before with Lego Chess Sets

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Alert! Lego Chess Sets will leave your little ones overwhelmed with joy.

Creativity is what keeps you and kid intrigued? Well, Lego chess sets are surely something of your interest.

Earlier no one thought that chess can be creative and then Lego sets were available. Care about a little information? It won’t hurt anyway 😉

This is how you can indulge your kiddo into playing chess. This is the best gift for any kid or adult who loves chess and Lego at the same time.

Lego Chess sets will never let a child avoid sitting on the table and enjoy chess. Indeed, it acts as a perfect persuasion for any kid to actually build interest in Chess. 

So, ready to get such intriguing chess set for the apple of your eye? Here are our top-notch recommendations.

1. LEGO Iconic Chess Set 40174

Lego Chess Set

Here is the very first recommendation from us exclusively from the LEGO store and available at Amazon. ‘LEGO Iconic Chess Set’ is one of the best chess sets that entitles as the iconic one of them all. 

It is 3.31 pounds weighted chess set with all the incorporation of beautifully crafted mini-figures. This set cannot be skimped on by a true chess and Lego enthusiast- They will buy this 21.25 x 11 x 3.5 inches dimension chess set after having a look at it once only. 

There is an integrated storage area to store the chess pieces when they are not in use. This is how the true craftsmanship is preserved internally in the chessboard only. 

Never refrain from having a sense of triumph and get this chess set. This is to complete your collection and let you build Lego when you feel bored. 

Trust us; if you love Lego and Chess, then there is no way that you would not be interested in this set. We highly recommend you have a look at it thoroughly over Amazon and decide accordingly. 

2. LEGO Pirates Chess Set 40158

Lego chess set

Wish to feel like you are in the sea? Or wish to get the ultimate pirate to feel with the Lego chess blocks? Pick up this ‘Lego Pirates Chess Set 40158‘. 

Available on Amazon, this chess set is a beach-themed plank with all the fun. It has 32 vibrant blocks that are a lot different than the traditional chess set.

However, rules and strategies are the same for this Pirate Lego set. There are 20 mini-figurines accessorized with weapons that depict the craftsmanship at its best. 

This set is about 3.09 pounds in weight and dimension at 21.26 x 2.76 x 11.02 inches. It is such a cool game is to play with kids or adult friends or merely place as the showpiece in your house.

This is a game that can keep your interest for hours while treating your eyes well.

PS- You will pay attention to the carvings mostly while playing- So, try to focus on playing more. 

3. LEGO Kingdoms Set Chess Set (853373)

Lego Chessmen

How about a chess game that gives an actual feel of being in a Kingdom? Kids will be fascinated by the idea merely. We have a surprise for your little ones. 

Here is ‘LEGO Kingdoms Set Chess Set’ available at Amazon that is just right to keep any kid intrigued in the mind game of chess without getting bored. Your kiddo can enjoy and learn at the same time with a Kingdom-themed set. 

This is a 13.5 x 3 x 13.5 inches dimension set with 2.34 pounds of weight. The recommended age of this Lego Chess set by the manufacturer is up to 6 years but it will surely last more than that.

All these royal personalities will grab your attention and persuade you to give your best shot in Lego style. The storage container will let you keep all 32 pieces safe and sound after the game ends. 

Check out this real game Lego chess with the feel of firearms and weapons in the kingdom exclusively on Amazon.

PS- you will be allured. 

4. LEGO Vikings Chess Set


Are you seeking the trendiest Lego chess set? Vikings are all about it and their fame would not disappear like Pirates.

We are introducing to you a Lego chess set that has a manufacturer minimum age recommendation of 10 years and up. Chess set with 5 pounds of weight and dimension of 15.5 x 12.6 x 2.6 inches.

Yes, we are talking about ‘LEGO Vikings Chess Set‘. This wage battle exclusively on the chessboard will take you ahead of your chess game while teaching you to give your best in Lego. Either way, your kiddo will be becoming smart and imaginative. 

All 24 mini-figures are beautiful and represent the true efforts of the craftsmanship. These pieces carry leather handle cases, board holding Velcros, and snap closures. To keep them all safe, there are storage compartments present in there. 

These struggle axes and horned helmets are all about this interestingly crafted game for chess & Lego enthusiast. So, are you all set to tune in? 

5. Lego Castle Chess Set

Lego Castle Chess Set

This chess set weighs 14.59 pounds and is available on Amazon. This set comes with the dimension of 24.3 x 20.9 x 7.3 inches. Can you guess the name? Of course, it’s from the LEGO brand.

It’s ‘LEGO Castle Chess Set’. This is an incredible chess set with the biggest Lego chessboard. It lets you discover an amazing castle with all the detailed elements like-dungeon, armory, and so on. 

With the whole scene of a caste- This chess set does not skimp on the chess pieces. They are all depicted and crafted in the form of King, Queen, evil wizards, dwarves, trolls, castle turrets, siege towers, warriors, and the list goes on. 

This is going to remind you of your favorite fantasy show and will take you to the world of wizards while you play chess by joining Lego blocks of different chessmen. It is going to be such a happening experience that you would never hold yourself from playing it again. 

Do you wish to experience this fan as a castle fan? Buy this Castle of Lego on Amazon right away. 

Get Your Own Lego Chess Set Now

Not just this brief collection but there are numerous other choices to pick up the best possible Lego chess set.

This was just an introduction for you to get started with these specialized chess sets for kids. These are the most thrilling gifting items for any kid. They would love to collect, own, and play with these interestingly crafted pieces.

This set is going to foster the creativity and imagination of the kids as well as adults. This is the perfect way to add emotions to a psychological sport like chess with the help of the Lego theme.

So, this is must-have chess set for any kid or an adult.

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