Lord of Rings Chessmen

Lord Of Rings Chess Set For An Out Of The Box Detailing

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Chess is an intriguing game for any age group. It gets more fascinating with beautifully carved chess pieces. If a chess player opts to add a themed chess set to his or her collection- then, the game is surely more interesting. Today we will be reviewing some Lord of Rings Chess Sets.

Yes, a popular story that is quite a hype for history lovers worldwide. These chess sets are like a merge of two widely famous things- Chess and The Lord of the Rings. Lucky! You will get to play with all the fame of this themed chess set. So, shall we begin?

1. The Lord of the Rings Battle for Middle Earth Chess Set by Nobel Collection Store

Lord of Rings Chess

This chess set is perfectly created with the specification in the strategy genre. The Noble Collection brand showcased the Lord of the Rings and the battle for Middle-Earth very beautifully. 

This all game revolves around the struggle for a single ring. The fascinating tale is depicted very well via command forces of good and evil. There are Galadriel, and Gandalf the Grey, Aragorn v/s Gollum, Saruman, The Nazgul, and Sauron- the dark lord. 

This incredibly detailed set of 32 sculpted pieces comes with two cloth bag storages with the printing of the Lord of the Rings. This 3.34 pounds weight set has dimensions of 10.43 x 10.43 x 3.94 inches. The estimated manufacturer age of this mesmerizing set is up to 3 years.

Check out now for better information before purchase of this chess set.

2. The Lord of the Rings Chess Set- The King is Back


The King is back people! Yes, this chess set of Lord of the rings declares the come back of its king. This amazingly carved themed chess set belongs to brand- Parker Brothers. 

This return of King edition is by Hasbro Games and contains 32 bronze figures with pewter effects. Its King is 3.5” inches in size and is perfect to play around with. You will certainly have a thrilling and fantastic experience such a masterpiece. 

It is recommended ideal for 2 players who are more than 8 years of age. So, hey kids and adults-you all can indulge in the beauty and tactics of this intriguing chess set.

3. Lord of the Rings- Fellowship of the Ring Chess Set

Lord of Rings Chessmen

This fellowship of the ring chess set is by the brand known as Parker Brothers. This pretty chess is the green box version of LOTR chess, which makes it even more appealing to buy. 

Such detailed pieces depicting particularly about the fellowship is so interesting. Playing with these pieces would a thrilling experience. Just give it a try!

This chess set has 3.5 pounds of weight and is 15.5 x 11.6 x 2.2 inches in dimensions. The recommended age of this chess set is up to 8 years. Check it out on Amazon and get a better idea
of what you are investing in.

What factors to consider while buying the Lord of Rings chess set?

Style– Usually, the Lord of the Ring sets look quite similar but often there is a lot of variation.

So, do not buy a set while thinking of the other. Always differentiate between the specifications of two distinct sets and understand their pattern before going for it. However, there are a few chess sets that can be differentiated easily but otherwise, you have to give closer attention to find your desired style.

Material– Skimping on a good material for chess is like wasting your money on any random chess set. So, always keep an eye on durable and worthy pieces of chess and avoid being allured by the beauty merely. Also, you can pay attention to the maintenance requirement of the chess and see if you can fulfill the commitment or not.

Use these tips and the above-given recommendations to find your best Lord of Rings Chess Set.

All the best!

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