Signature Contemporary Chess Board

Luxury Chess Board: The Ultimate Lavish Expression

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Exquisite designs, rich history, lavish materials, and impressive aesthetics- All these features in a single chessboard! How is it possible? Such intriguing features are possessed by the luxury chessboard. 

What about fine wood types and styles for your collection and regular power play? There are distinct choices to pick up one from, such as- rosewood, redwood, Sheesham, boxwood, ebony, and various other exotic hardwoods. 

Let’s explore our forth-given recommendations for luxury chess boards-

1. Signature Contemporary Chess Board- Red Amboyna/ Bird’s Eye Maple- 2.5” Squares

Signature Contemporary Chess Board

This signature contemporary chess board available at the House of Staunton reveals incredible features and true class. It is manufactured with red Amboyna & Bird’s eye maple. 

There are 2.5” inch squares on this US handcrafted chessboard. This stylish genuine ebony frame has elegant Spalted maple inlays and comes packed in a carrying bag. 

PS- You can choose between a deluxe or standard carrying bag.

2. Signature Contemporary Chess Board- Walnut Burl/ Maple Burl- 2.5” Squares

Signature Contemporary Chess Board

This fine chessboard by House of Staunton features two beautiful kinds of wood- walnut burl on the dark side and maple burl on the light side. We personally love those Spalted maple inlays & corner details. 

This contemporary design chessboard is handcrafted in the United States leaves a 25” x 25” inch footprint. There is an option to get a standard or deluxe carrying bag while ordering for this fantastic chess board. 

PS- There is a square size 2.5” inch over this board.

3. Signature Contemporary Chess Board- Vasticola Burl/ Bird’s Eye Maple- 2.5” Squares

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The House of Staunton presents Signature Contemporary Chess Board is exclusively handcrafted in the United States. Its beautiful and stylish frame made from ebony perfectly complements the genuine wood combination.

The height of the chessboard is 1.5625” inch, the footprint is 25” x 25” inch and the square size is 2.5” inch. This semi-gloss chessboard comes with a safe and secure carrying bag. 

This Vasticola burl and bird’s eye maple chessboard is definitely a great deal to buy.

4. Signature Contemporary Chess Board- Bloodwood/ Bird’s Eye Maple- 2.5” Squares

Signature Contemporary Chess Board

Avail of the Layaway Program while buying this enchanting chess board available on House of Staunton. This US handcrafted masterpiece with a semi-gloss finish possesses amazing features that will leave you in awe. 

This has a 2.5” inch square size, height is 1.5625” inch and footprint is 25” x 25” inch. There is Bird’s Eye Maple on the light side and Bloodwood on the dark side. 

This stylish chessboard with fine materials comes packed in a 25” carrying bag.

5. Signature Contemporary Chess Board- African Palisander/ Bird’s Eye Maple- 2.5” squares

Signature Contemporary Chess Board

The semi-gloss finish of this Signature Contemporary chess board possessing African Palisander and Bird’s Eye Maple has already impressed us and now it is your turn. 

Available with the authenticity of House of Staunton, this is surely a masterpiece. Its fabulous size and dimensions are- 2.5” inch square size, 1.5625” inch chess board height, and 2.5” x 2.5” inch footprint. 

What are you waiting for check it out on House of Staunton for further details?

6. Signature Contemporary II Chess Board- Curly Maple / African Palisander- 2.5” squares

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This signature chess board by House of Staunton is pretty intriguing and is made from the finest and rare woods like- African Palisander and Curly Maple. Signature Contemporary II Chess board is handcrafted in the United States and made available globally by the House of Staunton. 

It has a square size- 2.5” inch, a footprint of 25” x 25” inch, the height of 1 11/16” inch, and arrives packed in a 28” inch chessboard carrying bag. 

This is definitely a significant investment if you are looking for a nice playtime.

7. Custom Contemporary Chess Board- Purpleheart/ Curly Maple- 2.5” Squares

Custom Contemporary Chess Board

This is one of the best offerings of House of Staunton for luxury chessboard enthusiasts. This custom contemporary chess board is made of curly maple wood and purpleheart. 

This US-made chess board has 2.5” inch squares and has a footprint of 25” x 25” inch. The best part is you can opt for the Layaway program, which is to buy it in installments. 

What do you think about buying this amazing chessboard available at the House of Staunton? 


You can attain the pleasure of being an owner of the luxury chessboard with our exclusive and pocket-friendly recommendations all the way from the House of Staunton.

There is no second thought about the authenticity and reliability of the chess equipment bought from the House of Staunton. All these suggestions possess some real deal of workmanship and design that can allure anyone at the first glance.

Think about the chessboard that intrigues you and simply go ahead with your significant purchase.

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