Portable Chess Set

Magnetic Chess Sets For The Ultimate Portability And Convenience

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The purpose of the chess set matters a lot to make an appropriate purchase. To get the ultimate portability- Magnetic chess sets have an integral role to play. These are the perfect type of chess sets for travel enthusiasts. Nothing beats this kind of sets when it comes to easy to carry and not facing any discomfort. 

Magnetic chess sets which are also referred to as travel chess sets are usually made from wood. There are dozens of different patterns and styles that are enough to please any chess player. It can be used as a keepsake, gifting item, décor piece, for playing, and for various other reasons. These convenient sets would work elegantly in all situations. 

1. Travel Series Folding Magnetic Chess Set in Sheesham & Box wood - 12"

Travel Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Sheesham Wood / Boxwood
King Height: 2.4”
King Base : 0.8”
Chessmen Weight: 
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Chess Board Size: 
Extra Queens: No

This is a 30 cm x 15 cm x 5.6 cm dimension folding traveling magnetic chess set. There are a total of 32 chessmen made from Sheesham wood and boxwood. It has both the pieces and the board to form a complete set. There is a magnetic stud in the base of each chess piece for a sturdy gaming experience.

This chess set has a 2.4” inches tall king with 0.8” inch base. It comes packed in a beautiful box that has fixed soft casing inside to keep all pieces safe while on the travel. This high-quality travel series has a great rating on Chess Bazaar and is preferred by many chess lovers. Are you willing to give it a try? 

2. Chessmate - Ultima Deluxe Pocket Chess Set

Pocket Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Leather, Plastic
King Height: 
King Base : 
Chessmen Weight: 
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Chess Board Size: 
Extra Queens: 

House of Staunton presents to you awesome chess set to say checkmate with. This is one of the most intriguing chess sets that is known as the deluxe pocket chess set. The reason why this product is referred to as a pocket chess set is- It comes packed in a pocket slave to keep chessmen safe. 

There are a folding board of 6” inches and the overall size is 6” inch x 6” inch. This set has 0.75” inch square sizes that make it suitable for travel enthusiasts. Such high-quality leather and plastic travel chess set are surely worth taking to your next adventure. 

3. ULTIMATE WOODEN Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Magnetic Travel Chess Set

Key Highlights:

King Height: 1”
King Base : 
Chessmen Weight: 
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Chess Board Size: 
Extra Queens: 

Wooden chess sets have something special about them. Nothing is better if a real wood chess set is perfect for the travel. This ultimate wooden magnetic travel chess set available at House of Staunton is beautifully carved for comfort. Its fold-down flaps make it ideal for traveling. This set has a sturdy outer layering that keeps the chessmen safe. 

This golden rosewood & maple wooden chess set is in 7.5” inch x 7.5” inch dimension. It has squares of 0.75” inch over the board that is meant as per the size of the chessmen. It has a king, which is 1” inch in height. This House of Staunton manufactured set is beautifully handcrafted that win hearts at the first glance. 

4. Rosewood Color Folding Plastic Magnetic Travel Chess Set - 14"

Plastic Travel Chess Set

This high-quality lightweight plastic chess set is one of the best travel magnetic chess sets available on The Chess Store. Its box gives an exact feeling of carrying a mini suitcase or a backpack while going on a trip.

Its detailed structure and carving stand out and uplifts the aesthetics gracefully. There is an algebraic notation on the chessboard that most of the travel set doesn’t possess as a characteristic.

The open dimensions of this chess are- 14” x 12.25” x 1” inches and the closed dimensions are-7” x 12.25” x 1.75” inches. The king is sized at 2.75” inches with a base of 1” inch.

The total weight of this awesome magnetic set is 36 oz, which quite feasible to carry. So, try to turn these chess pieces upside down, and its box will keep chessmen perfectly stick inside. 

5. Magnetic Wooden Chess Checkers Set for Kids and Adults – 15”

Travel Magnetic Chess Set

Pawson Creations Store provides a great chess piece made from high-quality wood available on Amazon. There is from 6 years to 100 years of age range as per the manufacturer.

This set is made from renewable plantation wood that makes it ideal for the kids as well as the adults. The best part about such a beautiful creation is the walnut inlaid wood chessboard that comes with a smooth finish.

The total weight of this weighted chess is around 2.3 pounds and is dimension at 15 x 15 x 1 inch. This great fun game for learning and educating purposes is perfect to take on family travels. It is portable, well-designed, lightweight, elegant, eco-friendly, and what not? No wonder, this chess set with 3” inch King is worthy of investing in.

PS- This chess set has 2 extra queens and an e-book for the beginner players. So, learning basic tactics and strategies for the Chess game is never difficult with such a guide included in the set.  

The main factors to find a great travel chess set

  1. Magnetic strength- If you need to take a chess set for travel, then it must have enough strength to stick to the board while playing. Even when the chessmen are packed, there must be proper space for storing them.
  2. Size matters- Lightweight chess sets gain more popularity for portability purposes. This is one of the best sets to be considered for traveling and size ought to be feasible to carry around.
  3. Design and style- Design preference and uniqueness are of great significance for the choice of magnetic chess sets. However, this must be attractive enough to please you. There are different types available that can cater to your need quite well.

Pick up the most appropriate one by considering the above factors. 

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