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Marble/ Stone Chess Set for the Ultimate Royalty, Elegance & Charm

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Why stick to merely a wooden chess set when there are numerous types to explore? 


Italian or Pakistan made marble chess sets are one of the classiest collections that you can own! They are surely worth a glance or we would say a purchase. 


These chess sets have a beauty of their own that can make your heart swirl around. An ideal gifting set and amazing keepsake- this chess set can set your playing table on fire with aesthetics. 


Stone or marble chess sets are perfect sets to exemplify phenomenal luxury and fragility. A huge variety of colors, types, and designs make them even more appealing. Let’s explore them one by one- 

Marble Chess Set

How appealing it would be getting a royal chess set that showcases art? Handmade Weighted Marble Chess set from Radicaln can fulfill such a dream. 

This artistic chess set is made from fossil coral and white marble. This heavy-weight set allures every chess player. It can stand unaffected in the high humidity or during the breeze. 

This marble chess set is 14.09 x 13.86 x 4.17 inches in dimension and weighs around 9.86 pounds. Its recommended age is up to 12 years & more. This set contains a chessboard and 32 chessmen including a king of 2.75” inches. 

2. Radicaln Handmade White and Green Onyx Chess Set

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Radicaln’s handmade marble chess sets are beautiful creations to be in our top list of artistic sets. These are ideal for the home décor as well as for gifting purposes. 


This handcrafted marble item contains a board of 12” inches and 32 fragile chessmen. This green and white onyx chess set possesses premium quality and comes in a safe & secured package.


This chess set is 12 x 12 x 12 inches in dimension and weighs 10.56 pounds. Its manufacturer recommended age is more than 12 years. There are different color options that you select while making a purchase. So, pick up the best that suits your requirement. 

3. RADICALn Completely Handmade Original Marble Chess Set

Marble Chess Set

Get marble chess set with the minimum age of 12 years & more. This set weighs around 9.98 pounds and sized at 14.1 x 13.9 x 7.8” inches. This marble chess set is available on the Amazon and provides the real royal feel. 


Whether it is a family gathering, friend’s reunion, or regular chess playing mood- get it covered with this amazing chess set by Radicaln. Its king is 2.75” inches and leads proudly rest of 32 chessmen in the set. 


This set has felted bottoms that do not lead scratches to create bad experiences. It comes within a secure packaging to avoid any breaking of such a fragile chess set. Check out Amazon for more details. 

4. Radicaln 15 Inches Large Black and Fossil Coral Marble Chess Set

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Radicaln presents to you a beautifully handcrafted that exude royalty. We are introducing the 15 inches Large Handmade Black and Fossil Coral Weighted Marble chess set. 


Delight all your fellow players or home visitors by getting this beautiful chess set made from exclusive quality marble and coral pieces. All 32 chessmen are fragile but elegant at the same time. Such an eye-pleasing set is surely worthy of your investment. 


It has a king-sized at 3.5” inches with other chessmen on a 15” inches chessboard. Feel the real excitement of owning a chess set made from the marble right away. 

5. Handmade Staunton White and Green Onyx Marble Chess Game Set

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Lavish Chess Sets provide highly amazing home décor chess sets and the ones with the ultimate functionality. This Staunton White and Green Onyx Marble chess set are one of the best creations of Lavish Deals. 

This chess set is affordable, exclusive, and useful. It has a king of 2.8” inches with the other 32 chessmen over 12” inch chess board weighing around 14 lbs. This set has a dimension of 13.9 x 13.9 x 4.3” inch and weighted at 10.3 pounds. 

The manufacturer recommended age of this marble chess set is more than 10 years. Such an intriguing natural stone chess set is a must-have for any chess lover out there. 

6. RADICALn 15 Inches Ambassador White and Green Onyx Chess Game Set

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This chess set is made from high-quality marble and comes in large size of 15 inches. This branded chess set from Randicaln is made of White and Green Onyx exclusively. 

Such an awesome chess set can uplift the aesthetics of any space if used as home décor. Otherwise, it can do full justice to the top-notch player’s real chess game. Either way, this weighted chess set has got you covered. 

It has an overall weight of 22 lbs and comes in a safe package. Its king is 3” inches tall and is well-crafted. There are different colors like- black and coral, red and coral, black and white & white and black. Pick what pleases you at the first glance with thorough detailing. 

7. Radicaln 15 Inches Large Handmade Black and Fossil Coral Weighted Marble Full Chess Game Set

Coral Weighted Chess Set

You are getting nicely crafted 32 chess figures and a chessboard. These all showcase what true craftsmanship looks like. It is hand polished and comes in the fragile package. 

This is handmade marble chess set with the material used- black marble and fossil coral of high quality. It has a king of 3” inches height and comes with the extra felt bottoms for the best experience. 

This is surely a regal charm that every chess enthusiast would crave to witness. Such a chess set is well-adjusted in a board sized at 15 x 15” inches. View the in-depth details at the Amazon. 

8. Radicaln 15 Inches Handmade Fossil Coral and Black Marble Full Chess Game Original Marble Chess Set

Black Marble Chessmen

Imagine beautiful 32 chess pieces standing tall on a 15” inch chessboard? Does it intrigue you? You must have a look at Fossil Coral and Black Marble by Radicaln available on Amazon.

This chess set has a king of 3” inches height with the felt bottoms. Pawns, bishop, or queen- all exclusively crafted and showcase the superior quality of material as well as crafting. 

We highly recommend you invest in this elegant piece of art and surely you won’t regret it. Get full details by checking out this product of 22 pounds of weight on Amazon. 

9. Radicaln Handmade Marble Weighted Black and White Staunton Tournament Chess Board Games Set

Black Marble Stone Chessmen

How pleasing would a black and white marble material-made chess set look in your drawing room? Elegant home décor like this attracts everyone at the first glance and can be ideal chess set for family games. 

We are discussing the weighted marble chess set by Radicaln available on Amazon. This set has a 3” inches tall King with 32 other fragile chess pieces. All pieces are felted enough to provide the best experience for the player. 

Add that royal charm to your chess table or space with this artistic chess set made from real stone. This 13.7 x 13.7 x 4.3” inches and 10.33 pounds weighted chess set on a 12” inch board is going to be the best deal for you as a chess lover. 

10. CHH Imports 16 Inch Marble Chess Set

Stone Chess Set

Imported chess set by CHH available on Amazon is the real deal. You can get this amazing chess set without having to spend extravagantly. 


These marble chess pieces are beautifully created and represent The Blessing Pope John Paul II 550 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle. All the pieces are shaded randomly and are considered as masterpieces.


This weighted chess set has a manufacturer’s recommended age of 7 years & more. It is 0.79 x 1.46 x 0.69 inches in dimension and weighs around 12.32 pounds. Investing in this masterpiece is undoubtedly a bliss. 

Beware of the fragility of these marble chess sets

These marbles or real stone chess sets are elegantly curated. However, the only downside is a fragility that usually holds back people from making such a purchase.

These are more fragile than the other types of chess sets, but gives that ultimate feel and royalty like no other. This thing is taken care of by the manufacturers who deliver them in safe packaging to avoid any breakage.

After it reaches you, some precautions must be taken by you as well to keep such sets sound. If in case any breakage happens, then you can fix it with superglue. Feel free to check the product thoroughly before purchasing and you will definitely find a worthy piece. Good luck. 

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