HPL Medieval Times Crusades Gold and Silver Armored Warrior Knight Chess Men Set

Medieval Chess Set for a Throwback to a Different Era

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How about having time travel to ancient times via a chess set? The Medieval chess set has some amazing powers to take you back to the old times of epic battles, steel armors, and knights! 

The times of dragons, crusaders, and castles can be quite intriguing for a history lover who enjoy playing the game of chess. Are you up for a unique experience and wish to live up to the Renaissance era? 

Pick up your choicest Medieval Chess Set with our suggestions. Keep in mind the material, inclusion of chessboard, and size while getting blown by the beauty of these exclusive options.

1. Koehler - 17 inches Medieval Knights Chess Game Set

Medieval Knights Chess Game Set

Sunshine Megastore presents a strategy genre chess set in gold and silver color. These beautiful chess pieces are made of tempered glass board and polyresin. 

This imported chess set showcase what true craftsmanship looks like and is perfect for chess lovers. It has dimensions of 2.75 x 17 x 17” inches- Just perfect for a fantastic game session while traveling to the medieval era. 

Check it out on Amazon and see if you can resist its beauty.

2. Medieval Times Crusades Knight Red & Blue Set of Chess Men Pieces Hand Painted

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Your mind will travel back to the reign of the Knights when you will play this exclusive medieval chess set by Kraiovim. This pretty looking and well-defined figurine chess set in red & blue color is surely the first choice of any history enthusiast. 

This strategy genre chess set has a 3 x 1 x 1 inch as dimension and comes with no board. It has a king of 3 ¼ “ inch size and pawns of 2 5/8” inch- We must add the size is perfect to play regularly with. 

This 1.75 pounds weighted chess set with decorative package & foam storage is surely a charming set to keep.

3. Medieval Times Crusades Gold & Silver Warrior Knights Chess Men Set W/15” High Gloss Dark Walnut & Birdeye Maple Color Board

Medieval Times Crusades Gold & Silver Warrior Knights Chess Men Set

This Medieval Chess Set is too good to resist! This exclusive chess set WW/ HPL offers enchanting warrior knights as chessmen with the high gloss dark walnut & birdseye maple color chessboard. 

Such an intriguing ancient chess set in gold & silver has got you covered to make a significant investment and can be a perfect addition to the chess collection. 18 x 18 x 4.2” inch dimensions and 3 ¼” inch King makes it a perfect set to play around with. 

Have a detailed look at Amazon and do not forget to check out its decorative box that comes with foam storage.

4. HPL Medieval Times King Arthur/ Lancelot Camelot Knights Chess Men Set W/ 14” Mosaic Color Board

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We personally cannot resist any of the unique detailing of this chess set. From its Mosaic color chessboard to Knights as Chessmen- We cannot stop drooling. 

This chess set is perfect in size, shape, color, and overall aesthetics. There are felt bottoms and high durability because of solid resin as a material. King of 3 ¼ “ inch stands tall with the rest of 32 chess pieces. 

What are you waiting for? Have a glance at this exclusive medieval chess set by HPL now.

5. HPL Medieval Times Crusades Gold and Silver Armored Warrior Knight Chess Set- No Board

HPL Medieval Times Crusades Gold and Silver Armored Warrior Knight Chess Men Set

Here is another beauty by HPL that will take you to the times of the Crusades. These gold & silver color armored knights are the show stoppers of this whole medieval chess set. 

Its King of 3 ¼” inches with 32 chessmen made of solid resin, hand painted, and with the felt bottoms are enough to persuade to invest in these chess pieces without a chessboard. 

So, what is your take on purchasing this 1.75 pounds weighted chess set?


These beautiful yet powerful medieval chess sets are great ways to embrace history while playing chess. These chess sets remind us about the old era and times when knights & castles were all about the world.

All our recommendations are from top brands and are of high quality that would not regret putting your money in.

All these qualify very well to be a part of your ancient chess collection. Hurry up check them all at once and decide which medieval chess set would be in your chess closet.

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