Metal Chessmen with Wooden Board

Metal Chess Sets: Beauty Beyond Excellence With Real-Time Experience

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Every Chess Set is unique and has an individual fan base. If you are looking for something authentic and durable- Metal Chess Sets can fulfill your requirement. 

These are beautiful pieces created out of different metals, such as- gold, silver, and bronze. Metal Chess Sets have enough caliber to impress anyone from an amateur to the experienced chess player. 

Display them in your home or use them in the practical game- either way, the performance will be phenomenal. Let us warn you already that it is hard to get away with the charm of metal chess sets. After all, who can resist the attraction of metals?

1. Yellow Mountain Imports Travel Magnetic Chess Set

Metal chess set

So, what’s your take on a beautiful, elegant, and a shiny metal chess set which ideal for traveling? If you like this idea, then we have something exclusively from Yellow Mountain Imports available on Amazon. 


This 9.84 x 9.84 x 0.95” inches dimension chess set has a manufacturer’s recommended age up to 10 years. This means you can use these sparkling chess pieces for games till then. 


The king of this game is 1.93 x 0.79” inches dimension and the queen is about 1.7” x 0.7” inches. It comes with a foldable box with all 32 magnetic pieces that facilitates the easy traveling with it. You should definitely go for this amazing set. 

2. Grace Chess Inlaid Wood Board Game Set with Metal Pieces, Medium 12 x 12 Inch

Metal Chess Set

How about the sturdiness of wood along with the grace of metals? Get them both in Grace Chess Inlaid Wood Board Game Set with Metal Pieces by Beset Chess Set available on Amazon. 


This comes in a medium size of 12 x 12 x 3-inch dimensions. The total weight of this set is 3.78 pounds and has a square size of 1.2 x 1.2 inches. King stands tall at 2.5 inches of height. 


The chessmen are made of the zinc alloy with silver and bronze finish. However, its cabinet is made out of Birchwood all the way from China. All in all, it is a worthy chess set, to be on our list. 

3. Mars Silver and Bronze Metal Chess Pieces with 3 Inch King and Extra Queens, Pieces Only, No Board

Metal Chess PIeces

Best Chess Set offers awesome metal chess set on Amazon. It is a silver and bronze chess set. It has a king, which is 3” inches tall, and 2 extra queens for amazing chess playing experience.  

There is an option to get a king of varying sizes in this only chess piece set as it does not come with a chessboard. An ultimate way of freedom to pick up the board you like for these beautiful metal chessmen. 


Make them heavier by adding weights in the hollow cores. This weighted chess piece set weighs around 1.6 pounds ad made from the zinc alloy.

PS- Silver and Bronze finish gives a lavish feel for sure. 

4. Knights Metal Theme Chess Set by Manopoulos

Metal Theme Chess Set

Let’s talk about a continental chess set that is the perfect addition to any collection. The chess Store offers Knight Metal Theme Chess Set by Manopoulos. This brass and nickel set is dedicated to the Knights of the Middle Ages. 

This chess set has a king of 3.5” inches height with a 1.375” inch base. Its all chessmen are made from the brass and nickel & have lacquered for the luster. The overall weight of this chess set is 8 lbs.  

Get it delivered to your doorstep in one business day and start playing with this interesting theme game. Check out on The Chess Store for a better idea before placing an order.

5. Renaissance Theme Hand Painted Metal Chess Set by Italfama

Painted Metal Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Brass & Nickel Plated Cast Zinc, Painted Accents
King Height: 5.5”
King Base : 1.5”
Chessmen Weight: 12 lbs
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.375″ – 2.5″
Extra Queens: 

Italfama introduces great themed metal chess set on The Chess Store. It is hand-painted to showcase the Renaissance brilliantly and is imported from Italy. Pleased to know more?


It is a heavy chess set made from brass and nickel & weighs around 12 lbs. Its King stands tall at 5.5” inches with a base of 1.5” inches. All the chessmen have felted base and are made of cast zinc via wax casting process. 


Order it and this beautiful set of chessmen will be delivered to you in one business day wrapped up in an elegant green & a gold cardboard box. 

6. Contemporary Staunton Solid Brass Chess Set by Italfama

Brass Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Brass & Steel
King Height: 3”
King Base : 1”
Chessmen Weight: 8 lbs
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Chess Board Size: 1.75″
Extra Queens: 

Staunton pieces often create a great aura for chess players and are always loved by them. If you are also a passionate collector of chess- this contemporary Staunton brass chess set needs to be in the collection. 

It comes all the way from Italy and gives the royal feel with the necessary luster of coated lacquer. They are not going to tarnish anytime soon and will keep you entertained for a long. Its king is 3” inches tall and has a base of 1” inch. 

This brass-made set weighs around 8 lbs and comes with the authenticity of the brand name Italfama. When are you buying this beauty? Do not forget to check it out on The Chess Store.

7. Italian Arabesque Staunton Metal & Wood Chess Set by Italfama

Screen Shot 2020 10 05 at 9.00.40 PM

Another masterpiece under the brand name Italfama and available on The Chess Store. Its creativity will definitely intrigue your curiosity- Come have a look. 


Well- carved king of 3” inches with 1” base- this set has all the sophistication you will adore. It is a great piece for the decoration and easily distinguishable from ordinary chess sets. 


This 5 lbs weighted set is made from the brass & nickel from the above and has a natural wood in the center section. All chessmen feel great because of the stunning felted bottoms. It is surely great chess set to invest in. 

8. Agirlgle Metal Chess Set with Folding Wooden Chess Board

Metal Chessmen with Wooden Board

Amazon presents with an association with the brand Agirlgle a beautiful chess set including the chessboard. Both adults and kids can enjoy such an intriguing carving. 

It has dimensions- 29 x 28.5 x 2.8 cm and has 32 metal chessmen. Its king is sized at 2.6” inches and an enchanting outlook. There is a handmade folding chessboard that keeps metal pieces safe. 

The best part for such a purchase is to travel with this easy to carry chess set. Just have a look at this set on Amazon and decide whether you aspire to own such a chess set or not. 

Be certain about your choice

No doubt, metal chess sets are brilliant for any use, but you ought to select a durable metal. The idea is to get a metal that does not corrode very soon and gives you a long-lasting experience with strength.

Not just the material matters, but ignoring the size and design of the chess set would not let get away with a good selection. We highly recommend refraining from the congested pieces as you will end up having not so happening playing time.

Our above-given suggestion meets the criteria discussed very well. So, go ahead and make a choice that can eventually be a purchase.

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