Knubbel Chess Set

Pick the Best Analysis Chess Set for Analyzing the Game

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Do you find fancy chess sets too distracting to practice and study with? This is a big problem for chess book readers and the only way is to look for a regular chess set. Analysis chess set breaks all the stereotypes of a modish chess set and focuses on simplicity. 

This chess set will let you study and analyze your moves thoroughly without facing any issue. This undisturbed learning about chess is going to be a wonderful experience. So, buckle up and explore some reliable suggestions from us. 

1. The Contemporary Staunton Series Chess Pieces in Sheesham & Box Wood - 2.6" King & Board 15" Combo

Contemporary Chess Set

Material: Sheesham Wood / Boxwood
King Height: 2.6”
King Base : 1.2”
Chessmen Weight: 1600 gms (56.43 oz)
Base Pad: Green Felt
Chess Board Size: 15″ X 15″
Extra Queens: Yes

Chess Bazaar makes some high-quality chess sets available online. This contemporary Staunton piece with the board is one of the amazing offerings of Chess Bazaar. All 34 pieces, including 2 extra queens are made of natural Sheesham and boxwood. This set weighs around 1600 grams, which accounts for 500 grams of chess pieces and 1100 grams for the board. 

The king of this chess set has a height of 2.6” inches with a base of 1.2” inches. Its Pawn has a height of 1.4” inches and a base of 0.9” inches. The overall dimension of the board is 15” x 15” inches with a thickness of 0.6” and squares are of 1.49” x 1.49” inches. There are thick green felts on the base that facilitates the smooth movements, which is another reason to purchase other than the perfect size. 

2. Reproduced Vintage 1930 German Knubbel Analysis Chess Set in Stained Crimson and Boxwood /Wooden Chess Board Genuine Ebony Wood- 3"

Knubbel Chess Set

Material: Stained Crimson Boxwood & Natural Boxwood
King Height: 2.91”
King Base : 1.41”
Chessmen Weight: 3700 gms (130.51 oz)
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Chess Board Size: (1.7″ – 45mm)
Extra Queens: Yes

This nicely stained Crimson Boxwood & natural boxwood chess set available on Chess Bazaar is phenomenal. This is one of the best selling antique chess sets. This weighted chess set has a weight of 3700 grams. There are 34 pieces, including 2 extra queens.

The size of the king of this antique chess set is 2.91” inch (height) x 1.41” inch (base). Even the Pawn stands tall at 1.41” inches and has a base of 0.94” inches. There is no board included in this offer. However, a 1.7” inches a chessboard of 1.7” inch square size is recommended. Check out the entire set thoroughly on the official set of Chess Bazaar.

3. Minimalist Hermann Ohme Chess Pieces in Sheesham & Box Wood & Walnut & Maple Wooden Chess Board With Notation - 3.75" King

Ohme chess set

Material: Sheesham Wood / Boxwood
King Height: 3.74”
King Base : 1.37”
Chessmen Weight: 3000 gms (105.81 oz)
Base Pad: Green Felt
Chess Board Size: 17.7″ x 17.7″
Extra Queens: Yes

Another fantastic Chess Bazaar’s offering- A combo of minimalist Hermann ohme chess pieces and chessboard with notation. Its pieces are made from high-quality Sheesham and Boxwood and the board is of natural Maple and Walnut. This veneered chessboard set has amazing durability and class with lightweight size. 

This set has a King of 3.74” height and a base of 1.37” inches. The Pawn has a height of 2.28” inch and a base- 1.0” inches. The board has 17.7” x 17.7” inch dimensions with a thickness of 0.4” inch. This antique weighted chess set has an overall weight of 3000 grams. Have a thorough look at the site before the purchase. 

4. The Marshall Series Analysis Chess Combination

combo8 bn

Material: Plastic
King Height: 2.875”
King Base : 1.375”
Chessmen Weight: 18.6 oz
Base Pad: Green Felt
Chess Board Size: 1.87″
Extra Queens: Yes

This Marshall series chess set on House of Staunton is available in various colors. Some of the color options are- Black & Ivory, Red & Natural, and others. This is a triple weighted set weighs around 18.6 Ounces. This is definitely a full-library set which is sized and manufactured efficiently for study purpose. 

King of this game stands tall at 2.875” inch with a 1.375” inch base. The square size of the 1.875” inch over the board footprint of 16.875” x 16.875” inches makes a perfect size to place in the library for learning. The plus point is the felt base pads that give immense ease while studying chess. This is one of the best choices to make for the requirement of the antique chess set.

5. Analysis Chess Set Board Combination by the House of Staunton

combo1 2

Material: Plastic
King Height: 2.5”
King Base : 1.0”
Chessmen Weight: 5.0 oz
Base Pad: Green Felt
Chess Board Size: 1.5″ square
Extra Queens: No

Stop looking for durable analysis chess sets further as House of Staunton has an exclusive offering for your requirement. This is known as an analysis chess board combination. There are 32 pieces made from the durable plastic and a chessboard manufactured from high-quality vinyl. This is how you can make most of your free time without getting distracted. 

The king is sized at 2.5” inch height and 1.0” inch diameter. On the chessboard of 13.75” x 13.75”- there are 1.5” inch squares. This single weighted set has a median set weight of 5.0 Ounces. This set is perfect for those learners who wish to explore chess thoroughly inside or outside the classroom. 

6. The Contemporary Staunton Series Weighted Chess Pieces & Board Combo in Bud Rose & Box Wood - 3.0" King

Analysis Chess

Material: Bud Rose Wood / Boxwood
King Height: 3.0”
King Base : 1.4”
Chessmen Weight: 3800 grams (134 oz)
Base Pad: Green Felt
Chess Board Size: 18″ x 18″
Extra Queens: Yes

Get this not at all distracting analysis chess set with box, pouch, or without any coverings. Keep it the way you like- with luster or in matte, whatever finish you like to go for it. This is available at the Chess Bazaar under the best possible price point. This is made of bud rosewood and boxwood, which is another reason to invest in this worthy chess set.

This chess set has all the pros of being the perfect equipment to study. Talking about the sizes- The king stands tall at 3.0” inch height, whereas the base is 1.4” inch. Its Pawn is 1.6” inch in height with a base of 1.0” inch. The board of 18” x 18” inch dimensions has 1 ¾” x 1 ¾” inch squares. The thickness of this board is 0.9” inches. The total weight of this weighted chess set is 3800 grams, which makes it quite a sturdy set. Get more details at the official site of Chess Bazaar.


Now is the time to reproduce and study the positions that you always wanted to but couldn’t because of the distraction. The above recommendations are great for a power-packed game that makes your moves compatible with expert guidance. Pick up your favorite one and let the real show begin. 

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