Leather Chess Storage Board

Storage Chess Board- For a Well Organized Chess Pieces Set

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Are you tired of finding your lost chess pieces every time you wish to play chess? Well, this is high time for you to invest in a reliable storage chessboard.

Get a nice chessboard with compartments that can keep your chessmen safe from getting lost and also will be helpful to enhance their durability.

Not sure where to order? Check out our exclusive recommendations given below and decide what suits your aspirations for an appropriate storage chessboard.

17 1/2" Walnut Folding Board

This China-made folding board with storage is available on Chess USA with all the authority and authenticity. It is suitable for any budget and appeals to anyone at the first glance.

The overall board dimensions are- 17 1/2” x 17 1/2″ inches with 2” inches of square size to place chessmen on. It is recommended to buy a King of 1 1/2” – 1 3/4″ inch height.

This elegant display solution made from walnut with storage is feasible to carry around and has felted interiors that feel good while playing. Have a thorough on this chessboard on Chess USA’s website.

2. 17” Golden Wood Storage Chess Board with 1 1/2" Square

17" Golden Wood Storage Chess Board

This Chinese chessboard is a great option for chess enthusiasts who seek pure elegance. It is available on Chess USA and offers an intriguing appeal with additional gold color trim layering.

Get crusade style chessmen of an appropriate size to place on this beautiful board. Begin with a King of 1”- 1 1/4″ base for this 12 1/2″ x 12 1/2″ inches board dimensions.

This board has a 1 1/2″ inch square size and thickness of 4” inch, which gives it all the sturdiness for a nice playtime. Playing with Staunton chess pieces set on this chessboard is highly recommended.

3. 18” Italian Leatherette Storage Chess Board- Italian- Storage- Medium

18" Italian Leatherette Storage Chess Board

This chess storage and backgammon game board made of Italian Leatherette is an imported creation of brilliant artisans. Available on Chess USA, this chessboard possesses all the appealing features to allure anyone.

Meant for regular checkers and backgammon, this chessboard has plastic checkers in the deal. This perfect combination game has a felt slot compartment to place each chessmen safely.

This Italy made chessboard has 1 3/4″ square size and dimensions of 18” inches. 4” Inch King is recommended for this chessboard. Decorate it or play around, this chessboard has got you covered in both ways.

4. Genuine Leather Chess Board With Built-In Storage In Black Anigre & Red Ash Burl Color 19”- 55 MM

Leather Chess Storage Board

This special presentation of Chess Bazaar is a great deal to fetch right away and no chess enthusiast can ignore it. This beautiful genuine leather chessboard has a weight of 3400 grams and offers a sturdy base to play a nice game of chess.

The dimensions of 19” x 19” inches, this chessboard is ideal for any regular to special playtimes. The square size is 2.1” x 2.1” inches, suitable for the King base- 1.5”- 1.8” inches.

This beautiful Indian made chessboard is available in Black Anigre & Red Burl color and has drawers with the black felted appeal. This is surely a stylish chessboard to own that possess crip and clean lines.

5. Walnut and Maple Classical Tiroir Chess Board with Storage Drawers

Classical Tiroir Chess Board

 This elegant walnut and maple chess board gives you the privilege to have a nice playtime and then store all the chessmen in an organized manner. This special product of House of Staunton is a nice deal for chess enthusiasts who were seeking to invest in a chessboard.

This Satin-finish board has a height of 4.5” inch and a square size of 1.75” inch. It gives a traditional feel and there is an additional compartment to hold the checkers (draughts).

It is a pure luxury that is available at an affordable price. So, you should not miss the chance and simply grab the chance by placing your order at the House of Staunton.

6. Walnut and Maple Antique Tiroir Chess Board with Storage Drawers

Antique Tiroir Chess Board

This veneered wood chessboard is a beautiful representation of true craftsmanship. It is available on House of Staunton and reveals real class.

This super-affordable deal is intriguing for every chess enthusiast and it often becomes irresistible.  The recommended King size is 3.25” to 3.875” inches for a 1.75” – 2.25” inch square.

This chessboard has a satin finish and looks fabulous while giving enough space to keep all the chessmen organized. Check it out thoroughly on House of Staunton and place your order to get it delivered.


All the above-suggested storage chessboard comes with the reliability and authenticity of the top-notch chess brands, like- Chess USA, Chess Bazaar, and House of Staunton.

Feel free to go ahead to place your order for your choicest storage chessboard and get goodness delivered at your doorstep. For any kind of queries, contact us as we are happy to help you select the best chess board for a nice chess game time.

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