Glass Chessmen

The Glass Chess Set Adds a Touch of Elegance To The Mind Game

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“Do You know an intriguing chess set builds the interest of the player 4xtimes more?”

Chess is a nice game placed in a room authentically. Nowadays there are various types of chess sets available that are changing the outlook of this game. Whether they are Lego Chess sets or Giant Chess sets- all are making a new perspective about this old-school affair.

One thing which is stable so far is the beauty, integrity, and strategies of the chess game. You can keep up with all these factors while introducing your fellow players to the elegance of the glass chess set. Yes, this is made of very popular, sleek, and modish material- Glass! This chess set feels and looks gorgeous for sure. 

That natural shine makes everybody falls for its beauty at the first glance. It is a timeless piece that supports different styles, shapes, and colors. You can go for a lot of customization while opting for this graceful chess set. However, it is definitely more fragile than other sets. This is the reason why it needs some extra care and attention.  

1. Glass Chess Set in 10" by GamieTM

Glass Chess Set

Ever aspire to get a chess set that is durable, elegant, and precisely sized? Have a look at this glass chess set by Gamie TM. This is available at the Amazon in three different sizes- 7.5 inches, 10 inches, and 14 inches. However, it is advisable to go beyond 7.5” inches.

This functional sized chess set has a durable build with the frosted and clear pieces. Nothing beats weighted chess set with the felted bottoms and stability. There 32 glass chessmen playing this interesting game on the board. 

Each and every piece is crafted so well and showcase what true companionship looks like. It supports the painstaking finishing and still gives assurance of longevity. Top-notch felt on the bottoms makes it way more happening set to play with. 

Buy it for yourself or gift your chess enthusiast friend without giving a second thought. This experience is beyond thrill- Just place an order to get excited.

2. Black & White 14" x 14" Mirror Glass Chess Set, Frosted, Elegant

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Chances are high when someone mentions about the glass chess set- You will think about this chess set. This black & white chess set in the mirror format is so beautiful that you can amaze in the first look. 

This Amazon offering under the brand name Silly Goose Games will set a specific standard for chess lovers. It is surely frosted, and elegant set that can leave you spellbound. The dimension of this chess set is 13.75” x 13.75” x 3.0 inches. 

The King stands tall at a great height of 7/8” inches and looks amazing while standing with the best rest of the chess pieces. Both the colors are awesome and appear amazing onboard. You can have a complete look by opening Amazon right away. 

We highly recommend this simplistic chess set that possesses all the features of the traditional and modern glass chess set.

PS- It has no frills to distract you and is purely a good quality material set. 

3. Glass Chess Set in 14" by GamieTM​

Glass Chessmen

Let us introduce you to the most intriguing and functional chess set that can be a perfect gift. You would be keen to buy more than one piece. It is offered under the brand name Gamie TM and available to buy at Amazon. 

This has felt bottoms on all 32 frosted clear chess pieces. It is well-constructed and offers easy maneuvering. That elegance in the design keeps the aesthetics quite high of this 14″ inches sized chess set. 

They will be alluring for your eyes at first and gives you an amazing feel while you hold them to begin the play. Either way, it will support an effortless movement and takes the painstaking finish phenomenally.  

Expect the luxury, elegance, longevity, and easy maintenance while considering to place a purchase for this glass chess set by Gamie TM. Good Luck!

4. SRENTA 10" Fine Glass Chess Game Set, Solid Glass Chess Pieces with Padded Bottom

Froasted Chess Set

Let us introduce you to a crystal chessboard and glass chess set with padded bottoms. Yes, we are talking about SRENTA 10” Fine Glass Chess Game Set available on Amazon. 

This fabulous looking chess set is great to play or just place it like a beautiful décor. It works nicely either way. Available at the size of 10” inches- This is a great set to store and play occasionally with. 

It gets even more graceful to get a chessboard made of thickened glass. That clear square with all the crystal white glass chess pieces looks picture perfect. Just place it over a mat base or a table and you are good to play.

This dazzling chess set proves to be the perfect present for oneself to gift others.

PS- You can simply uplift the aesthetics of your living area by placing this on the table and people will appreciate your gesture of showcasing the love for a chess game. 

5. Avant-Garde Black Frosted Glass Chess Set with Mirror Board

Frosted Chess Set

How interesting and attractive do you find crystal glass made things? If you are blown away by anything made from glass, then a glass chess set will drive you crazy. We have an exclusive offering by the Avant Garde brand. 

We are talking about the Avant-Garde Black Frosted glass chess set that comes with a beautiful mirror board. Its overall dimensions are 15” x 15” inches and board thickness is about 1/8”. The squares are about 1 5/8”. 

If we consider the king then it is precisely made with the height of 3” h and weighs around 1.5 oz. This is one of the elegant glass chess set that can keep your game strong in terms of the functionality as well as aesthetics. 

Do not skimp to give a thorough glance by visiting the Avant Garde collection on Amazon. 

Glass chess sets - Worthy of your investment

It has always been recognized that chess is an art, and its best practitioners have been described as artists. —Alexander Kotov

All these glass chess sets possess the feature of being elegant, timeless, intriguing, and fragile. Maintaining them is not so hard as there are their respective cases to keep up with safety.

However, while being on the travel you need to take some extra care. These look fabulous while playing or can be perfect keepsakes. Also, you will be appreciated and complimented while keeping them as the showpiece.

In either way, it is worthy to invest in these classy chess pieces and chessboard. We are surely being a chess lover, you would be keen to add this awesome set to your collection.

Check out Amazon right away to have an in-depth look or to place an order for any of the above-recommended glass chess sets.

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