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The Mega Chess Authentic Review 2022

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Store Name: MegaChess
Store Description: Mega Chess is a retail store specializing in giant chess sets, ranging from 12 inches (1 foot) to 72 inches (6 feet) tall. From a family enterprise, they have grown to become one of the best, if not the best supplier of giant chess sets worldwide. They cater primarily to schools, malls and resorts seeing chess as a worthwhile activity that stimulates students mentally, or that draws crowds and families together. They are driven by their objective to spread chess among the youth by providing giant chess sets that will stoke their imagination and inspire them to explore and love the game. They are based in Texas, U.S.A.
Price Range: Mid Range, High Range
Customer Care Email:
Support Phone No.: 1-855-634-2055

mega chess

Megachess specializes in selling giant chess sets and they are experts at it. They have a very extensive line of giant pieces and boards, all of top quality.

They are known for their excellent customer service, helping individual, corporate and organizational clients all over the USA and beyond find the right giant sets.

They offer comprehensive customer support, from pre-sales, installation, and after sales services. When it comes to giant chess sets, there is hardly a better name.

Free Shipping
Free Shipping
MegaChess Park Design
MegaChess Guide
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Design Consultancy
Overall Rating: 4.8 out of 5
Very extensive and complete line of giant chess setsAbsence of basic chess products such as standard chess pieces, boards, chess clocks, and other tournament accessories
Products are very durable and virtually indestructibleNo Shipping to PO box addreses
Products are customizable
Excellent store accommodation and service
Excellent customer purchase support in the form of readings and videos
Professional, navigable and very user-friendly website


A. Product Range and Variety

MegaChess may not be one of the first chess stores to come to serious chess players’ consideration. They do not offer the basic needs in the game such as standard pieces and boards, chess clocks, chess bags, chess tables, score sheets and other tournament accessories.

They cater to a different market and group altogether, not the chess players but the owners or managers of schools, malls, resorts, amusement parks and even individuals who believe chess is a wonderful game that deserves a place in their establishments and homes. MegaChess offers them giant chess pieces that will provide hours of fun to their students, shoppers, tourists, guests and family members.

In a sense, the traditional chess player will see MegaChess’ product range and variety to be very limited, as all they offer are giant chess pieces. When you begin to discover, however, just how many kinds of giant chess pieces they have and how capable they are of catering to the wide needs of different organizations and establishments, you will be awed by their range and variety.

MegaChess categorizes its pieces according to size, style, base size and function, all with matching boards.

Let’s discuss each one so that we’ll get a clear idea of what MegaChess really has to offer.


MegaChess’ pieces come in sizes of less than 2 feet tall up to 6 feet tall. The smallest is of an 8 inch-King, which is still good as a table set. The largest is of a 6 feet tall-King, which is good for wide, open spaces.

These sets are graded and enlarged by the foot, which means that after the sets less than 2 feet tall there are the 2 feet tall sets, then the 3 feet tall sets, and so on up to the 6-footer sets.


By style MegaChess really means the materials their sets are made of, and they offer the above sets of different sizes in either of the following materials: plastic, fiberglass, polyethylene resin, teak wood, rubber tree, acrylic, and topiary.

Plastic sets are the most affordable of the lot. They are very durable, which means that they will not chip or break when dropped, and could be left in open spaces to withstand the elements.

They are maintenance free, and are ideal for schools or establishments where children will most likely play with them. The pieces weight are adjustable, and they could be made heavier by filling their cavities with sand. Buyers may opt to have them come with LED lights so that they can be played with even in dark conditions. They are not very detailed, however, and establishments wanting a more upscale set may wish to go for another.

Fiberglass sets are a notch higher than the plastic sets. They are more detailed and more attractive with their polished finish. They are maintenance free, too, and can weather the elements. They are, however, not as durable as the plastic sets, and they may chip or break when dropped. High-end resorts may find them very ideal.

Fiber Glass Chess Set
Fiber Glass Chess Set

Polyethylene resin sets, or the Perfect Chess Sets as MegaChess calls them, are a cross between the plastic and fiberglass sets, and a blend of their best qualities. Thus, they are highly detailed, classy, durable, maintenance free, and unbreakable. They can come with LED lights.

Teak wood are the classiest sets of MegaChess. They are hand-made. The light pieces are given a light brown finish while the dark ones a dark brown finish. They literally look like our best wood table sets magnified four to five times over. Teak is one of the toughest woods in the world, which makes MegaChess’ sets very durable. They could be left in the open after a recommended period of curing and ageing.

Rubber tree sets are MegaChess’ economical wooden sets. Rubber trees’ sap, which are turned to rubber, are more valued than its wood. MegaChess turns these wood into pieces, which make them very affordable.

Acrylic is a variety of plastic that’s very transparent and strong. MegaChess makes a set out of them that could either be mounted with a board on a wall, or played with vertically using bases. Acrylic reflects light brilliantly, and these sets look fantastic in well-lighted places.

Topiary sets are wire frames on which plants can grow around. These sets get to become very beautiful when the plants around them mature, but are they are more decorative than functional sets.

Base Size and Function

MegaChess also categorizes its pieces according to their compatibility with board square sizes, but all the pieces in this category already encompass the pieces presented according to size and style.

This categorization is for the benefit of customers who may prefer a certain board square size or who already have a giant board. Likewise, all the above sets are also categorized according to function for the convenience of those searching for sets ideal for a particular setting, such as schools, malls, resorts, parks and even residences.

Chess Board

All the above sets have matching boards that come in nylon, hard plastic, solid or slotted teak and synthetic wood. Plastic, fiberglass and polyethylene resin and acrylic sets are best paired with nylon and hard plastic boards, while wooden pieces are best paired with teak or synthetic wood boards.

These boards come in square sizes of 4, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 15, 18 and 24 inches, ensuring that there’s a perfect board for every chosen set.

For Product Variety we give MegaChess 4.7 stars

B. Product Quality and Price

MegaChess’ products in plastic, fiberglass, polyethylene resin and wood are virtually indestructible. They can withstand all kinds of weather if left in the open.

Given the amount of materials these giant sets use, and the labor required for hand-carving huge wooden pieces, these sets are understandably pricey.

Customers, however, can work on a budget, and plastic sets are obviously very affordable. In all, and as in any other store, the higher the budget customers can allot, the classier and the quainter the sets they can have. With so many sets to choose from at MegaChess, there is sure to be a perfect set for every customer.

In any case, these sets are all very durable that whatever set a customer settles on is sure to be a worthy one-time investment.

For Product Quality/Price we give Megachess 4.75 stars

C. Customer Service

Giant chess sets are very unusual, and getting one is surely more complicated than getting a standard chess set and board. We believe, therefore, that MegaChess’ responsibility and service to its customers starts with helping them get the perfect giant set given their purpose, budget, and all other considerations.

It’s a responsibility that MegaChess takes seriously, and they have clearly exerted much effort to ensure that customers find the right sets.

First, every product description informs potential buyers very well about the outstanding features of a set, and why it may be right or not right for them.

Second, MegaChess rates every product according to durability, detail and height. This is very useful information provided to customers who may give more importance to one characteristic over the others.

Lastly, and to be really sure about the fit, MegaChess provides free online consultation. By having customers provide information about size and material set preferences, budget and purpose, MegaChess will itself suggest the right sets for them.

MegaChess tops these all by providing free shipping for orders over $75, and charging only $9.99 for orders below that. This is great logistical accommodation considering how difficult and costly it is to transport these huge sets.

Other laudable aspects of MegaChess’ services are its ability to customize sets by imprinting a company’s logo on the pieces, and its very polite staff who can walk you through any questions or problems.

At MegaChess you can be sure you’ll choose the right set, and you’ll receive them at the least possible cost.

You are looking for a giant chess set for home useYou are looking for traditional chess sets and boards or chess tournament materials
You are an organization looking to make a one-time investment on a durable, virtually indestructible giant setYou wish to be economical and work on a very low budget
You demand high quality out of your giant chess sets
You want to purchase only from a seller who offers excellent customer service
You want your purchases to be shipped at low costs or no cost at all
You love to shop only in very navigable and hassle-free websites
For customer service, we give Megachess 5 stars

D. Customer Reviews

Screen Shot 2020 07 13 at 11.34.23 PM
Megachess review
Megachess customer
Mega Ches Customer Review

E. General Online Shopping Experience

Megachess’ website is so neatly laid out that it’s a breeze to run through all their products. Even those new to giant chess sets will not be lost.

The website is given a simple but very effective layout. All the major products are given buttons. Click these buttons and you will see the product’s varieties falling into different, clear categories.

For instance, click the major product “Giant Chess Sets” and you will see all MegaChess’ sets categorized into sizes, style, base size, and function (expressed as “by organization”).

Click “Chessboards” and you will see all of the stores boards categorized according to materials they are made of and square size. Very often the simplest websites are the most effective ones.

For a store that sells unique and uncommon products, MegaChess’ website also successfully introduces giant chess sets and their objectives for selling them. We’ve seen giant chess sets before and now we’ve learned that they are not just for amusement, after all.

Giant chess sets fulfill a worthwhile purpose. In schools, for instance, they stimulate students mentally and help them become academically proficient. Malls and resorts may have different purposes for them, and these are all very well explained in MegaChess’ blog. Their blog is one of the best we’ve ever come across.  

One other feature of the website we love is that it’s replete with reading materials and videos for customer support. These include guides to individuals and organizations alike on how to get the perfect set.

We’ve already mentioned in the customer service review section that MegaChess is very customer oriented, but these materials reinforce that even more.

For Online Shopping Experience, we give Megachess 5 stars

The MegaChess Best Sellers

Original 37" Chess Set


12" Giant Chess Set


MegaChess 8" Giant Chess Set


Original 25" Giant Chess Set


Is this shop legit?

MegaChess is the one of the companies which exclusively deals in giant chessmen.

The range of chess sets starts from minimum 2 feet and goes all the way to 6 feet.

With 100’s of verified reviews on their website, they have become a valuable brand in very short time. With free shipping over $75, excellent customer care and an amazing and very navigable website, the MegaChess is a legit business.


No, it is not necessary to register with MegaChess to make a purchase.

The MegaChess uses FedEx, DHL & USPS to ship the parcels within USA. Please note that they don’t deliver to PO box addresses, however, they ship to APO/FPO addresses.

Yes, they offer free shipping to US mainland above $75. However, if the order value is less than $75, they charge a flat fee of $9.99 which is quite reasonable.

Yes, they offer worldwide shipping, however you need to place a special request with them at The International shipping is not free, though.

You need to contact them at 1-855-634-2055 or mail them at to request RMA number.

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