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Theme Chess Sets That Leave You Spellbound

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Chess is always an intriguing game to play in. Do you hope to make it super interesting? Surely, you are asking for an enjoyable and colorful theme chess set. These are also referred to as the decorative chess sets as they are highly presentable. 


If you are a chess enthusiast and do not own a theme-based chess set- You are missing something huge. These specially designed sets have historic events associated or it is merely creativity that drives the artisans. Ready to explore this amazing side of chess? 

1. 3 1/4" Hand Painted War of Independence Polystone Chess Pieces

War Theme Chess Set

Historical chess sets with the theme of the wars are famous for a long time. The craze about these ‘well-carved Polystone chess pieces’ is quite high. People adore how these ancient figures are brought to life via figurines. 


This war of independence chess set is less prone to damage because of Polystone as a material. This stone-like set is ideal for casual players as well as collectors. The best part is the hand-painted creativity done over these pieces by the artisans. 


There is a king that stands tall at 3 1/4” inches and has a base of 1” inch. King weighs around 0.7 Oz around all the 32 chessmen. These pieces must be ideally placed on a chessboard with 1 ½” squares. Ready to know more? Check Chess USA’s website.  

2. Roman Themed Chess Pieces - 4.25" King - Red & Natural

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Wish to feel like how the Roman realm used to appear during early times? This is your chance with an exclusive Roman-themed chess set (pieces only). After all, what can a better way to showcase this eternal and ancient city via a game? 

This chess set is beautifully carved and showcases all the major figures of the oldest civilization of Rome. There is a King which is a recreation of Julius Caeser and a Queen that represents true elegance. Rest, a total of 32 chessmen from the Polyresin (a stone with great durability). 

The chessboard recommended for this Berkeley Chess is 2.25” inches. The king is 4.25” in height and 1.3” inches in diameter. This heavily weighted chess weighs 85.68 Oz. This is surely worthy chess set to invest in. Explore more at the House of Staunton before you place an order. 

3. 2 1/2" American Civil War Hand Painted Polystone Chess Pieces

American Theme Chessmen

American Civil War to prohibit slavery in the territories is a significant event in history. This event involves various popular names in the Northern States and the Southern States. If you are a chess player and wish to own something out of the box- A chess set based on this war is a fantastic idea. 

Artisans have done a phenomenal job to bring the imagination to reality via art. It is meticulously detailed and made from high-quality Polystone. This is a set of 32 chessmen without a chessboard and 1 ½ “ inch to 1 ¼ “ inch squares are recommended for them. 

Exclusively available at Chess USA’s site- This chess set has a king of 2 3/8” inches and with a base of 1” inch. This King which is truly a craftsmanship figurine is weighted at 0.6 Oz. This is surely a must check out theme chess set from our recommendations. 

4. 22" Wooden Soldiers Folding Chess Set

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Theme chess sets have something already special about them and charm enhances when they are hand-carved. This wooden soldier folding chess set is such creativity that can leave you awestruck in one go. It is available at the Chess USA’s official site for the purchase. Wish to know more?

This Poland made chess set has intricately manufactured Knights, Soldiers, and other chessmen. This can be used for the tournament or decoration purposes- the choice is yours. However, this a little fragile so demands some extra care while playing or storage. 

There are a King of 4 ½” inches height and 1 ½” inches base & weighs around 2 Oz. square size is 2 ¼ “ inches and overall board dimension is 22” x 22” inches. In any way- this is a great chess set to own for a professional or casual chess player. 

5. 4 3/4" Large Dragon Kingdom Hand Painted Polystone Chess Pieces

Theme Chess pieces

A larger than life theme chess set based on the fantasy! Yes, this kind of chess set is here and all set to arouse your curiosity. This is one of the best creations available at the Chess USA’s site. It is called the Large Dragon Kingdom chess set. 

This hand-painted chess piece set has meticulously designed and carved figurines of fantasy characters of the Dragon Kingdom. All chessmen are made from the powdered stone known as Polystone. There is a heavily weighted king of 4.3 Oz that reflects what true creativity looks like. 

The king is sized at 4 ¾” inches height and base- 1 ½” inches. Make your way to explore the power behind the throne. You can order this beautiful theme set feasibly but do not forget to purchase an extra chessboard. And, 2” inches to 2 ¼” inches is the recommendation for the square size- Pick the best size. 

Be Certain of the Right Theme Chess Set Pick

These chess sets are beautifully carved and are available in almost every theme that a chess enthusiast or an artist can imagine. This can be based on the revolutionary war, Cindrella, auto parts, wrestling, and various other fields & ideas. So, you are to decide what kind of fascination you need to stay active with your chess practice.

Do not forget to pay close attention to the detailing, material, and quality. This will help you to pick up the best possible chess sets which are based on exclusive themes. Our above-given options some of the popular ones- You can check out their respective sites and go for what attracts you the most.

PS- Historical, fantasy and pop culture are the most popular categories to select a great theme-based chess set! 

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