Tips To Encourage Your Child To Discover The Joy Of Playing Chess

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Introducing your child to Chess is a great idea. It will endure spending quality family time as well as improving the essential skills of your kids. So, encouraging your child to play chess will help them develop skills like planning, fore-sighting, and problem-solving that will serve them throughout their lives.

Attractive chess equipment can help in drawing your kids attention to the game. But the challenge is to keep them engaged and motivate them to play the game.

Here are a few tips that will help your kid to discover the joy of playing chess.

  • Start at an Early Age
  • Use Colors
  • Shapes and Names
  • Chess Equipment
  • It’s All Math
  • Patience
  • Invite Their Friends
colorful chess

1. Start at an Early Age

Introduce Chess equipment to your kids at an early age. This is because of the sharp learning ability of kids at the age of 3 or 4 and they can understand the game quickly. But it doesn’t mean that kids above 4 years of age can’t learn Chess. However, the earlier you start the easier it is to inspire kids to play the game.

2. Use Colors

Because the chessboard is a squared colored dark and light, ask your kids to color their own chessboard using two different crayons. This will help them understand the rows (straight lines) along with same colored diagonal lines. You can apply the same thing to the chess pieces.

3. Shapes and Names

Teaching your kids about the chess pieces is an adventure. You can teach them to identify the pieces from their shapes. Also, make them learn the chess pieces’ names as you teach them to learn fruits’ names. It is fun to guide them with the right position to place the chess pieces.

4. Chess Equipment

Now when your kids are aware of the chessboard and chess pieces, let them play the real game. There are many options available to choose the most exciting and coolest chess kits for your child. So, make sure the chess equipment is attractive enough to meet your child’s enthusiasm.

5. It’s All Math

Teaching the moves of chess pieces to your kids is similar to teaching them counting, simple addition, and subtraction. However, every move of every piece can confuse them. So, start with the pawns and tell them the basic rules. Once they learn about pawns, bring in the horses, then the bishops and so on until you teach them to keep the king safe.

6. Patience

Always remember that your kids are kids after all. They can learn some topics easily but other topics slowly. So, let your child understand the game at their learning pace. Don’t expect them to become chess champions in a few days. Help them, encourage them, and play with them so that they can master the game of chess.

7. Invite Their Friends

Sometimes your kids don’t want to get involved in playing chess as they want to play with their friends. So, the best thing you can do is to talk with the parents of their friends and invite them to learn and play chess. Also, you can motivate the kids to create their own chess club and challenge other kids to play the game. 

Learning chess has many benefits like improving problem-solving skills, understanding spatial reasoning, raising the IQ level, developing gratification, and many more. Also, playing small games of chess with your kids will involve fun activities that can foster a strong bond of love and affection. So, teaching and playing chess with your kids is a beautiful journey of adventure, fun, and continuous learning. 

We hope these tips will surely help you to help your kids love the game of chess. Get elegant chess equipment and start playing small games with them and see their eyes sparkle with every win.

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