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Top Chess Sets for Professional and Casual Playing $150

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We all wish to be more focused, coordinated, and have a good memory. Despite doing so much work, do you know what makes you lack?

You barely play and have time to focus on your mental health. This is why when people say making time for yourself and doing what you like is very important- They are absolutely right.

One of the amazing games is to indulge in an old school way of enjoyment. No matter how many video games you play with your dear ones- the bonding is not as strong as those ancient sources of entertainment.

Games like Chess, Ludo, and monopoly let you be closer to your loved ones. But, if you are looking for great learning, and brain booster, then Chess is simply unbeatable.

As Emanuel Lasker said- “In Chess, as it is played by masters, the chance is practically eliminated”. 

Chess is the perfect game to improve the brain’s speed and be good at multi-tasking. Not just you can play it casually, but also get recognition with this mastermind sport. In any case, you need a new Chess set to practice or for the sake of joy.

Let us help you with the important considerations to make before buying a Chess set.

  • Clarify your purpose of purchase – If you are not sure, whether you need Chess Set for casual or professional playing or merely for the décor purpose, then you might end up spending more. So, first of all, be clear about your requirement. For instance- to participate in the tournaments, a sturdy double-weighted Chess set is in demand. Travel Chess is also an option for the players who wish to carry their sets wherever they go. 
  • Budget is important – You would neither want to be a spendthrift nor will prefer to buy an extravagant piece of Chess. So, there is a stiff requirement for you to set a specific budget before buying. For example- Today, we will be giving you top options below $150, which is suitable for almost every pocket. 
  • You cannot skimp on quality – Can you let your 100 bucks go waste? Never, right. So, keep an eye on the quality of the material your Chess Set is made up of before placing an order to ensure longevity. 

Top Suggestions From Our Experts To Pick The Best Chess Set Under 150 $

1. Travel Series Folding Magnetic Chess Set in Sheesham & Box Wood- 12"

Travel Chess 12"

Key Highlights:

Material: Sheesham(Golden Rosewood)/Boxwood
King Height: 2.4”
King Base : 0.8”
Chessmen Weight: NA
Base Pad: Green Felt
Board Size: NA
Extra Queens: No

Traveling can be boring without games. Do you agree?

So, next time when you travel with your family or friends that a Chess set to do some brainstorming on the way. This will not just keep you entertain, but a chance to play together and converse with your loved ones.

Now, the question is to find a suitable and compact Chess Set. Travel Series Folding Magnetic Chess Set in Sheesham & Box Wood is a beautiful product available at the Chessbazaar.

This magnetic Chess Set in golden rosewood(Sheesham) has the darker side and lighter side in all 32 pieces. It has a magnetic stud in the base to keep the piece stick to the board and also has a concealed iron sheet. This will be delivered in an attractive Chessboard fold in the box with dimensions- 12” x 6” x 2.2” inches.

How can we forget about the King of the Chess- It is 2.4” inches with a base of 0.8” inches. Would you like to buy it? 

2. The New Minsk Serues Chess Pieces- 3.75” King

Minsk Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood/Anjan/Indian Rosewood/Ebonized/Painted and  Boxwood
King Height: 3.75”
King Base : 1.5”
Chessmen Weight: 1150 gms (40.6 oz)
Base Pad:  Billiard Cloth
Recommended Board: 2.0 – 2.25”
Extra Queens: Yes

Are you going to participate in a full-fledged Chess tournament and confused which set will prove to be best for you?

Well, fret not, our top suggestion by ‘The House of Staunton’ has got you covered. It’s New Minsk Series Chessmen is an ideal choice if you wish to impress your fellows while practicing.

This is a heavily weighted set with all the amazing luxury that a player can ask for. Beautiful finish and billiard cloth base pads give an awesome feeling while playing this phenomenal game. Do not forget about the 3.75″ inch King with a 1.5 diameter who is ready to stand tall till the game ends.

Imagine a Chess set introduced in 1993 but still leaving an everlasting impact! Graceful, right? So, what is your take on such a fantastic piece of Chess under $150? We suggest you buy and see its lux spreading in your entire space. 

3. The Classic Series Chess Pieces - 3.75" King

Classic Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood/Indian Rosewood/Ebonized and  Boxwood
King Height: 3.75”
King Base : 1.5”
Chessmen Weight: 1094 gms (38.6 oz)
Base Pad:  Billiard Cloth
Recommended Board: 2.0 – 2.25”
Extra Queens: Yes

It is not easy to find the most classic yet modern Chess Pieces. But, our exclusive suggested option can save you a lot of time for the search for such a piece.

Have a look at these The Classic Series Chess Pieces by The House of Staunton.

It has a proud King of 3.75” inches and 1.5” diameter which is handcrafted along with another 33 chessmen. This set is a mere 38.6 Ounces and offers all the desired attractive handicraft features to allure anyone at first glance. Being a player of Chess, you must be aware of the value of the hallmark of the House of the Staunton Chess Set and also of its high-quality & versatile wood used to make it.

If you look for a beautiful, full of function and durable Chess set, then avoid wasting your time for searching for more. This is it- You have found an ideal Chess Set according to your requirement. Place your order at their official website right away. 

4. The Contemporary Staunton Chessmen in Sheesham w/ 2.6" King & Board 15" Combo

contemporary 1

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood(Sheesham) and  Boxwood
King Height: 2.6”
King Base : 2.2”
Chessmen Weight: 1600 gms (56.43 oz)
Base Pad:  Green Felt
Board Size: 1.5”
Extra Queens: Yes

The Chessbazaar would not let you down if you seek contemporary Chess pieces. The Contemporary Staunton Series Chess Pieces in Sheesham & Boxwood has all the qualities that you have been looking for in your very own Chess Set.

Expertly carved Chess pieces of this Chess Set will leave a stand out impression and make you adore them. This is a perfect item for the Chess piece collector. In fact, he would be so glad to get such a lively piece of Chess that he can keep and play with.

The buyer can feel its smooth base and movements that will be made while playing. We are sure you would be keen to play with these superlative knights and 2.6” inches King. All thanks to the artisans who carved them so beautifully.

5. The Royale Series Chess Pieces - 4.0" King

Royale Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood/Indian Rosewood/Ebonized and  Boxwood
King Height: 4.0”
King Base : 1.6”
Chessmen Weight: 1261 gms (44.5 oz)
Base Pad:  Billiard Cloth
Recommended Board: 2.25”
Extra Queens: Yes

Alert! You will be awestruck with the beauty of the Chess set, which we are now going to bring on the table for you. So, are you ready?

The Royale Series Chess Pieces of The House of Staunton has a different flair. Royalty is there by default and appealing design was made possible by getting the most creative carve men at work.

This is the exact size of a tournament chess set and does well professionally as well as personally. So, do as you please- the potential buyer. You are getting 34 total Chessman with a King of 4.0” inches and a diameter of 1.6” inches. Just check out their website and have a look to get amazed by its elegance.

Trust us, the feel of this Chess Set would be completely out of the box for your mind. Why don’t you try yourself by getting this Chess set delivered to your home? 

6. Yugoslavia Staunton Chess Set with Golden Rosewood & Boxwood Pieces - 3.25" King

Yugoslavia Chessmen

Key Highlights:

Material: Golden Rosewood and  Boxwood
King Height: 3.25”
King Base : 1.37”
Chessmen Weight: 907 gms (32 oz)
Base Pad:  Green Felt
Recommended Board: 1.75” – 2.00″
Extra Queens: Yes

Do you like average sized Chess Set made up of Golden rosewood?

The Chess Store can fulfill your demand of such a creation. Yugoslavia Staunton Chess Set with Golden Rosewood Boxwood Pieces with 3.25” inches King and other 34 Chessman.

It is referred to as Zagreb, a well-known mainstay for collectors from various decades. This has been popular since the World Championship was held the Zagreb in the year 1959.

This prominent design has the thick green baize pads at the bottom for a super smooth play. There are two extra queens for the sake of promotions of the pawn. You will never miss any detail about this set as everything will be mentioned about the carvings, manufacturing, and the wood it was made up of.

PS- The reason for its exceptional beauty is the hand polishing with the solid lacquer. So, how about this fully detailed piece?

7. Reproduced 90s French Chavet Tournament Chessmen in Bud Rose Wood / Boxwood - 3.6" King

Chavet Chess Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Bud Rosewood(Padauk) and Boxwood
King Height: 3.66”
King Base : 1.57”
Chessmen Weight: 1250 gms (44.09 oz)
Base Pad:  Green Felt
Recommended Board: 2.00″
Extra Queens: Yes

Imagine the replica of the French Chauvet Championship Tournament Chess Set under $150. Seems like unrealistic?

Don’t worry, we have an exclusive reproduced Chess set of this tournament available at the Chess Bazaar. Reproduced 90s French Chauvet Championship Tournament Chess Pieces in Bud Rose Wood aka Padauk Wood & Boxwood is so elegant and well-carved that you cannot take your eyes off.

We know these emotions can only be understood by a true Chess player and only he knows the value of such a carving. You will be glad to know that its King is of 3.66” inches with 1.57” inches base. Stephen Kong A.K.A. Chess Praxis has a special role to play in the making of this V2.0 Chess Set.

PS- It is also available in the Sheesham wood & Ebonized wood (this one is of bud rosewood and boxwood). You can pick your required wood from Chess Bazaar. 

8. Russian Playing Set Antique Reproduction Chess Set Ebonized & Boxwood Pieces

Screen Shot 2020 07 06 at 11.17.21 PM

Key Highlights:

Material: Ebonized and Boxwood
King Height: 4.3”
King Base : 1.6”
Chessmen Weight: 1130 gms (40 oz)
Base Pad:  Green Felt
Recommended Board: 2.00″
Extra Queens: Yes

Another solid reason to scroll thoroughly via The Chess Store. Yes, it is none other than the Russian Playing Set Antique Reproduction Chess Set in Ebonized & Boxwood Pieces.

Ideal for casual gaming as well as for the tournament- This is one of the most graceful pieces reproduced from the mid-1900s. It has large bulbous shaped bases and separate columns & tops without any collars.

Queens does not have pointed coronet and Kings 4.3” is quite simply shaped. Such features that can leave you in awe are found on the Russian sets merely. Besides, you will find it commendable, while playing due to its Ebonized look and stability on the Chessboard.

Get this masterpiece of 40 oz. delivered at your doorstep in one business day. What can be better this classic yet ordinary Staunton design for a player at such an affordable price?

9. The Anderssen Dropjaw Series Library Chess Pieces - 2.875" King - Includes Free Slide-Top Box

Andersson stanton chess

Key Highlights:

Material: Ebonized and Boxwood
King Height: 2.8”
King Base : 1.3”
Chessmen Weight: 793 gms (28 oz)
Base Pad:  Billiard Cloth
Recommended Board: 1.75″
Extra Queens: Yes

This is a library-sized chess game set with a 2.875” inches tall and 1.3” inch base. Anderssen Dropjaw Series Library Chess Pieces is a hand-carved classic Set by the House of Staunton.

Highest quality grade woods, billiard cloth base pads, and classic finish make it a steal deal under the hallmark of the House of Staunton and that too under $150.

It is well known to be one of the most durable and economical pieces available in the market that exemplifies as a perfect combination of aesthetics and unmatched functionality.

There are stylized knights, which truly matches the original Anderssen Jaques reproduction and minimal Queen crenelations for beauty and stiff design. However, it lacks the ornate details, which are usually found on the other Chess sets.

Do you wish to buy this set from the Jaques reproduction? Consider your choice and place your order accordingly for this amazing design.

10. Civil War II Theme Chess Set

Civil War Theme Set

Key Highlights:

Material: Polystone (stone-like material, hard but breakable if dropped)
King Height: 3.2”
King Base : 1.1”
Chessmen Weight: NA
Base Pad:  Felt bottom
Recommended Board: 1.75″
Extra Queens: No

Available at the Chess Store under the brand name of Italfama, this is a completely unique and thoughtful piece to buy.

Being a Chess lover, if you do not own any out of the box Chess Set, then people might not call you passionate. So, why don’t you showcase your passion for this Civil War II Theme Chess Set?

All the main characters who were significant in the war play an integral role in this Chess Set as the warriors. It is one of the most popular Chess Set for the players, collectors, and other enthusiasts in the US.

These Chess pieces are sculpted beautifully and are hand-painted with all the detail depicting the leaders and respective soldiers. This is going to give you the exact feel of the bloody war that happened in American history. Made up of Polystone- its King is 3.25” inches tall and 1.125” inches wide. It has a felt bottom and is durable at the same time, but breaks if it is dropped by mistake on a hard surface.

The rest, of its features, are amazing for any player. Now the choice is yours. 


We hope our guide and suggestions are of help to your search. Now, all you need is to apply our above-given considerations to the mentioned products and find your most suitable Chess Set.

This is not going to take a while as all the features of each and every Chess Set is written. Moreover, all the products are from a fully recognized source and reputed website for your reference.

You should feel free to check thoroughly before making any significant purchase. We understand Chess is not just a game for you, but a major part of your daily life.

So, we wish you all the luck to make a certain choice for your space decoration, playing equipment, and practice partner in the form of our top-notch mentioned Chess Sets.

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