Dragon Chess Pieces

Top-Notch Entrancing Dragon Chess Sets That You Must Own

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Forget castles and horses- Talk about enthralling dragons while playing chess!

The fantasy world is approaching people! Yes, chess has a lot to do with fascination. Entering the realm of Dragons via chess is quite exciting. This is one of the most intriguing themes chosen for chess creations.

These powerful and wisdom embodiments hold a significant place in the folklore and make chess a little more riveting. Ready to bring back that lost compelling power in your chess? You need to add a dragon chess set to your collection. 

1. Dragon Chess Set by CHH

Dragon Chess Set

This dragon chess set exclusively by the CHH brand is available on Amazon. A glorious chess set that gains all the popularity because of a reputed brand name and of course, it has all the glory. Such a work of artisans must be appreciated by placing as an artifact in the house or museum. This weighted chess set with 15.25 x 15.25 x 5.25” inch dimensions weighs around 23 pounds. 

This chess set has a king of 2 ¾” inch height and is ideally placed on the glass board having 13.5” square. This 3D fantasy makes you in charge of the world of dragons. Made of polyresin- this pewter- pieces featured set has all the durability to withstand wear & tear. This fun to use and highly functional set represents a true work of art. 

2. Fantasy Dragon Chess Set by Pacific Giftware

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Hey Chess lover! Add this impactful dragon chess set to your hoard of treasures. We mean it as you will love this supreme quality chess set by Pacific Giftware. It is available in multi colors and shows different sides of dragons and the fantasy world. This branded set comes with the best weight and feel & is made from the highest quality material. 

This chess set weighs around 6 pounds and has dimensions- 17 x 17 x 3.5” inches. It has a king of 3.5” height and is carved quite amazingly. This set has a manufacturer recommended age of more than 7 years. If you continuously seek better versions of theme-based chess sets, then this is a must-have for you. Check it out on Amazon right away. 

3. Nemesis Now Dragon Chess Set 43 cm in Black

Dragon Chess Pieces

Wish to enter the metaphorical world full of dragons? Are we sounding too unrealistic? Well, Nemesis Now Ltd can take you there via one of their theme set chess sets. This is the Nemesis Now Dragon chess set. This hand-painted chess set is designed and made by expert artisans. This plastic compound chess set has dimensions- 17.24 x 17.24 x 3.78” inches. 

This 4.4 Kg weighted dragon chess set is cast out of the finest resin. The size of this black colored chess set is 43 cm and is perfect to play or use as a decorative piece. You will love this battle like a mythical beast that comes with a sturdy & beautiful look.

PS- Nemesis Now was established in 2003 and is well-recognized Wholesale Giftware. Avail of the benefits of a great theme-based chess set with this famous company. 

4. Design Toscano Dragons of the Realm Chess Pieces

Dragons Chess

Want some dragon chessmen for your home or backyard? These design Toscano dragons of realm chess pieces available on Amazon are a truly empowering for chess enthusiasts.

Each piece is beautifully carved and hand-painted by a soulful artisan. This has a dimension of 1 x 1 x 5” inches and weighs around 5 lbs. Trust us, you can get some real crush on these stone-bonded and designer resin pieces made via hand cast. 

The process for the making of these intriguing pieces begins with inspiration carried forward with the concept drawing to clay model making and ends with a finishing touch. This premier company makes historical replicas as well as fantastic theme based sets that wins heart in the first glance.

PS- they have been serving chess lovers for 25 years and is excelling since always. This chess set is worthy of your investment. 

Opt for these fantastic sets full of glory

Turn your imagination into reality and literally play around with dragons. Not just this, you will be able to move them around as per your will. If you love speaking in metaphors and enjoy fantasy games- The above-given chess sets are for you. You can pick the best one that interests you the most.

Also, we would recommend you to keep looking for new additions to add to your already awesome treasure of chess sets. Such chessmen encourage and stimulate our imagination power while we normally play a mindful chess game.

So, are you up for such a powerful purchase? Become a powerful wizard today by owning an awesome 3D dragon chess set!

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