Ultimate Tips to Become Better at Chess

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Congratulation on choosing Chess as a hobby or career. This is the only board game that is fun and requires ultimate attention and patience together.

Learning chess is somewhat like learning a new language. Don’t worry if you are in your 30s, 40s or even if you’re a senior citizen. Any person can learn at any age. Please keep in mind, that chess require dedication, a crave to learn, practice & patience.

There are many apps, online chess tutorials, books and DVD’s available online. However, to start learning chess, it is recommended to start playing with some like-minded person; be it’s your friend, a family member, your kids or grand kids.

We recommend you to start playing on a physical chess board rather playing online as the recent study suggests that playing on a board increases your chance of getting better at chess much sooner and increases your ability to make the right moves.

Here are the following ultimate tips to become better at Chess

1. Study the Rules

Before starting understanding the game, it is recommended that you should know all the rules & regulations. You should also know how to setup the chess board and the chess pieces rightly.

2. Reading Books

There are 1000s of books available over the counter. However, if you’re a starter, you need to find the right book for yourself. We recommend you “Learn Chess” by John Nunn.

3. Solving Puzzles

Solving puzzles regularly can improve your game and take it to the next level. There are many chess apps or websites where you can go and practice. There are many books that are just related to the chess puzzles.

4. Playing Games

Playing and practicing is an important factor to improve the game. The more you play, the more the chance you will learn. You can join any chess club in and around your city. It is also important to play with your stronger opponent as you can always learn a new tactic with every game you play.

5. Analyzing your Game

If you keep on playing a chess game and will not analyze it, there’s no use of it. Analyzing your game is an important factor. You should note down all the good and bad moves you and your opponent made. Try avoiding the blunders you made during the last game. If you’re playing online, always analyze the game yourself instead of analyzing through the computer.

6. Understanding Openings, Middle & End Game

A chess game consists of three patterns. We should know how to open and should follow the key principles like developing the pieces, king’s safety and castling. The middle game is important as the player gets to find the attacking position of the developed pieces. And the most important aspect of the game is the endgame. It’s all about checkmating the King while saving your own fort. If you have a deep understanding of the endgame and know the power of your pieces, you can beat a vast majority of players.

7. Chess Tactics & Strategy

Chess is a game of tactics and strategy. These are the lifeblood of chess. A middle game is all about tactics and finding the best attacking position for yourself. Solving puzzles and implementing in your chess game are the best way for your development. Just spend 1 to 2 hours a day solving these puzzles. Analyzing the games played by GMs is also a wonderful way to get to know about various tactics. However, it is not advisable to just learn the tactic by heart. You never know what kind of situation your opponent will put you in when you’re playing a real game.

8. Meditation

Staying fit is another important factor to be good at chess. You should take a good balanced diet. Exercising daily like running, yoga, walking is another important factor. To relax your brain, meditation is compulsory. The secret to the sound mind is meditating with the nature where there are no sounds of cars, industry or humans. Since, this is impossible, you can try a 15-minute meditation of theta sound wave with frequency of 4 Hz to 7Hz with your earphones. They are easily available on YouTube.

Below is the YouTube video of the Power of Visualization.

Last but not the least you should have fun playing and learning chess.

These are the ultimate tips to become better at chess. Surely, it requires a lot from you. Are you ready? Do tell us your feedback in the comments section below.

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