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Attain New Game Levels with Unique Chess Sets

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Many people who do not play chess think that it is a boring game made of wood and can be played by only those who are quite brainy. We can definitely agree on the part that chess is a mind game but boring? No way. 

Chess is quite intriguing and there is a huge variety of material, themes, and sizes available in the chess sets. All you have to apply is your extensive skills or consider our recommendations to find your own unique chess set. 

Our suggested unique chess sets come with the authenticity of House of Staunton and Chess Bazaar. Let’s have a closer look at these-

1. Minimalist Hermann Ohme Chess Pieces in Sheesham Boxwood- 3.75” King

Minimalist Hermann Ohme Chess Pieces

You must be well-versed with the minimalist décor but consider this minimalist chess on our recommendation and surely, it will stand on your aspiration. This Minimalist Hermann Ohme Chess set is available on Chess Bazaar with feasible buying options. 

There is a total of 34 chessmen including two extra queens made of Sheesham wood and Boxwood. The King stands tall with a height of 3.74” inch and has a base of 1.37” inch. The total weight of this chess set is 750 grams. 

PS- This chess set is available without the board and the recommended size for the board is 1.5” to 1.7” inch.

2. 19th Century Classic Series Chess Pieces in Ebonized Boxwood & Natural Boxwood- 4.0” King

19th Century Classic Series Chess Pieces

Key Highlights:

Material: Ebonized Boxwood & Natural Boxwood
King Height: 4.01”
King Base : 1.77”
Chessmen Weight: 1400 gms (49.38 oz)
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Chess Board Size: 55mm
Extra Queens: Yes

Ancient chess sets have something intriguing and unique about them. One of such beauty is offered at Chess Bazaar. This 19th Century Classic series chess pieces are made of the finest quality natural and Ebonized boxwood. 

All these 34 chessmen weigh around 1400 grams and without box but with a recommended size of 55 mm. Talking about the king that has a 4.0” inch height and 1.77” inch base is perfectly crafted to impress anyone at the first glance. 

What are you waiting for? Get it delivered to your doorstep in 4-6 business days.

3. 1940S Art Deco Series Weighted Chess Pieces Sheesham and Boxwood- 3.8” King

1940s Art Deco Series Weighted Chess Pieces

Key Highlights:

Material: Sheesham Wood / Boxwood
King Height: 3.81”
King Base : 1.38”
Chessmen Weight: 1050 gms (37.03 oz)
Base Pad: Green Felt
Recommended Chess Board Size: 50mm
Extra Queens: Yes

This true depiction of artistic craftsmanship is a must-have unique chess set for any chess enthusiast. You are getting authenticity of Chess Bazaar and quality of Sheesham wood and Boxwood. 

This has a King of 3.81” inch height and base of 1.38” inch, whereas the Pawn has a height of 2.00” inch and base of 1.18” inch. There are a total of 34 pieces that includes extra queens for promotions. 

What is your take on this unique chess set weighing around 1050 grams?

4. The Camelot Series Luxury Porcelain Chess Pieces- 5.0” King

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Key Highlights:

Material: Porcelain
King Height: 5.255”
King Base : 1.375”
Chessmen Weight: 106 oz
Base Pad: All Pieces Feature Leather Hand Signed by the Artist, Robert Rowley
Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.25″ inch, 2.375″
Extra Queens: Yes

Would you like to explore the memories of a romantic city via a unique chess set concept? The Camelot series luxury Porcelain chess pieces are the right equipment, which is available on the House of Staunton. 

This beautiful chess consists of a dashing king of 5.0” inch height with a 1.375” inch base. We personally loved that each piece has an autograph of Robert Rowley. 

PS- This can be your own unique chess set of Camelot- Own it!

5. The Strand Series Timeless Chess Pieces- 4.4” King

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Key Highlights:

Material: Genuine Ebony, Natural Boxwood
King Height: 4.4”
King Base : 1.65”
Chessmen Weight: 43.2 oz
Base Pad: Billiard Cloth
Recommended Chess Board Size: 2.25″, 2.375″
Extra Queens: Yes

This timeless chess piece set stands the best chance to make space in your collection with its immense grace and of course, with the authenticity of House of Staunton. It is made from natural boxwood and genuine ebony wood. 

There is a King of 4.4” inch height and 1.65” inch base, which is quite heavy weighted just like all the chessmen. This is the real depiction of craftsmanship and elegance. 

Get a certificate of authenticity, engraved registered plaque, and individual production number on this purchase.

6. The Camaratta Collection- The New Empire Series Luxury Chess Pieces- 4.4” King

The *NEW* Empire Series Luxury Chess Pieces

This beautiful chess set is designed by Maestro that reveals a strong hint of the Art Deco appeal of the 1920s. Offered by House of Staunton, this Camaratta Collection is the perfect addition to your chess collection. 

It has a beautiful finish and English leather base pads. The king of this heavily weighted chess set is 4.4” inch tall and 1.8” inch in diameter. The median set weight is 82.8 ounces and there are 42 chess pieces. 

Would you like to have a thorough look at these artistically-inspired sets?

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