Antique chess board

Veneer Chess Board- A Unique Addition To Your Classic Board Collection

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Veneered pieces of wood are often considered as the more stable ones and obviously more attractive. Give it a try via veneer chessboard, which are easily refinished and are less likely to warp. 

The paper-thin cut of wood used in making the veneer chess board reveals a strong core surface and look quite fashionable. We have hand picked some of the best veneer chess boards from Chess Bazaar and House of Staunton for your easy selection. Let’s have a look-


The fascinating Hi-gloss and shiny finish of this veneer board have already impressed us to the core- now it is your turn. If you like glossy chess board, this is a great deal for you with the authenticity of Chess Bazaar. 

The board is perfectly sized in terms of thickness- 12 mm, dimensions- 21.6” x 21.6” inch, and square size of 2.16” x 2.16” inch. This chess board weighs 2950 grams and is purely handmade. 

What is your take on this red ash burl and maple made chessboard?

2. Standard Walnut Maple Wooden Chess Board Matte Finish 21”- 60 MM

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This single chessboard made of walnut and maple is a phenomenal creation available at Chess Bazaar. This nicely manufactured veneer chess board is a significant deal for any chess enthusiast. 

This has a weight of 2750 grams all thickness of 13 mm with dimensions of 21.3” x 21.3” inch and 2.36” x 2.36” inch square size. This chess board is ideal for those who adore matte finish and does not find the shiny finish much appealing. 

Check it out now at the Chess Bazaar to eventually place an order.

3. Wooden Deluxe Black Dyed Poplar & Olive with Matte Finish Chess Board 22”- 55 MM

Antique chess board

This beautiful & enchanting chess board is made in Spain. This veneer wooden chessboard not just reveals and spreads the elegance of matte finish but also depicts what true craftsmanship looks like. 

A highly durable chessboard, which has a perfect thickness (13 mm), dimensions (21.6” x 21.6” inch), square size (2.16” x 2.16” inch), and weight (2900 grams) is available at Chess Bazaar. 

This chessboard of black dyed poplar & olive material is perfect for your passion for collecting high-quality boards.

4. Blackwood and Olive Standard Traditional Chess Board- Satin Finish

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This is one of the special chessboards by the House of Staunton with a molded edge. This intriguing creation is crafted in Spain and sold worldwide by the House of Staunton. 

It has a Blackwood frame and Blackwood on the dark side, whereas Olivewood on the light side- this combination looks absolutely graceful. This chessboard has a satin finish and is 0.5” inch thick. 

The recommended carrying bag size for this chessboard is 24” inches.

5. Macassar Ebony & Maple Standard Traditional Chess Board- Satin Finish

Macassar Ebony & Maple Standard Traditional Chess Board

Available in three square size options, this Macassar Ebony & Maple traditional chessboard has a satin finish all over. This Spain-made beauty is available on The House of Staunton showcasing the best of its features. 

There is ebony on the dark side and maple on the light with a Macassar ebony frame around. The thickness of this chessboard is 0.5” inches and has an intriguing satin finish. 

PS- There are two options available in the storage bag, one is standard and another one is deluxe- select accordingly.

6. Capablanca Chess Edition Wooden Tournament Chess Board

Capablanca Chess Edition Wooden Tournament Chess Board

This is one of the most desirable and in-demand chess boards made of veneer wood on The House of Staunton. It is a suitable chessboard for tournaments and attains quite a competitive edge as the Capablanca Chess Edition. 

There is mahogany on the dark side and maple on the light side with the mahogany framing all over. The thickness of this chessboard is 0.5” inch and has a 10 squares x 8 square size. 

What is your thought about this European creation with a satin finish?

7. African Palisander and Maple Wooden Tournament Chess Board

African Palisander and Maple Wooden Tournament Chess Board

This is a highly versatile chessboard with exclusive options of buying it with notations, logo, or with or without both. It comes packed in standard or deluxe storage when ordered with the authenticity of House of Staunton. 

Enchanting African Palisander on the dark side and Maple wood on the light side with the African Palisander framing- this chessboard signifies true elegance. The satin finish is surely an added charm of this 0.5” inch thick chessboard. 

It is available in 1.75” inch square size to 2.5” inch square size- pick your desirable chessboard size. 


Chess has been around for centuries and so as the collectors of this mindful game. If you are a fan of chess and wish to own almost all types of chess sets, chessboards, and other chess equipment- then, these veneer chessboards make a significant place in your collection.

Check out each and every recommendation given above and eventually decide which one is worthy of your investment. Good luck.

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