Wholesale Chess Online Authentic Review 2022

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Store Name: Wholesale Chess
Store Description: Wholesale Chess is an American chess retail store based in Kaysville, Utah. It began in 2005 and for fifteen years has endeavored to provide the chess-playing public with middle-of-the-line products at very low prices. The store has emerged as one of the most complete chess stores, possessing a wide array of chess products that are sure to fulfill the needs of every chess player. 
Price Range: Low, Mid Range
Customer Care Email: info@wholesalechess.com
Support Phone No.: 801.544.4242

Wholesale Chess

Wholesale Chess has slowly built its reputation as one of the best online stores in the U.S.A.

With their extensive product range, good product quality and sterling customer service, they will not disappoint.

While they may lack in upscale or top-of-the-line products, they more than make up for it with wide brand choices for their customers at prices that are almost unbeatable anywhere.

Gift Certificates
Over $100
Low Price Guarantee
Purchase Order
Overall Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Wide presence of favorite chess product brandsAbsence of upscale or top-of-the-line products, especially collectible wooden sets
Very fair prices for small quantity purchases and almost always the lowest prices for bulk purchases.Domestic shipping is chargeable below $100
Excellent customer service and strong commitment to customer satisfactionExpensive worldwide shipping
Professional, navigable and very user-friendly website.


A. Product Range and Variety

We’ve been surprised lately by the depth and product range of American retail stores, and we’ve hardly recovered our breaths paying compliments to The Chess Store review and The House of Staunton review when up comes another contender who should match these heavyweights punch for punch. Please welcome Wholesale Chess.

Here are the brands Wholesale Chess carries:

Chess Clocks

  • Chronos
  • DGT
  • Zmart Fun
  • ZMF
  • Insa
  • BHB
  • Diamond Quartz

Chess Book Publishers and Magazines

  • American Chess Magazine
  • Ariva Publishing
  • Batsford
  • Cardoza
  • Carstenchess
  • Chess Camp
  • Chess Detectives Press
  • Chess Evolution
  • Chess Informant
  • Chess Information
  • Chess Life
  • Chess Stars
  • Dover Publications
  • Elk and Ruby
  • Everyman Chess
  • Exzelsior Verlag
  • Fireside
  • Gambit Publishing
  • Ishi press
  • Joachim Veyer Verlag
  • John Bain
  • Kopec Chess
  • Le Pion Passe Editions
  • Lulu Press
  • McFarland Publishing
  • Metropolitan Chess Publishing
  • Mongoose Press
  • Moravian Chess
  • Moskus
  • New In Chess
  • Quality Chess
  • Random Chess
  • Russell Enterprises
  • Russian Chess House
  • Sahovski Chess
  • Siles Chess
  • Simon and Schuster
  • Thinkers Publishing
  • Wildside Press

Chess Boards

  • Rechapados Ferrer
  • The House of Staunton
  • World Wise Imports

Chess Softwares, DVD’s and Chess Computers

  • Chessbase
  • Chess King
  • Empire Chess
  • IChess.net
  • Coach Jay’s Chess Academy
  • Square-Off
  • Millennium

Chess Sets

  • Studio Ann Carlton
  • Berkeley
  • House of Staunton

Truth be told, we’re surprised to learn from Wholesale Chess that there are many other chess brands aside from the usual ones we know. The chess publishers we’re familiar with, most especially, have been so pathetically few!

Here’s another store that’s built like a virtual warehouse, and all that’s in it is more than enough for the average chess player. In all likelihood you won’t need to knock on another store if you made your first stop at Wholesale Chess.

For Product Variety, we give Wholesale Chess 4.0 stars

B. Product Quality and Price

We’d like to discuss Wholesale Chess’ product prices first because their store name casts intrigue.

Do they mean to sell only in wholesale?

No, they don’t, and they don’t mean to have their name misunderstood. They are just as much into retailing, as they are into wholesaling.

We’re guessing that by their name Wholesale Chess means to provide chess items at wholesale prices, whether a purchase is in small or large quantities. Let’s check if this is really the case, and find out if Wholesale Chess indeed has the lowest prices for most of our chess needs.

Let’s refer to the table below and compare Wholesale Chess’ price of basic chess items with those of The House of Staunton (HOS), The Chess Store and Chess House:

 Wholesale ChessThe HOSThe Chess StoreChess House
Standard Plastic Pieces$6.5
Bulk - $4.99
Bulk - $5.35
Bulk - $5.39
Bulk - NA
Vinyl Board(2.25 in)$5.99
Bulk - $3.49
Bulk - $4.45
Bulk - $4.59
Bulk - 4.20
Chess Clock (DGT North America)$49.99$49.45Out of Stock$39.50
Chess Bag (24 in x 9 in)$19.99$18.95$29.95$19.50

The comparison indicates that Wholesale Chess’ price for individual items is good, but they aren’t always the lowest. When it comes to bulk purchases however, they’re almost always sure to beat the field.

In the case of a standard 2.25-inch vinyl board, for instance, Wholesale Chess’ price of $5.99 ranks only third behind The Chess Store’s $4.99 and The HOS’ $5.95.

But in bulk sales their price plummets to $3.49, out-pricing everyone else. The difference of $2.51 represents the steepest price drop from individual to bulk sales of vinyl boards among the four competitors.

It could be pleasant to shop at Wholesale Chess for our individual needs when their prices for some items are the lowest you could find, and others at second or third lowest.

When you need items in bulk, however, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the best places to place your purchase, and we’re calling all schools, clubs and associations who normally need supplies in great number to take notice of them, if they haven’t yet.

What’s more, price-wise, the store has clearance sales and sales of scratched and dented items, apart from the normal sales on different occasions.

The items included here are very often in great shape, their damages not too visible. If you want functional chess materials without caring much for them to be in perfect form, these are great savers.

As for product quality, we found it queer to delve into this criteria as a careful look into Wholesale Chess reveals that it is a seller, not a manufacturer.

They merely sell chess materials they source from suppliers elsewhere and don’t produce anything out of their own hands as do, for example, wooden chess set manufacturers like Chessbazaar and The House of Staunton (the majority of Wholesale Chess’ wooden sets, it has to be said, come from The House of Staunton).

The quality of their products is thus somewhat out of their hands, but still it stands that they should be responsible for the quality of the items they sell.

That said, the products they choose to sell are to us the middle-of-the-line — that is, they are neither too cheap as to suffer in quality, nor too expensive as to turn away potential customers.

That’s the fine line to take if you wish to offer durable products without reneging on your commitment to sell at wholesale prices.

There’s nothing here so haphazardly produced they’re almost free, and there’s nothing in the range, too, of an 1849 Jaques reproduction in Wholly Mammoth Ivory.

As for middle-of-the-line products, we always thought there’s not much quality issues about them. These standard plastic pieces could last long if we take care of them.

Besides, don’t they always fly out of our hands and take all the sorts of punishment in fast games?

If quality is really a concern for you, then the store’s brand selections are wide enough to include items of different quality grade.

If you want tough clocks, the Chromos in metal casing is built like a tank. If you want chip-proof sets there are the silicone pieces.

In short, quality at Wholesale Chess is always a matter of choice.

In all, Wholesale Chess may not be the store where you’ll find upscale products, but rest assured that your expectations of quality will always be met.

For Quality and Price, we give Wholesale Chess 4.5 stars

C. Customer Service

Wholesale Chess is prudent enough to know that reputation for fair prices would all go for naught if it doesn’t come with reputation for sterling customer service.

By all accounts Wholesale Chess is a small business, but it has obviously groomed its customer service personnel to be worthy representatives of their company if reviews are to be judged by.

Customers in different forums share receiving polite and prompt accommodation from Wholesale Chess, be it when they inquire about a product, when they arrange for returns, when they seek assistance to replace pieces, or when they request the store to match the price of other sellers.

We were once a recipient of their warm service when we requested some items we purchased to be shipped via a certain method to lower our shipping and customs costs. This was accommodated in the friendliest way.

It helps that customers are given various means to access the store’s service, and these are by email, phone call, live chat, and even by slow mail.

We think it’s only a matter of time for Wholesale Chess to become one of the most popular retail stores in the United States for, after all, extensive product range, fair pricing and impressive customer service are a potent and sure-fire mix for winning customers’ patronage.

You are looking for a store with a complete line of chess products, from sets to accessoriesYou are looking for a wide range of wooden chess sets
You want to purchase several chess products under one roofYou want free shipping
You are purchasing in behalf of a school, club or association and are searching for the best bulk-purchase dealsYou are looking for a collectible reproduce chess set
You are just starting in chess and you want to have the basic chess materials without having to make a heavy investmentYou want a custom made chess set
For Customer Service, we give Wholesale Chess 4.7 stars

D. Customer Reviews

Screen Shot 2020 05 31 at 7.55.53 PM
Screen Shot 2020 05 31 at 7.59.05 PM
Screen Shot 2020 05 31 at 7.59.27 PM
Screen Shot 2020 05 31 at 8.03.03 PM

E. General Online Shopping Experience

We think the website of Wholesale Chess is up to the standards of an excellent website.

We want websites with large inventories to present their products neatly, and the Wholesale Chess website does just that.

Nothing is a clutter, and with the general product categories clumped well together at the top, you immediately grasp the store’s product range.

Other sites don’t give us a sense of their impressive volume and variety as quickly as this one does, or offer the same ease of product browsing and navigation.

We also love the site’s quiet formality. It is product oriented, choosing to flash the products in its shelves instead of the sales and big discounts offered as other sellers do.

We think this adds to the site’s general impression of neatness and savvy organization.

Still, though, we wish the site could tell us more about Wholesale Chess — how it came to be, and how it has overcome the obstacles that have come its way in its fifteen years in the industry.

We love success stories, and without being too conscious about it, we love to associate ourselves with sellers who, like us, are trying to scale their way to the top with hard work and dedication.

In all, Wholesale Chess has created a very good website that complements very well all their strengths as a seller.

For Shopping Experience, we give Wholesale Chess 4.5 stars

Wholesale Chess Best Sellers

Basic Club Chess Set Combo


Basic Vinyl Chess Board


Tournament Chess Set with Clock & Scorebook


Marshall Series Plastic Chess Pieces with 3.75" King


Is this shop legit?

The Wholesale Chess generally target customers’ who are looking for plastic or silicon chessmen in various sizes and designs.

This Utah based retailer has the best price when it comes to bulk purchases and this is the reason most of the schools and clubs prefer wholesale chess for their chess equipment supplies.

With a wide variety of chess products, hundred of genuine customer review, we found Wholesale Chess is a legit business.


No, it is not necessary to register with Wholesale Chess to make a purchase. However, if you do, they will email you a special introduction coupon code.

Yes, you can track your order after your item is shipped.

Every product description mentions the wholesale price depending on the quantity. However, you can always contact their exceptional customer care if you have any doubts.

Yes they do ship internationally, however, not all products ship to every country. It is advisable to contact them at info@wholesalechess.com for more details. They only accept verified PayPal or Amazon payments.

They ship the item/s through FedEx courier service.

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